Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Colin Lawrence About Virgin River

(upbeat music) Hi, I’m Robyn Carr and
we are privileged today to have a conversation with Colin Lawrence who plays Preacher in the
Virgin River series on Netflix. Well first of all, I’m not gonna ask the question he told me to. – Ooh. – I’m going to ask– – You’re coming at me like that are you? – Yeah I am, I am. – Oh okay, you throw me the curve. – We need to know, can you cook? – Oh, can I cook? – Seriously. – You know the funny thing
about this character is when I had read the
material and I saw that that was his thing, I am
a bona fide chef myself. – Oh. – So we’re like this, Preacher and Colin. I’m a big big big chef
type of foodie type of guy. – Oh, that’s great! You know I keep getting
requests from readers to put together a Preacher’s cook book and the problem we have
with that is I can’t cook. – Well I love to cook I
think one of the things I’d like to have on that menu, maybe you should put it
on there, is my ribs. – Oh. I make these ribs, I
slow cook in the oven. – Where has been your favorite place that you’ve filmed in for Virgin River? – Oh wow. Do I have to name just one? – No, name them all I really
like it when you name them all. – You know what, I think
what I really like is I like filming a lot of
the stuff in Jack’s bar. Which really is where a
lot of my stuff is filmed. – [Robyn] It’s your home. – I mean my home’s in the kitchen, ’cause that’s what I do I
love being in the kitchen. But Jack’s bar is where the
town all comes together, and they get to come in to see
what Preacher’s specials are. – Everything really centers around that, that small watering hole
in this little community. It’s kind of the place
where they should probably hold the town meetings, you know? – [Colin] Exactly, I think so. You know what my favorite set is? – What? – It involves food again,
it’s Paige’s food truck. – Oh yeah? – Now you’ve gotta come
by in a day when we’re working at Paige’s food truck because I tell you the set deck, the
baked goods that they line up. I’m always catching someone
giving me a hand slap, telling me not to eat that
prop there’s only one of those. Get your hand off that,
you got whipped cream on a little whipped cream
right here I gotta get rid of. – Have you worked with Paige? – Yes I have. – And do you have chemistry? – Ooh, I don’t know that’s
up to you to decide. (laughs) That’s up for you to decide. – Is it fun? Tell me that.
– I think so, I think so yeah yeah yeah. We’re having a good
time, just a lot of fun. – Well what’s the best
part about acting in a television series that is
based on a set of books? – Well I think what I
enjoy most about it is the fact that it’s based on the books is really looking forward
to hearing the response back from the audience in regards to what their imagination has brought once they actually see these
characters in real life. – Thank you for being in Virgin River. – Well thank you, thank you for having me in Virgin River. – I love it. – I think I’ll stay for a while. (laughs) – That’s perfect, thank you. – Thank you so much, it’s was a pleasure. – My pleasure. – Thank you, all right. Thank you. (upbeat music)

13 thoughts on “Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Colin Lawrence About Virgin River

  1. Not my idea of who I envisioned Preacher as. Also Paige was a hair dresser not a food truck operator

  2. I don’t think I will be watching this series as they have ruined Virgin River.

  3. I can't wait! I'll be binge-watching this all weekend. Love the casting of Colin Lawrence as Preacher. A TV series is never going to exactly mirror a book series, so I'm excited to see what's familiar, but also what new aspects they bring.

  4. Hello, thank you for the Netflix episodes, kindly when will the rest of shows appear ? Hopefully soon.

    Looking forward to reading your book.

  5. Just finished watching season one, and I really hope there will be a second season because I loved it! Yes it’s different from the books, but really it was still great. Only thing I didn’t like much was the charmaine storyline, really no need to add that extra drama, when there is enough drama in the original material. Please let there be a second season, oh and release a blooper reel, I love blooper reels!

  6. Becky Jones
    This series was so well acted and cannot wait for season 2 and beyond. Love the setting and all of the characters make the town so real you feel part of it. Loved it all.

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