RUN to the Mountains! … NOW!.. * TSUNAMI * ATTACK!

The title of this dream is “Run to the Mountains Now! Tsunami! Demonic Attack”. Okay This dream is from one in my viewers, named “Wolfy”. That is his codename. Alright and I’m going to tell the dream
right now… as if I am him sharing. “I was sitting on the side of a picnic table at a beach with my five friends. Now I knew who they were, specifically and I knew they were Christians, is well; but they were not let’s say strong in the faith.
…Believers, nonetheless. Okay… and I noticed there were three
bags, packed; really stuffed; pack to the full… and the day was quite gloomy. I mean it was it was really gloomy
thick with clouds in the sky. It was not what you would call a good
day. It was not. Alright now I start walking along the beach and they’re still sitting there; so I’m walking along the beach and I’m looking at the water
and I start kicking sand stones as I walk
you know how we do and I look up when I noticed this bright
light and it’s Jesus with two angels on His side and I mean the look on his
face was was of such concern and he says immediately, “I want you to run. Run now! Run to the mountains now! Aaaaand… I turned around to run to my friends to
tell them you know; what happened; so I asked
them, “Did you see that?” and they also, with astonishment said, “Yes.” They had. Okay… So we did just that. We took off. We went
up to the mountains and next thing the dream fast-forwards and we are up in some small mountains. Okay. While we’re up there, we we are walking along and we notice that there’s a cabin. Alright. As we’re headed toward the cabin, we hear this loud boom! Then, we turned around to see. We knew it was coming from the ocean.
You know; from the shoreline. where we had just come up there from; so we look toward that beach… and we see his gigantic tsunami busting through this town. I mean, it was ripping through it, suddenly; and I told my friends, “You know what? If we have been down there right now, we
would have been dead.” That was really scary to see. Okay. So… Now, after we see this tsunami, I happen to look at my wrist watch; and it is 11:59. Weird. Huh? Hmm. What does that mean? Okay. So..Anyway, after we heard that big
boom and we saw what happened at the beach, then we notice this gathering and as we head for the cabin now, we call out
to see if anybody’s in there. Nobody’s answering. It looks like it’s abandoned. so we go in and we we put our a little you know three bags
is big three bags that we had stuffed, up. We put them on the floor and now I noticed that two of my friends.. (cause we were tired.) We were resting. Two of my friends were in the corner chatting away and the other three were playing cards
at the card table. Okay, now, while they’re playing cards…
Check this out: I happened to look down at my watch again and now, it is 1:11 am. Okay. That’s weird. I don’t know what that means; but anyway that’s what time it was. I got up
from the couch and I heard a voice while my friends
playing cards over here and chatting over there… with the air I hear this loud voice. I mean it
was very very stern – strong and He says… I knew it was the voice of God.
I just knew that and He says, “Lock the doors and locked the windows and draw the curtains to every window.” I
hollered – I told my friends right then what God had just said. So we all got up and got
busy doing what God told us to do. Okay and all of a sudden, we start hearing these
growls outside. I mean they were evil growls and scratching at doors in the walls of the
cabin. It was scary! Then, I mean … this this
was scary. Okay. Then, whatever was trying to come thru did not sound like animals. Not one. These sounded like demons. Big evil demons; and all of a sudden, they start… We hear this helicopter and as the helicopter’s coming closer the
demonic creatures what ever they were our were trying to bust down the door and as
they were breaking it down, i hollered, “Everybody repent! Repent! Repent! We dropped to our knees and we began to pray immediately and next thing you know, the door busts
open we hear screams and that’s how the dream ended. I woke up! Thank God! Ooh! That thing was scary! That was “Wolfy” talking. This is Patricia talking. I believe we
should pray about this dream; because I believe there are some symbols
as well and the Holy Spirit can give each one of
us an interpretation. I believe the times on
his watch being so specific, had some meanings,
as well. Okay? So… Let’s pray, Saints. Pray hard; because we’ve really have
no idea what’s happening. I know when I preached at December 31st.,
2014 the word for 2015 was from God, was, “Prepare for battle.” Now I took that as a spiritual battle… but l also considered the possibility of a physical battle taking place on American soil, as well. So We really
have to pray. We have no idea what’s getting ready to take place or what’s getting ready to unfold; but we really need to be prayed
up. Our faith needs to be fortified, through God’s Word! We will crumble under the pressure. Please; Saints… the ones that are close to God living a Holy life… I mean with a relationship – who knows
Him and who he knows. Not religion! I’m talking true people of God… We will… We will somehow make it through this, as
unscathed as possible. Cause God will work miracles on our behalf; but just know we have to have our ears peeled to God’s voice; because He may tell us to run and he may
tell us not to pack… but to get out of “dodge” and dodge might mean America. God bless you, as you listen and wait… for God’s next instructions. Amen.

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  2. Good telling of the dream: Cool dream, I had a dream like this some time ago. I understand some elements of this dream but there is a great bit I don't understand. I think you have given the very best advice at the end of this video. Thank you for sharing, Wolfy & Mrs. Love.

  3. I wonder why God has not used someone with large platform like a pastor of a large televised church to give warning of a tsunami. If millions are going to die on the coasts I would think more warning. Just a thought. I do believe it is going to happen.

  4. My sister, the anti-Christ is coming on the scene and God is letting us know what it be like for people through dreams . God’s people will be brought to the one and only safe location on earth to escape this judgment. God has provided an escape for his true chosen people Israel and the Church. At this time God is getting ready to call his children into the barn while he judges the world. 

    As soon as it is available order the book “Hebrew Israelite Manifesto” by Prophet Travis Refuge which is in print at this moment. This book renders clear biblical instructions as to what the Church and the real house of Israel is to do in preparation for this time and event to escape this Judgment of God and the reign of the anti-Christ.

    Jesus said, “Because you kept my Word in passionate patience, I’ll keep you safe in the time of testing that will be here soon, and all over the earth, every man, woman, and child put to the test. “
    Revelation 3:10 The Message (MSG) 

    The rapture of the Church will occur after these events.

  5. My roommate David told me about his dreams. He's a drs. son, grade a student, honest, athletic, and DEFINITELY not a liar. He told me he has incredibly vivd dreams sometimes. The first one he had a year ago. He was in a massive fenced in camp with thousands and thousands of people as far as he could see. Everyone was confused and crying. Soon he heard a humming noise and heard people screaming. He looked and saw a line of military jets heading towards the camp. Everyone ran the other way. He was right in the middle of the swarm and heard and saw hundreds of people getting smashed against the fence. The jets opened fire on them with massive amounts of machine gun fire. He said he got hit and instantly woke up. #Two, this was just a couple months ago. He told me his dream right when I woke up that morning. He was on a mountain with all these confused people. God drove up in an old chevy pickup out of no where and gave him a kernel of corn and told him to plant this seed. My friend promised him he would. Then God said "good". He turned around, opened his wings and flew off the mountain into the most beautiful clouds he'd ever seen. My friend then did the exact same thing and flew up with him into paradise. God bless you all. I hope and pray that you will believe us.

  6. Just woke up from a dream about a tsunami that wiped a citi.What does this mean?

  7. This is true sister. The Lord showed me this also. I live right next to the beach and I'm waiting now to hear from the Lord on when to run to the mountains. God bless you!!


  9. The scary part is that of two suns. And scientists have seen the second sun since 1986. And they know it is positioned to hit the earth. But they are not talking.

  10. Thanks Pat! I Love you. Some reinforcing YTs:

    – 2 years ago – 6:21

    Tribulation Dream: NYC Pyramid, Tsunami Drowns Statue of Liberty, Obama: Beast Crawls out of the Sea
    C. Ervana – Aug 16, 2014 – 31:12

    Warning Dream – Fake Asteroid & Tsunami to hit New York
    TheGospelStuff – Feb 6, 2015 – 13:17

    Summary of Visions of UFO's, Fallen Angels, Tsunamis, Destructions by Augusto Perez []
    by Endtimes Beast Agenda

    I've also had lots of earth-changes dreams over time and can say a little about what areas are safe and which are definitely not. I left Florida because I had recurring dreams of a huge maybe 200' tsunami inundation. These continue to this day even redrawing the coastlines of Europe but most relate to the continental US. My most important end-times vision started with people pointing to the sky and yelling about the 'TWO SUNS'.

  11. Wow, your dream from Wolfy sounds like people must repent. &This dream seems like it falls into the same category of GabbyRae Talker dream. If you put this title in the search her dream should come up called: "I had a dream that FIERY trouble came to the USA #Tribulation.

  12. I need help, one of my friends had a horrible dream that still haunts him to this day! He is a chirstian but he doesn't know about your channel, and if i could tell him what it means, it would mean alot to me, and it would mean alot to him. So, let me get to the story, you have to read it as you where my friend telling it to me. I was walking down the street and i saw a laptop on a table, i didn't think about it, and i continued walking, and then a demonic like skeleton came in front of me, the creature told me if i dont fix the error on the laptop he will kill me. Well i tried fixing it but i didn't know what to do! When i woke up the next day, i got on my laptop and wanted to go on youtube, but the same error that was on the laptop in the dream was on my laptop in real life!

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