SACANDAGA RIVER ~ SurPRisE ~ Travel & FISHING ~ NEW YORK State ~ Adirondacks CC Closed Caption

Chris is gonna try it…. Where are we?
South of Wells…
(Deirdre) Just south of wells…NEW YORK
in The RIVER… Sacandaga River He, doesn’t think he’s catching something…..But, I think… He WILL! (chris)
Seems I would have caught something on the 1st throw…That’s one!…
(sound of river water flowing across rocks) (Chris)
Oh! I got one! ~ I GOT ONE! ~
Whoo hoo! (Chris) Oh! Its a good one! (Deirdre) whoo -WHO! (Deirdre) Yeh man! WOW! Oh SHiiT!!….. Daaam!….
I’m so glad that didn’t hit you.
(Chris) It was a Smallie! (Deirdre)That was on there!
I’m Glad that didnt hit you. (Chris)
Was pullin to hard, I was excited! (Deirdre)
ahah ha ha ha!
there ‘s another one in there! Means it’s chaulk full of them! (Chris) Did you see that? (Deirdre) I did! hee! hee! (Chris) Might of been a brown trout but, I don’t think so…
I saw the fish, I saw him
jump out, and let go.

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