Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Tim Matheson About Virgin River

(upbeat electronic music) – Hi, this is Robyn Carr, and today we have the
great Tim Matheson with us, who is playing Doc on Virgin River. What drew you to Virgin River, and what do you like best about it? – Well, first off, the character
Doc Mullins I think is, you know, Vernon is a character, not unlike many others here, who’s been injured in his life,
who has injured emotionally, and has a loss relationship, and he sort of sought the peacefulness, and the quiet here in Virgin River, as a place to regroup
and rethink his life, and get away from things
that were haunting him, but that’s almost true
of so many people here in Virgin River, they’ve all
suffered some kind of damage, or loss, or calamity, and this special place has attracted a lot of very eccentric people, who are lookin for a second
chance or second start, I think. – Right. Who’s the funnest person on the set? – The funnest person on our set I find that amuses me the most, is Ricky. The young little pup
that works in Jack’s bar, he’s sort of like the busboy, and he’s the cutest actor, and is the cutest character, because of his innocence, and he’s the kinda guy that he sees Mel, and it’s like she’s the prettiest
woman in town. (chuckles) – I saw that. – He is just like, “Oh my
gosh”, you know he’s speechless. So it’s nice around all
these real characters in Virgin River to see
some guileless little kid, who’s just like “awwwe”. (chuckles) – He does have those puppy eyes. – So, he’s one of my favorites, yeah. – What was your favorite book growing up? – “Life on the Mississippi”. – Thank you so much. – Thank you, you’re wonderful. – You’re wonderful, too. (upbeat electronic music)

10 thoughts on “Robyn Carr Chats with Actor Tim Matheson About Virgin River

  1. Great series which I had to binge watch. What books were the Netflix Season 1 based on?

  2. one of my all time favorite actors. loved the books, love the show. looking forward to season 2.

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