51 thoughts on “Rochelle/Fairdale tornado coverage – WREX, April 9, 2015

  1. See, I live in Mchenry, so I was pretty close. The sirens were going off constantly, on and off, and I was just walking into the basement, then walking back up. Then finally, 2 hours later, the tornado warning lifted. That was a terrible night.

  2. I remember when I got the text message (I signed up for text alerts) I was like "shitttt"

  3. You can hear a T-128 tornado siren right outside the studio in the beginning of the video.

  4. I was wondering how long it would take them to notice that strong couplet south of Byron. The went right over it and said there isn't any rotation, as if they were blind.

  5. Did they ever cut broadcast to the EAS Tornado Warning Broadcast? I don't see it in this feed, so I'm guessing it never occurred(which I find odd as all NWS Tornado Warnings say Bulletin: EAS Activation Requested when they are first issued so TV, Radio and Weather Radios send out alerts) or it occurred before you started recording this video.

  6. Perfect quality and thank you for the upload.

    Incidentally, I'll say those mets were very unorganized and ignored the data, suggesting they weren't using their education to really inform their viewers; instead relying on NWS hand-holding for their reasoning. The storm near Dixon was ripe for warning. Instead of saying, "Just treat it like a tornado" spend some time explaining why you feel that storm was dangerous. NWS isn't going to catch everything the moment it happens, expectedly.

    For example, they undoubtedly noticed the hook echo protruding from the back of the cell. That alone would prompt further analysis. After checking velocity and seeing there was presence, albeit unorganized, taken the necessary precautions and informing folks that this storm was dangerous and will likely be tornado warned at any moment.

    This is the issue with meteorology in the newsroom today. Like in the kitchen, there's a difference between following a recipe and truly cooking. In this instance, mets afraid to stick to what they know for the sake of not "pissing off their viewers." -And seriously, would it kill you to get on camera so folks watching actually take you seriously?! Just my thoughts. Again, thank you for the upload.

    In the words of meteorologist Jay Prater, "…in the worst case, I'm just going to waste a little bit of your time tonight." -spoken whilst covering the Greensburg, Kansas EF5.

  7. so a veliocty defined tornado? i dont see a hook echo.. and i definitly dont see a debris ball.

  8. I know these guys are no James Spann or Mike Morgan or Gary England, but my god, the 2 storms were Severe Thunderstorm Warned.. STAY ON THE TORNADO WARNING. The TORNADO WARNING is more important than a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING.

    Also, he even said there was a large violent tornado causing damage north of Rochelle.. then he leaves the storm? No wonder I don't watch these guys during severe weather coverage (I live in Rock County). I stopped watching these guys the day they lost Eric Sorenson. Eric would have been on that Rochelle storm and would not have left that storm no matter what. The girl in the back could have been giving updates about the Belvidere storm when she hears them, but when a large and extremely dangerous tornado is on the ground in your viewing area, you DO NOT leave that storm.

  9. I find it stupid that the meteorologists didn't really focus on the Rochelle storm, but instead they tracked a weak supercell north of Belvidere that didn't cause any injuries.

  10. What exactly is LDR? They have a little logo to the left of the mini warning box

  11. This day was so scary yet exciting. I remember my phone blowing up with alerts. That tornado went right through my town. so scary.

  12. Wow people stop roasting these guys. They tried their best. It's not the easiest thing to deal with situations like this, especially if you are new, and it definitely sounds/seems like they are new. Idk. I'm from Michigan, where the weather does whatever the heck it wants. We are just lucky that tornadoes are rare here.

  13. Worst tornado coverage I have ever seen…Not sure if the weather guys / gals or producer ever understood that there was a killer tornado on the ground killing people as they talked about rain and clouds and wind and trash cans falling over and dog barking….CRAZY!…Drop the Teleprompter and use your brain.

  14. I was at work when this tornado went through, super scary I was lifeguarding and I had a dad come up to me and say we are under a tornado warning and I did not know what to do because I don't want to scare the little ones so I told him to go and tell my boss, my boss comes busting in through the locker room doors and yell and scare the little ones saying get out of the water now, we were inside when this happen. there was hail. I pulled up radar and I was super scared because it was close to my place. we got to leave work and I drive my neice home and there is no rain by her house and I leave and once I get close to my place the storm was super bad and I could bearly see out my windshield but I made it home and ran to the basement.

  15. 19:23 the bottom graphic with the towns and what the weather forecast will be disappears

  16. 1:24:13 Large Cheese uprooted? 🧀 ( I really hate it when my cheese gets uprooted 😠 )

  17. I don't understand why you would use TV during a thunderstorm. I live in an area that gets severe thunderstorms and we are told not to use TV but to use radio.

  18. Huntley citizen here. I was going on a Disney trip the next day and was very scared and hearing like the test of it I immediately get flashbacks.

  19. Only the female meteorologist called appropriate attention to the killer Rochelle-Fairdale Tornado. That large wedge tornado (killer EF-4) should have been the focus of the broadcast. Still, there was good teamwork between these two broadcast meteorologists in a very complex and challenging situation.

  20. I use to live by cherry valley mall when this happened they said one was at the mall and coming at us the apartment I lived in had no place to go for shelter I'm glad the reports were wrong for me I drove down to Fairdale after the tornado and I've never seen a whole town wiped off the map very humbling and lots of respect for a tornado

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