Road Trip #479 – US-64/74 East – Ocoee River to Ocoee Dam #2 – Tennessee

Welcome back to 504 Road Trips! Today,
we’ll continue east along US Highways 64 and 74, in the state of Tennessee. We
begin at the Ocoee River, and we’ll be following its banks for the next 25
miles. This road is also part of the Southern High Roads Trail, a 364 mile
driving loop of scenic and historic highways, traversing 14 counties, 4 states,
and four national forests, providing sightseers and passers-by an array of
culinary, hotel, shopping, and recreational options along the way. Finally, the
stretch along the Ocoee River is called the Ocoee Scenic Byway. We enter the Cherokee National Forest,
and on the right is the Ocoee Dam Number 1, a hydroelectric dam that impounds
Parkville Reservoir, also known as Ocoee Lake. This is the farthest downstream of
four dams on the Toccoa-Ocoee River, and is operated by the Tennessee Valley
Authority. Completed in 1911, Ocoee Number 1 was one of the first
hydroelectric projects in Tennessee. The dam is 135 feet high by 840 feet long
and has a generating capacity of 24,000 kilowatts. On the right is the lake Ocoee Inn and
Marina, which offers whitewater rafting, cabin rentals, marina services, and an
old-school motel with recently updated rooms. Just a reminder, if you haven’t already,
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new videos come out. And hit the like button if you enjoy our videos! We stopped to clean the windshield at
this boat launch that offers access to Big Creek on the other side of the Ocoee
River. The Ocoee Scenic Byway is especially
prone to rock slides, with a mountain right there on the side of the road. The worst
rock slide in the routes history occurred near here in November of 2009, blocking
the highway for months. The highway was again closed in 2013 due to rock slides. We conclude today’s video at Ocoee Damn
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