Ross and Aurel tubing down a river in Laos

Hey! This is Ross and Aurel’s Excellent Adventure. And here we go doing some tubing on a river. And Ross is gonna show you how it works. Go on Ross! Kob chai (thank you in Lao) One tube, two tubes, three tubes. But we’re only two people so we don’t need any more. It’s one each, we only need one each, right? Yes I’ve got a fat arse but it’s not that fat. Ok Ok, fair enough. Aurel has made me go tubing. I thought it was some sort of medical procedure. However it involves sitting in
the inner tube of a vehicle on a river. Which is actually quite pleasant. We are going at a very slow pace along the river. Erm It’s not the Megonk, what river is it Ross? It’s this was tributary of the Megonk. Useless Fact !!! I don’t know the name but it goes into the Megonk after this. My mobile phone is in this bag. So I might be off the grid for the next few days guys. We’ll see how it goes. Who knows? We’ll update you about it and we’ll tell you if it survived. Oh the tubing down the river. We’re going to boombox
hip-hop party in the middle of forest It’s a bit like the full moon party in
Koh Pagan but Laos style. You can imagine how annoyed I’m because I hate that music (only kidding!) Aurel, your haircut looks really amazing. Who did that? Oh, thank you so much Ross for the compliment. I think you cut my hair yesterday. All credits to You! Peaky Blinders. Oh dear, we’re going down some rapids. I need to keep my phone dry. They promised us phone bags but this is the only bag we have and it’s not a phone bag. We gonna see where the water takes us. I suspect not well… That was exciting. I seem to be okay. I’m a bit worried that my innertube is not gonna survive. But at the moment it seems ok.

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