S3 E20 A FREE Money Energy Pull & Exercise 2.0

Well, hey I Am so so so so so thrilled to be live with you today Welcome to the crystal crawford show. I’m crystal Crawford and you are with me here in my kitchen and really really really snowy, London, Ontario Hi, Paula So that’s my view This is our This is our first snow of the season. Sorry, I’m like pressing buttons on the screen. Good morning. Hi I’m trying to get the oh, there we go better. So welcome you guys, how’s it goin? I So I normally do my show on Mondays at 3 o’clock Eastern, but I was 100% sure Well, you know as sure as you can ever be about things that always change. Hey, hey, hey Michael. Hey Lydia Um, then I was gonna be in the air today So I was gonna reschedule it for tomorrow, but I was just gonna tell you about it on email like, you know late tonight You know the thing I love about Following the energy like I could not get myself to get to my computer to send you guys an email telling you about today’s show Well, it turns out cuz I can do it I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to do the show and I can I read hi, Susanna Okay, so I called today’s show a free money energy poll 2.0 and I love that you guys are all here with me live to do this again So I have a video on YouTube right now. That’s got 20,000 views and it’s called a free money energy poll and it’s probably from three years ago And I am so different and you are so different and I wanted to redo it Because I’m also starting a new series of energy pulls on Wednesday. So it’s a convergence of all of the wonderful things. And so What I’m gonna do is we’re gonna talk a little bit like I do And then we are going to do an energy exercise including a pole Heist of fun. Hey, so if you guys want the whole thing, you’re gonna have to hang out with me for 30 minutes It’s gonna be terrible Cheers All right, I want to start out this by saying that in real time During this last six days in the awareness challenge, which is the free group on Facebook that you can go join That where we take one to access consciousness to all and we play with it. Hi Ally thirty times a day for 30 days Well, I’ve been doing something a little different with this particular Challenge that the challenge is actually doing it. It’s not that the tools themselves are a challenge or any of that It’s that choosing to implement the tool 30 times a day for 30 days is the challenge It’s like I don’t know about you but you know getting me to do anything consistently for any length of time is always a challenge and Doing is choosing to do something every day. That’s uncomfortable. But changes my life Also a challenge, so that’s why it’s called the awareness challenge But what these do what any access consciousness tool does is it clears out? unconsciousness so that you can have access to consciousness and The gift of having access to consciousness is that you can create anything With total consciousness all choice is available to you. So Then in this last 30 days we have been playing with the tool that goes like this What energy space and consciousness can be in my body be to be a generator of continuous wealth? Money and abundance for all eternity and everything that doesn’t allow it times the gazillion. I destroy and uncreate it All right, wrong a bad putt POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds so that crazy thing at the end is called the clearing statement and you can go to the clearing statement calm to Get more info on it But what you do is you say that out loud 30 times a day for 30 days and hey if you guys know would you guys do me a huge favor and share this around? So that your friends can join us if they want to There’s so many of you I’m so excited. Yes, I see you hi Sheena. Hey Jamie. Hi Roz. Hi Teresa so I’ve been showing up live in the awareness challenge group every single day, and I’ve been doing the 30 times live on Facebook with you guys and it is changing my life and that is the thing about these tools is when you actually use them they change your life and what I mean by that is there is it’s only been six days and there is so much awareness and ease and allowance and creativity showing up and Today I was supposed to be on an airplane today But Ontario decided to snow a lot. So there’s there’s like here so For those of you guys that are listening to this on some platform I’m flipping the camera around just to show how much snow is happening right now so Yeah So no flights and and so what was I thing that for so anyway, I had a friend of mine dropped me off at the airport and then she picked me back up and It we had a chance to sort of muse on All of the awareness that’s showing up out of this challenge and this is very well. It’s a it’s a money challenge, right? It’s a money clearing and what we’re asking with that with that clearing is hey What energy can I be? What space can I be what consciousness? can I be to be a Generator of continuous money of continuous wealth of continuous abundance So we’re asking about 30 times a day for 30 days Well, here’s the thing about when you ask a question when you truly ask you’re like, hey, what does it take for? Dadadada. Hey, how does it get better than this? Hey, like, what else is possible that I haven’t actually considered the universe then contributes. Hi, Steve Hi, Steven, the universe contributes the awareness of what you’re asking for so Amazing right like amazing the universe contributes the awareness you get to choose new things you’ve got more space and energy to choose new things you get to so anyway, I was musing on like all the different things that have changed and One of the things that’s occurring out of this say only we’ve only been doing this six days. We have thirty One of the things that’s been occurring with this clearing what energy and space and consciousness? Can me and my body be to be a generator of continuous money continuous wealth and continuous abundance for all eternity. Hi, Catherine Is this is one of the things that’s showing up is? Nothing is going according to plan Not one thing I just had a three-day stretch where literally Every single thing that I had planned went completely, awry Now that doesn’t sound like an answer to prayer right If you were praying to Jesus and what showed up was like a train wreck, you know, that doesn’t seem like an answer But what was so interesting about this entire weekend from Friday to today when my flight got canceled There was a few things that are really interesting about this and this is very relevant to money. I Was able to with total ease just chews on my feet We have that phrase in English where we say think on your feet It wasn’t about thinking I was able to choose on my feet and what I’m talking about It’s like my plans not so dramatically readjusted that I had to basically within a very short period of time Restock all of my daily Toiletry supplies and clothes because I left a suitcase somewhere that I couldn’t get access to for the two days So on the fly, I had a short pier I had to figure out in a new country I mean I’ve been here before but it’s like been awhile I had to figure out where to go shopping and Still get to dinner on time and get to this other thing like I had to navigate this whole situation I had to spend about $1,500 more than I was planning on spending this weekend. I had to there were so many things Jesus Christ The the tempered I rented an Airbnb for the weekend the heat was broken it’s a work Today I went to the airport was there on time my flights got canceled Like every single goddamn thing for the most part that was scheduled to be easy I like set myself up for ease this weekend totally from my point of view. But what I didn’t get or what I didn’t I? Set myself up for ease from my point of view with the logistics. But hi Claudia, but what ended up occurring what ended up? Becoming available to me was a space of choice and creativity that I hadn’t had access to before with total ease. I Think this weekend even two weeks ago if I had had a weekend like I just had which there was so much magic in it I’m just there was so much magic if that had happened even two weeks ago I would have been so stressed and even me with all these tools that I you know spout on and on about hey John I’d have been so stressed by the end of the day But I’ve been doing this clearing what energy what’s face what consciousness give me and my body B to be a generator continuous money Continuous wealth and continuous abundance for all eternity so what’s showing up is the energy the Space and the consciousness that me and my body need to be to be a generator of continuous money wealth and abundance so I was looking at that and I’m like Not when you ask for something nothing ever shows up the way you think it will right ever not ever, not ever It never shows up. We think so. Here I am. Hey season Hiriam, you know doing this thing asking and asking 30 times a day for 30 days I’m asking Hey universe What energy can I be what space can I be what consciousness can I be to be a generator of? Continuous money wealth and abundance for all eternity. Hey universe show me. Hey universe show me 36 times a day for 30 days So what shows up total mayhem what also shows up an ability to choose and be and go on my feet and have the resources to take care of things with total ease and creativity like I’ve never known it before and Ideas for creating more cash than I’ve ever had before and new clothes that I’ve been asking for for Six months and new makeup that I’ve been asking for for almost six months and I got to try new hair products that I’ve been curious about and I got to get into conversations about consciousness and bars that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten into I got to Facilitate a class that well that was already set up, but I got to do that I got to meet an Airbnb host in Toronto who just loved hosting me and change her world I got to have some time today with my friend Maxine who drove me to and from the airport we got to have this incredible conversation about About awareness and money and all that I got to spend more time with my partner who was like just we’re just enjoying each other so much and so all of this wealth Showed up in the middle of The train wreck of the plan and This is what I was looking at today as I was driving from the airport was this thing of you know, nothing ever shows up the way you think it’s gonna go and Money and wealth and abundance aren’t things they’re energies. There’s spaces of being When you go through the how to become money workbook so how to become money workbook that Workbook is one of the most I will talk about that tool to the day that I died That is probably the most dynamic thing that’s changed my financial reality and one of the things that you get as you go through that workbook is That you are power You are awareness. You are creativity. You are control and you are money That’s the reality So what the workbook? Suggests is that anytime you’re functioning as less than that, which could be like any other time really except for when you’re reading the workbook Anytime you’re functioning is less than power and control and awareness and creativity and money. You’re not functioning as you and The space of you is where money comes from that is you are money You are it you are it you are it you are it so when you judge yourself when you are projecting and expecting? results when you go into decisions judgments conclusions computations when you go into thinking Emotions feelings all of those things take you out of being you and you are money So what was really funny about this weekend going completely awry is I got to actually be money all weekend and It wasn’t hard and I didn’t have to effort but I just had that I was so present and so aware It was so crazy. Like I’m not blowing my own horn here because I didn’t here’s the thing. I didn’t mean to it was just Available to choose hi Jillian. Hi Sharon. It was just available to choose and This is why I keep doing money classes and this is why I keep like this is the why of continuing to play with these money tools because every single time we we do a set of Energy poles where I always like pull tools into it new tools new awarenesses Because there is always new space to get access to hi Ellen, there’s always new energies to get access to there’s always new Possibilities there’s always new consciousness to get access to for you. Which means your life’s just gonna get greater The only way your life could not get greater with you access consciousness tools is if you don’t use them That’s it. If you actually use them and you become them Everything will change So while we’re talking here What I want you to become aware of what I want you to just tap into wherever you are On a train in your living room in your bed. I Want you to right now just become aware of put your attention on All of the money and the cash and the resources and the abundance and the wealth that’s available to you now If All you can perceive at this moment seems to be outside of you I Want you to become aware of it with your body and I want you to notice the sensations on your skin in your skin And put your attention on every single pore like every single pore on the front side of your body All the way up every single pore on the back side of your body Every single pore and the bottoms of your feet on your neck On the tops of your head the tops of your head On your hands You and your body Hmm your body Is a receiver Of awareness of energies of consciousness Of space your body perceives all of it receives all of it It has abilities with it and If you’re willing to be with it, because this is part 2 of my story about the weekend. It will lead you to Everything that you’re asking for it to money now The first place we cut off This gift that is our body that will lead us to where it is we think we want to go is when we judge anything so judgment like cuts off your ability to be aware and one of these is part two of this whole weekend train wreck of a beautiful weekend is That I realized as I was driving home today from the airport. This was part two of my epiphanies that I There was so much going on so many things that I had to figure out or change or create That I had to ask my body here’s what’s super interesting about that I had and I’ll tell you more about what I mean by that I Had to ask my body. Well, your body is the only part of you that needs money You’re a being with the body It’s everything that you do in regards to money is about your body roof over your head clothes makeup showering sex food Everything in regards to money is about your body So if you are Disembodied like if you are out of touch and not communicating with your body You can’t possibly lead yourself to money because your body is the one that has a point of view about it in the first place So So during this weekend I I had so much going on and I could feel myself going into thinking and thinking doesn’t get you there So there was too many factors to think through. Thank God Then I had to ask my body like okay body. What’s next? What do we require next? cuz I was like trying to figure it out and going in the and Instantly when I asked my body I got an awareness of what was next and where we could go next where we could drive next It was a very very juggling weekend and and then we would get to that place and I’d asked my body, okay? Well, this is a huge place body. Where do we go now and Then we got to the place where we went now and then we walked inside and I’m like, okay now where am I walking body? Because I got that that my body would my body doesn’t think my mind my being makes my brain think so my body was gonna lead me to Wherever it wanted to go to have what it wanted to have for a comfortable weekend without it one’s own suitcase, right? My body’s like that does not work for me that we don’t have our suitcase We crystal you have to take me to get more stuff. I’m like, okay. Well you tell me where to go And listen guys I this is a this is something that I never In a million years would have thought I’d ever be talking about because I would hear people talking about being embodied and asking their body and you know but I realized today that I do this way way way more than Than I thought I did and this is the way to lead yourself to money body So one of the things that Shannon O’Hara talked about one of the questions she’s given is in When you require money, like ask your body hate body will you show me how to create this like will you contribute to this being created and So as I was having all this money flowed out this weekend money that I wasn’t expecting to spend I just said hey body, will you help me create like 10 times this yes Hey all the beings around me that know anything about money that would contribute to this. Will you contribute to this money showing him? Yes All the all the money that’s waiting to come into my world. Will you show up? Yes. Okay, cool. So when you ask you receive so my only job is to really pay attention and choose To pay attention and choose to pay attention and choose pay attention and shoes that’s the job of you in regards to money So everything that doesn’t allow you to be no perceive and receive what your job truly is with money Will you destroy it and create that? Very wrong good bad pot back on the insurance boys and beyonds so again as we’re talking just put your attention on again if you haven’t already like all of the possibilities for the creation of money that are everywhere around you and in you What energy space and consciousness can you and your body be To be a generator of Continuous money wealth and abundance for all eternity And everything that doesn’t allow at times it got zillion we need to strain and create it. All right We’re all good about cut back on the insurance boys and beyonds What possibilities are available to you that you don’t think are available that if you would allow them to be available? would actualize as a totally different financial reality and Everything that doesn’t allow that we can destroy it and create that right around good bad putt POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds And while we’re doing this tag a friend that you know needs this conversation So pulling energy is something that you can just be all the time It’s also one of those tools that Gary Douglas says to just do When you want to create something pull energy for it if You want bodies and classes? Get the energy of what it would be like to have a hundred people in your classes and pull energy into that I’m gonna start that I’m gonna create a new set of tools I do so, right I’m sorry, like I’m creating as we’re talking. This is being money, by the way I Do have a new set of poles starting on Wednesday. So if you want to do this daily with me come The link is above my head so Everything is made of energy Stardust and epic shit. Thank you so much Will you begin to allow your reality with money to be ease Needless effortless Now that may take some practice especially if you have effort ‘add most of your existence But would you be willing to begin making a demand that that’s what show up What would you and this is what we’re going to begin to build in front of us this ball of energy in front of us What would you like your financial reality to be like? My financial reality is that anytime I require money. It’s available. This is actually my financial reality. This is very funny That I have ease with choosing any size of project any scope of thing Without exception regardless of how much it costs. I’m willing to choose it. That’s what’s my financial reality This is what I’m gonna pull energy into my financial reality. Is that a million people on the planet know these tools? Beyond that that’s crazy hundred million My financial reality is that My past expenditures my debt is non-existent and I use it to leverage Things My financial reality is Money coming in all the time so much that I forget where it’s coming from So this is what you want to start building in front of you what do you want your financial reality to be like What do you want the space and the energy and the consciousness of you? To be like what do you want your experience to be like in regards to money? What is it now? And what would you like it to be? Do you wake up in the morning with worry and need and guilt and blame and shame and all that crazy shit What would you like to have as your reality put that in front of you What is the world you’d like to live in And now what you want to do is you want to push down all your barriers which is Not a thinking thing just push those down inside And you want to pull energy from all over the universe through that ball through you Pull harder pull more pull more and you don’t know how have to know how to do this as soon as you request to the energy to pull a Pulse that’s the ease and the elegance of the universe that we live in and the ease and the elegance With which you create? So keep pulling from all over the universe through every pore on the front side of your body and report on the back side of Your body a rapport on the sides of your body a report from your feet your rapport on your head include the earth pull in all of the riches and the magnitude and the wealth and the abundance and the Incredible gift that is the earth And as you’re pulling I want you to also pull through all the beings without bodies of consciousness of light That support you that support consciousness pull in with them as well What would you have to be willing to be what amount of money Would you have to be willing to be for the world to change? The amount of money you have to be willing to be for your world to change is pretty small What would you have to be willing to be for the world to change? Keep pulling What energy in space and consciousness, can you and your body eat to be a generator of continuous money? Continue as wealth continuous abundance for all eternity And everything that doesn’t allow it time is a God zillion right wrong about POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds Notice any sensations on your skin notice if it changes gets greater Play with it if you don’t feel anything play with pulling harder, if you don’t get it, just let go of your brain. It’s okay Can’t fuck this up And now you’re just gonna reverse the flow we’ve been pulling in now we’re gonna float out flood out trickles or a tsunami to every single being every single person every single thing every single Thing that’s going to contribute to this being your reality on planet earth You’re just gonna let them know energetically that you’re here You don’t know what it’s gonna take for this to show up. None of us. Do we know Louie Donna? So the universe gets to surprise us We get to go on the adventure of living And cultivate knowing and cultivate trust in ourselves and cultivate vulnerability with us and we get to cultivate gratitude and honoring of us So that we can be what it is going to take for our lives to change it for the world to change You are deeply and warmly invited into 30 full days of this and you know, I can’t keep my mouth shut so it’ll be a ten minute energy pull in a little mini class every morning With me right after we do the awareness challenge Which is thirty times of what energy space and consciousness can be my body be to be a generator Continuous wealth money and abundance for all eternity So join me for that join me for the energy pull right after if you’d like What would your life be like if you were willing to be the energetic creator that you are? even more even more and more and more and You are the gift the world has been waiting for and you don’t have to believe that you just have to choose to be it I’m so grateful for you. I can’t even tell you and If you would do me the honor of sharing this if you got anything out of it, I’d be so grateful again And if I don’t see you on the energy poles this time Hopefully I get to see you around the world or somewhere else in person soon Bye for now

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