Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Martin Henderson About Virgin River

(light electronic music) – We’re privileged to be
interviewing Mark Henderson. What do you like about
working on a TV series based on a fan favorite book series? – I think it’s horrible. (laughs) No, here you have huge fan base, so there’s a level of expectation that, as an actor, one could be quite undone by. Because it’s sort of
akin to being on a show, like say a stage production,
with a full house, and you’ve got all these people,
and they’re lapping it up, and they love the characters,
and they’re loving the story, and then you’ve got to sort of walk in at the end of
the show, and maintain some kind of expectation. – Oh, you’re gonna meet
their expectations. You’re doing great. How do you like working
with Alexandra? She’s- – I love Alexandra. – You guys seem to have a great chemistry. – We do. I think, at the heart, there’s a degree of, just mutual respect. Is also parallels what the
characters have for one another, because that’s essentially
what the friendship’s built on. And I think that’s why the love and the romance that is there, is the whole drive of the show, in a way, comes out of a genuine friendship. And I think, luckily, Alex and
I have that with each other. She’s a wonderful team player,
and a fabulous actress, and she’s pretty good on the eyes too, so- – No kidding, right? – Makes my job pretty easy. – If you could play any other character, in Virgin River, who would that be? – I think Ricky. There’s
something so genuine about that character. His
character’s at an age, there’s still an innocence,
there’s a naivete, and there’s this sense of the
world’s opening up to him. And there’s just something
really endearing, I think, about a human being that is so
visibly vulnerable and honest about what it is they’re struggling with. And I think, given his past,
the struggles that he’s had, there’s just something
very human about that. – I think Ricky’s cool too. Thank you for playing
Jack in Virgin River. – Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you
for creating him. Thank you. (light electronic music)

63 thoughts on “Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Martin Henderson About Virgin River

  1. Esperando la serie con tanta emoción como cuando leí los libros 😍 Amo la pareja de Jack y Mel 😍😍

  2. I've never read a Robyn Carr book. I am VERY interested in seeing this movie…and ummm Martin Henderson…WOWZA…good Lord he is gorgeous…LOL wonder if I should read this book first? Anyone ??

  3. If you’ve never read a Robin car book this is the series to read I have read everyone of them actually listen to everyone of them on Audible at least 20 times it takes you away to places in Virgin River that are so pleasurable and enjoyable that you are there with them!

  4. Really nice! Missing a well done Show, too bad for only 10 episodes, it took more.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this show! It is a beautiful blend of two other series I am a fan of, Everwood and Off the Map. As a long time follower of Martin Henderson it is so exciting to see him in this role. In fact, all the actors/actresses have done a fabulous job interpreting and portraying their characters in a unique way. I am extremely invested in all the character’s stories and I can’t wait to see what season two has in store for them.

  6. I’ve been an avid fan of the Virgin River series for many years and most of Robyn Carr’s books. I realize an adaptation of a book to television can bring changes, but Doc and Hope MARRIED?!?!? Jack has a problem with alcohol? His father was abusive to his mother? The General who is beyond proud of Jack? I’m having a really hard time getting past this.

  7. Very fine family show. It’s just reminded me of my home town, of how people very much depending to each other litterally almost everything.
    Just done watching the whole espisodes of S1. Can’t wait for the next season coming on Netflix!🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️

  8. He is adorable. Also I've never heard of the book series but I love this show.

  9. I’ve read all the books! I’m so thrilled about the show! Hopefully not to long until season 2!

  10. I have watched a lot of series in many different languages and very few I watch entire 10+ episodes. Watching Virgin River gave me this sense of peace, joy, yes watched all season 1(frequently fast foward or skip). Virgin River has great stories, nice characters, romantic. Looking forward to Season 2

  11. Oh,I was expecting a beautiful New Zealand accent! Has he been in America a long time to lose his accent? Nevertheless, he is so handsome 😍

  12. Binge watched last night & really enjoyed it. "Jack"(Mr. Henderson) is outstanding, as well as easy on the eyes. Very appealing actor.

  13. Spectacular scenery and I want to move into Mel's cabin. Beautiful British Columbia!

  14. I lived up in Humboldt county and love seeing the outdoors scenes again. That geography is the best I've lived in ever! Love the series…

  15. This show is AMAZING!!! (I'm writing from my son's Fortnite acct -hahaha) But seriously, the acting is fabulous, the characters are deep & endearing (even the annoying ones), and well, this is my latest binge-worthy show. Good job, Netflix! And huge kudos to the amazing people that make Virgin River so, so , so excellent. If there isn't a season 2 of this show, well…I might just have to cry. As for Martin Henderson, he is such a pleasure to watch; he's devastatingly handsome & his acting is beyond fabulous. Actually, ALL of the acting on this show is above and beyone!

  16. When will the second season of Virgin River be, released? I have read a great deal of Robyn Carr’s books, and love all of them. I recently got Net Flix, and binged watched the first season of Virgin River this past weekend. I love Martin, and Alex in their roles. I want to see more!

  17. interested for session 2, last night i'm finished watch until ep10 and now how much i love him.. love jack and mel is amazing each other

  18. I binged watched this series……I read the book….the show varies greatly from the book…..Charmaine pregnant? Really? Anyway I am a nurse practitioner……I cannot wait until season 2

  19. Perfect! Please tell me that Mel & Jack get together like in the books……Thank you!

  20. Finished the series in two days..Really loved the series so much!!! Waiiting eagerly for next dession..

  21. I enjoyed season 1. Looking forward to season 2. I am a family nurse practitioner who has practiced rural medicine…….

  22. People saying they finished the first season in 2 days, j finished it in 1… whoops now I gotta wait 5 months till season 2

  23. Stumbled upon this series on Christmas night and stayed up and watched the whole series. Yes I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next season. All of the characters have so much depth to them which makes you want more!

  24. In the age of information overload this show is like a breath of fresh air 🙂

  25. Love this show and this man – he can leave his boots under my bed any night.

  26. He's NEW ZEALANDER not Australian! So proud that he's a Kiwi boy doing big things in the US.

  27. I’m hooked can’t wait till season 2 I keep checking in hopes it’s soon.

  28. I love this show and looking forward for Season 2,3,4 and more.He is so handsome and those eyes so loving and tantalizing. Martin you are an amazing Actor.

  29. I live in the beautiful Redwoods of Humboldt County, California. Myself and friends thought it was cool to hear our towns mentioned. We are all talking about it on Facebook. Of course I binge watched the whole season in one day/night. I love all of the actors and their roles.Wonderful Casting. I prefer the handsome and kind Jack over a Christian Grey any day! 😁 Can't wait for Season 2.

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