from some of these days Hi! I’m Sanjay Ahluwalia herein thailand every direction i look i see desperate struggling and those are just c_n_n_ reporters people are asking why did no one take the tsunami threat seriously the answer lies in the name personally our
thoughts in army was a character from the poke him on movie the u_s_ has already pledged three hundred
and fifty million dollars three hundred and forty nine million of which goes on services
contracts to dick cheney’s friends secretary of defense donald rumsfeld was quoted
as saying we would have sent more but we blew it all on the fake war in iraq president bush appointed former presidents
clinton and bush senior they had domestic fundraising even hired michael moore to keep
an eye on clinton and bush senior you pull remained anoint your people must
be goldberg who were you jeb bush governor florida but my brother sent me over here because i’m a
text from disasters dealing with hurricanes actually i was talking about the uh… two
thousand lection have a special american relief package acacia
coke but we keep two passes disney world one per customer say yep what part of file and there you from come from london a week i must been one hell of a lifetime good luck to you know now if you’ll pardon me i have to go distribute
more this organic relief in canada paul martin has also places country
support he joins me now hello prime minister you’ll
pull an all you know what to our people must be going through prime minister the relief effort from canada’s
imposed swing now the people here are united in their response
what the hell captive well wally aguas piled up with a fierce state critical g_-eight
business ed implementing the kilgore agreement you were vacationing in morocco that too cracked is your government did not act quickly
opted not to begin government is using the same definitive plan of action we always fall first we study all the details of the situation then we where all the options and the inherent
costs then we consult extensively with canadians then and only then do we wait and see what the u_s_ does a common criticisms as your government’s not
giving enough relief effort money we’re treating it like health care laser alone we are currently we are committed
to eighty million dollars do you realize how much money that is yes half of what you gave away in the swatches
that scandal is canada doing enough to help yes so we are sending tons of supplies hundreds
of volunteers and rescue teams and we will continue to do so wherever it’s needed
in the world let there be no doubt in the future when people think of devastation suffering
desperation they will think of canada from a_b_c_ this is sanjay ala wai leo leaving
you with this talk the more you hear about tsunami is the more
you realize how totally unimportant britney spears love life is


  1. I don't get it, which Pokemon movie? Tsunami…still thinking…

  2. @06k20z1 Phuket is the city… Not his name… His name was Sanjay aliwaliah

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