I have to go see it Come with me sissy Dress her Since you guys are matching and all. I’ll do it with mommy I guess. No you got this. Well can you help me just a tiny bit and then I’ll do the rest? I just want you to um slip it on her Good job Symphony You’re doing it so gently I’ll sit her up, and you zip it. Okay Be real careful okay? Be real careful My little sister Don’t pull your hair it hurts. Yeah don’t pull your hair. Don’t pull it. She keeps pulling it. It’s so sad they even have perfectly matching bows from Aunt Rachel Aw you girls y’all look so sweet That’s so precious I need my phone I gotta take a picture of it. Guys we did it It is literally exactly time to leave one minute past and We are out the door with three kids on the way to church for the first time I’m so excited and I clearly put on A little too much bronzer are you guys excited to go to church? Yeah We haven’t been in a little while. It feels like So many of us have been in the church for years 10, 12, 20 years, 30 years, but what has kind of happened here Is we just kind of stayed in this mode of Perpetual learning and trying to know God feeling like we’re never good enough to participate in what God is doing We are not saved to be spectators of the church. We’re saved to know God and to participate in his mission of making himself known throughout the whole world To create worshippers of God in every tribe, tongue, and nation. That is our purpose That’s why God saved us Our first time with three kids at church we were on time the baby did stay awake throughout the entire service But she wasn’t super fussy, she fussed a little bit I took her to the nursery, we nursed and so it was a really sweet time though It went really good, and I feel like okay We can do this The Rader family party of five is going smooth sailing so far being the change you want to see in the world. I see you. I see you Really good sermon. It really spoke Straight to my heart This is instructions to the pergola. Not gondola a couple guys pointed out that I said gondola instead of pergola I was like. Oh my gosh, everybody’s gonna find out that I’m actually really dumb You guys probably didn’t know that but there it is. Wouldn’t that be cool though to have backyard gondola wow Nias is getting ready for some guests to come over I feel funny people come over feeding us dinner because we don’t Like I don’t know we don’t need it obviously there’s other people who need it much more than we do But it’s just you don’t want to rob people of that blessing You know I would hate if somebody said no, we don’t want to accept any dinner from anybody cause we don’t need it There’s other people who need it more than we do So don’t even bother taking the time to try to bless us. You know what I mean, you don’t want to rob people of Blessing others, and that’s what we would be doing if we were refusing food. I mean, we’re happily accepting it. Don’t get me wrong but you guys You guys hear what I’m saying? Well, I bought this as the display model at Home Depot and several of the screws are missing So I can’t put up the canopy. I got to go back to Home Depot and get some screws It’s supposed to come with stakes, too. It looks like it’s about to rain So we gotta take shelter you guys ready to take shelter over there? Huh? Forever. We got a code brown going on in here. Oh! Sam you gotta take over. No, that’s all you babe. Oh my gosh! This never happened to me before She has officially claimed you as her mother. Oh, no, I gotta scrub this. Hurry. Help me. She just like shot that out Yes, oh my gosh. She just like shot it out like squirting mustard. Look at her she’s just out too she’s like oh That’s nothing. Oh Sam. She’s so cute. She’s like what’s wrong guys. Uh oh, oh no, oh no, she got her little binky booper. Her binky booper. Oh my gosh, you’re so funny. What is it? She shot it all over the door. You get to get away with the first code brown, but the second one Okay no, we’re not gonna do this again Okay, little princess Princesses don’t do code browns Yes, I do dad. Yes, I do. Oh no She’s so helpless guys, look at the little helpless baby. She doesn’t know what to do Let’s go out there, whoa! This is real bad. Oh man. I left my pressure sprayer right underneath that waterfall Yeah This is real nice guys we needed this We needed it guys You okay, buddy? Hug your sissy It’s just rain. We need rain. That’s how the grass and the trees grow guys I’m gonna um pray for Ms. Jen so she’ll have a safe drive here Oh that’s really sweet sweetie. Aw. She’s talking about Ms. Jen. She’s on her way here to bring us some food in this horrible weather. Look how sweet she is. While it’s raining really help in Jesus name Amen. Amen sweetie. Thank you for that. What is? Abram’s Superman’s blanket. You guys left it out there? No, he’s got it right there I got it right here, I got my super man blanket Aw he’s so cute Nana got that for him today He loves it So how do you guys appease kids when it comes to thunder? What do you tell them it is? God moving around furniture because that’s just a blatant lie It’s not scary. It’s just loud huh? Mommy’s right here and I’m fine, and you’re fine We’re safe. Do you wanna go outside? Mm Hmm. That’s where it’s scary. Oh man we got a limb down. What’s Oreo doing? She’s so cute. She wants to stay with me no matter where I go. She’s terrified of this kind of weather look at this guy’s What? It’s so deep this is crazy. Holy smokes so much rain Wow! Whoa! This is crazy! Where’s Oreo going look at this? Madness come here Oreo you’re gonna get washed away come here come here Oreo. Swim across the river This is nuts. Nuts I tell ya look at that Now this is a river Look Oreo loves it too Come across, come to the other side come on Whoa, it’s pulling me No, it’s not. It’s pulling me a little bit. A little bit It was doing it, it was pulling me this way! Isn’t that crazy? We can make a paper boat! A paper boat That’s hotbox Guys Are you guys there? We’re here the electricity went out Everybody’s in bed with no lights can you believe that we have to go to sleep without the lights? I don’t know how we’re gonna do it. We were like keeping the kids awake. I was like wait a minute They go to bed in the dark Just go put them to bed. Were you really thinking that? Yeah. You’re so funny, I’m going to tickle you. Stop it I’m gonna get you Gonna get you. Stop it, I just had surgery. I know, not gonna touch you there I wanna touch you here Shh you’re gonna wake up the baby. Ow you’re hurting my arm But I’ll see you guys tomorrow Don’t forget we love you and remember to love each other. Everyone, everyone love everyone Why’d you say that? Because there was like a hate crime in Orlando? Oh yeah.

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