Sagano Scenic Railway and RIVER BOAT RIDE in Arashiyama, Kyoto! Japan Vlog #8

Hey I’m Justin
I’m Lenaya we’re the Two Travel Lares and today we’re in Arashiyama so we missed the train
we tried rushing to get here but we tried rushing after we finished eating
we had seven minutes to get here but that’s not enough time to get here buy
our tickets and board but luckily they had another train only about an hour after that so in the mean time we got got our snow cones and we walked around the station it was kind of cool they had old trains and
places to eat yeah but it really smelled in the room with
the place to eat it did I don’t know what the smell was but
it was not good yeah it wasn’t I was like we gotta get outta
here even if there is air conditioning but it was nice inside
now we’re about to board the Romantic Train and then we’re taking a boat back it was really expensive it was really expensive
if you’re going to do this take the train and the boat expect to pay about $100 for
two people but hopefully it’s worth it I think it’s going to be worth it, it seems fun so we got on the train
it was all reserved seating so that was kind of nice except that you faced another bench yeah so it’s all reserved seating
but it’s two people on one side two people on the other side and you’re facing each other we were sitting next to each other but I was like darn I wish you would have sat in front of me so then we could’ve you know oh we both could have got a window seat yeah
but it was okay the train ride itself was nice
it was pretty the good thing about it is one side will get
all the scenery and then the other side will get all the scenery at first I was disappointed I was like I can’t see yeah so if you go on it and you think you have a bad seat don’t stress out too much it’ll clear up on your side as well
but as soon as we got off that train oh wait but when we were on it
there are multiple stops so we were stopping and then there was this
guy sitting on a bench and he had like a fan covering his face
but then he moved the fan and he was wearing one of those masks
the old man face with the long nose and he got on the train
that was cool yeah I guess it was a picture opportunity
type thing so he came in and he took pictures with everyone
except us we missed out on our chance
but after that when we did get off the train we only had about five minutes or so to catch
the bus yeah so it was like get off the train
hurry and go downstairs, run out and there’s some guys
like yeah go over there so we got on the bus
and then we were worried that it wasn’t the right bus
because it was so packed and not just so packed it was so far away
from where we thought the boat would be oh wait I do have to comment that when we
got on the bus we didn’t even think we would be able to get
on the bus that’s how full it was
it was packed but eventually we were in front
we were in front and just more and more people came in
I don’t even know how that’s possible they really squished us in
after that we finally got to the bus stop or not to the bus stop
the boat station kind of thing and yeah it was a long bus route
that’s why we were freaking out we’re just like it shouldn’t take so long yeah at the boat station you go up on the second floor
and you turn in your tickets that you got earlier and you get new tickets redeem for new ones
and it has a number on it and when your number is called
you’re able to go out to your boat yeah we thought the numbers were like the
number of the boat that we get on but I guess maybe it was like seat
yeah I’m not sure what it was but they knew what boat to get on just based
on our number as far as the boat ride oh that was fun it was really nice it was in my opinion it’s better than the train yeah definitely the train was nothing compared to that you can do the boat by itself if you wanted or I mean the train isn’t too much it’s like $6 so might as well if you’re going in that direction why not
it’s nice to just combine them but the boat it was fun, it was funny
like even though there was a language barrier they were making us laugh
I know they were making everyone laugh everyone was laughing the whole time
I’m like I wish I understood but I mean they were doing like tricks with
the pole with the bamboo pole pretending to fall in and walking along the
side they were doing a lot of cool things
it was really entertaining but what made it a little more funny
was there was another boat right behind us and they were doing the exact same thing
oh they just pretended to fall in let’s look back oh look at them they’re falling in too it was also I was surprised at how bumpy it
was when we would go down the
because it was just splashing up water I was surprised by the water we went through
in general you would go down through like semi not rapids
steep kinda little hill things but it was fun when we did
everyone would stick up there phones to record it oh that must be so hard there’s three people
there’s two in the front one is with the bamboo pole guiding it
the other person is rowing and I think someone in the back is redirecting
it too yeah I think they’re steering in the back
and the two people in the front are rowing yeah it was crazy the amount of effort it
takes to guide the boat especially with how fast it would go sometimes
and avoiding all the rocks so I guess it’s totally worth it with what
they’re doing for us yeah no definitely
oh also there’s a shop on the water oh
a boat pulls up next to you they have food in front of them
they have beer and like cookies they were cooking squid stuff on there
she had a pan not a pan like a flat oven kind of surface
and she was cutting it up oh man it was crazy Lenaya actually bought some dango
dango which we didn’t know what it was before but I think it’s something like mochi
yeah it was it was actually really good
I was scared I was like mm I’m not going to get anything
and then this little girl got it in front of us
and it looked good but I was like iww like *weird noise*
but I was like okay well this is probably the only time we’ll see it like this
might as well try it I haven’t really seen it anywhere else and it was how do we not buy something from a boat store when does that opportunity come up but anyways it was actually really good
I don’t really like squishy things but the flavor around it
I don’t know what that was it was good though she just ended up eating the outside of each
of them it was good
and so we got off the boat and now we’re just — and we’re here
sitting well we’re like I don’t know we’re pretty close to where we started originally
when we got here it is a bit of walk to get back over there
it’s really nice here too no it is really nice and it’s a cool place
to stop too yeah they have more boats, people are on paddle
boat things and playing in the water a little bit
they have a bunch of little baby fish there but I think if you’re in Kyoto and you go
to Arashiyama and if you have time
how long was that? like two hours? like an hour? I don’t know, it was a long time
my butt actually started getting tired I was like ooo I got to get off of here
if you have the opportunity and you’re fine with the $40 price tag on it
I think it’s definitely something to do they’re funny if you know Japanese that’s
even better after the boat ride we walked to the bamboo forest yeah mainly because it looks like everything else is closing like the main street all the shops are shutting down the temples are closing their gates
and the bamboo forest I think it’s always open we figured it’d be less busy since everyone is going home since things are closing and it definitely is there’s hardly anybody walking around so if you want a good photo in the bamboo forest good time to go in the evening after the temples have closed and we did find this one temple type thing
it’s open and there’s no cost to it either so that’s kind of nice but since everything
else is closing we’re just walking around the bamboo forest
and probably going to head home after this Mmm tastes just like Hawaii Hi! If you like’d our video give us a thumbs up or if you’d like to see more of our videos you can click here to see our last video and if you want to keep updated with future videos subscribe below!

7 thoughts on “Sagano Scenic Railway and RIVER BOAT RIDE in Arashiyama, Kyoto! Japan Vlog #8

  1. Do you remember around what time you took the boat ride? And got to the bamboo forest?

  2. In Arashiyama. I think the river is the highlight more than the Bamboo Forest. Hozu River is just MAJESTIC!! OMG! When I visited early March, the weather was soooo good! Super bright day but super cold.

    No wonder why Japanese people are very protective oft their nature. Because you can really feel the power giving off by the nature. The river has a mysterious vibes coming from it. I can literally feel its power on my finger tips.

  3. Thanks for the video! It's very informative. Just a query, where do you get the tickets to the bus (that goes to the river cruise)? I saw that everything is in a rush from your video, just wondering where did you get the tickets from

  4. Do you buy the train, bus and boat all at one place? If so where?

  5. Thank you, guys. Your video was fun to watch. We will be going there October, 2019. We also plan to do the Bamboo forest, kimono forest, the Otagi Temple and finally the hot foot spa – – after all that walking.

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