[S1: E12] Flood Insurance Is Not Covered By Your Homeowners Policy!

We’re ready. Okay. See us being funny? Our commentator is trying to find our question. Well I know what our question is. Well then let’s just go without him. We are, he can just sit there and keep flipping
through paper Ok, hi i’m Cathy, and i’m Lori, and we’re
the insurance mythbusters. That’s fine, we’ll go for it. So you start. First myth that we’re going to bust without
any commentary is Flood insurance is not covered by your homeowners
policy. Or your business policy. Either one. So rising water from the ground up, a mudslide,
not covered by homeowners insurance. You have to buy a seperate flood policy for
that. Just because you think your home or business
is in the topest point in the city of Orlando- The topest point being the highest point. Yes the topest point would be the highest
point. There would not be any coverage and it could
flood. If you look at where the floods have happened
most of the time, they’re in low-hazard areas and it’s not that expensive to buy flood insurance
anymore. So if you don’t have flood insuance Or if you have a policy that you’ve had for
a really long time Please call us or any independent agent because one; you might be able to get a better
premium that is not through the national flood- You might be- *Jibberish* You might be able to get a better premium
through a private product verses going through the national flood insurance program and we will provide- what are they called? A flood zone determination. Yeah, one of those! It tells you if you’re in a high hazard or
a low hazard zone. For free! and again your business insurance is just
as important. Some of the private flood markets are also
adding in loss of use on both the personal and the business so that if you need to live
in an apartment temporarily or you have to relocate your business temporarily while you’re
rebuilding or your house is being rebuilt due to a flood, you can get some coverage
for that just like a standard homeowners for a fire loss. That is not something that’s available through
FEMA. At all. The National Flood Insurance Program. That’s it? That’s it! That’s all folks, have a super day! Bye.

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