road-mythology. A Motorcycle Documentary

It’s the 1950s It said an invisible presence jumps onto the back of horseback riders and motorcyclists as they pass It holds on to the rider for about a mile Kevin reminds me it’s a long way to Kentucky Goodbye God I’m going to bode At 4:00 p.m. Appears the angel of OD the ghost of a little girl who was struck in the head with a pickaxe in 1902 1870 the second largest city in California 7730 mines three breweries three newspapers and several brothels a Few nights ago we were greeted by a family of bears. I Reassured Kevin that everything would be okay. Just as long as we stayed away from the cub the Next night we can hear a band of wolves coming closer and closer as we ate our pork chops So I’m out of gas Kevin went ahead to see if there’s a gas station at the town over there about five cars have passed two of them have stopped three of them haven’t Here’s one now, I wonder if they’re going to stop Nope didn’t stop There are no direct views of area 51 a Place known as the black mailbox as the closest one can get to the non-existent base the mailbox is at mile marker twenty nine point five on highway 375 a Better observation area is at the gravel turnoff on mile marker. Thirty two point three a Road at mile marker thirty four point six leads to white sides, which is now off-limits to civilians Freedom Ridge two miles south of white sides is also off-limits The only remaining legal viewpoint is from T Kapoor Peak Which is 13 miles east of freedom Ridge and five and a half miles due south east of Highway 375 and groom lake intersection however, the seventy nine hundred foot peak is difficult to reach and provides only a distant view of groom Lake is extremely dangerous and unlawful to trespass anywhere along the secured area on highway 375 We can’t in a missile test range cutting from the highway behind a large gravel mound That night beetles kept trying to burrow up into our tent At the break in the fence that we used there was a sign it is illegal to remove any material from the right-of-way A great flood covered the third world and the holy people climbed through a great read into this one They knew that which people would follow so they covered the whole will the waters of a great river Changing woman was one of the holy people that came with them She was made pregnant by the Rays of the Sun and the water of a waterfall She bore the hero twins The twins journey to the house of their father the son and slew many monsters But they didn’t kill all the enemies of the earth surface people hunger poverty old age and The sign said in the bathroom stop lady In 1863 Colonel Kit Carson killed hundreds of Indians in canyon de chelly before forcing the navajo to Fort Sumner What is known as the Trail of Tears? the lands were systematically pillaged Delicate irrigation systems livestock and homes were all destroyed After the Civil War the Navajo were allowed to return to this land where the rocks healed wounds Except now a railroad ran through their homes and strip mines polluted what little ecosystem they had left And to compound matters even more David has just discovered that His misplaced his back which included his 35 millimeter camera about 70 photos worth Another 8 rolls of film All the phone numbers. He’s ever had it included his insurance my registration and license It’s Friday night Partay Walking to stop nuclear warfare going from Los Alamos to the Nevada Test Site This is a pilgrimage through nuclear colonies from the birthplace of weapons of mass destruction to their common We’re watching 800 miles to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada the homelands of indigenous people of North America We’re continuing a prayer that was started ten years ago. Our watch is for the poor the positive change of US nuclear arms of Technology Bernando a Byetta had a vision an angel told him that two priests had been murdered on his property Fernando searched for the bodies of the two martyrs and found the remains of a robe and a large green crucifix This crucifix was carried 20 miles to the nearest chapel for display that night the crucifix magically returned to the same spot where a byot they had discovered it the Third time this happened. I Byetta decided to build a chapel. That would be known as sanctuary obession io Inside the chapel there’s a well of the earth, which is said to always be full no matter how much dirt has been taken The dirt is magical and healing properties crutches walkers and even bullets heads the walls We’re about 2,300 miles closer to that old sycamore tree on me shockwave David and I only get to talk to people in passing. It feels like we’re in a time capsule or a time warp we’re finding it harder to relate to people outside of ourselves and Our patients for each other is growing thing In 1947 a rancher named william brazil heard an explosion When he investigated the next morning strange metallic debris zwarst ruin about his property The pieces were as light as balsa wood, but could not be dented even with the sledgehammer He alerted the Roswell Army Airfield. They collected the debris for bodies and issued a press release stating We have a flying disc in our possession six hours. Later Army retracted their statement Arrested William Bratton seized his property and claimed what they had found was instead a Down weather You our this March way officer called me He wondered know how many Hermetically sealed and the casket said waterproof airtight everything cast after we haven’t stopped three and a half to four feet Sir we only add one. It’s a four foot that I said if I call him or elder, you know today At 3:30. I’ll have what you want now tell me what’s going on. And so later on that afternoon. I got an emergency We had the only amess business and then I found the record doing this everybody writing an old Indian motorcycle over here on the side earth Rose level here So when I arrived at the base these three big feel damages that were backed up against the red for I usually Park In the doors, they had submit records in them. They couldn’t close the doors They had a rope around then, you know the locks the hinges Captain I said sure it looked like we had a crazy And I explained who I was and what it was and everything else being said you stay right here mister stay Don’t take a step. He came back with two big military policemen And he said he get this sob out here. He’s not supposed to be here You drive his Amos back and make sure he doesn’t come back And I said sir. I’m I said, hey Yeah, yeah, he’s already good at it ladies and gentlemen may have your attention please Up here on today. We have Kevin Coe from Brooklyn New York and came here today with the texercise at the time He’s going to try to eat the 72-ounce steak that he said four and a half pounds of beef Dinner salad, Darrow baked potato and shrimp cocktail if he cannot eat this in one hour, that’s fine He won’t leave here hungry So that’s all give him a round of applause for encouragement Stay back if I gestured for powers, no way man know what it’s like it just like a Pouring rain and Hailing a really hard as well I describe this weather as miserable We’re two days away from Kentucky, but first we’re going on a ghost hunt They call it The Devil’s Lantern some say that it’s the lantern of a girl who wandered off into the fog and never returned It’s an orange ball of light that moves in an easterly direction as it moves It leaves behind a trail of sparks not unlike Tinkerbell. I Mean when we when we see it well know The cars That way going Here’s what Orange balls, not that big can they be the size of like the head you have the flashlight or do I? You wanna just go home and then we’ll come back in the morning. Well, let’s wait here for like ten minutes and We’ll see what happens As we all know cameras actually interfere with spiritual activities so Yeah, apparently I’ve never liked seeing a miracle on film before I saw something David gets bit by a spider his hand hurts and begins to swell Fearing for his right hand he wanders over the next campfire and starts talking to the hippie affair No, I didn’t know anything about the tree We’re in Kentucky we’ve been searching for that tree on meshach road for two days now no one we asked knows anything about it Everyone we ask says it doesn’t exist So there is no tree this whole time we’ve been chasing down a myth of the road but that’s fine with us a Group of camping motorcyclists throws us a barbecue We take toys with them of the mammoth caves listening to the spook stories of a park forest ranger We’re down to a roll of film half a bottle of whiskey and $40 barely enough money to get us home So we’re back home So, what do you want to do now never unpacked Hakan Fidan And we do just till I hear Three ruling down Then I heard history And if I did I Believe Master Of you baby but you got a heart Lord made me he made a rash Some folks might say That I’m No good That I Wouldn’t settle down Pot When that Starts to cold And me that’s something The heel that I got And when And I’m gone And in my grip you stand to see God’s Called you

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