Sailing through ship lift of the Yangtze Three Gorge dam

Boarding the smaller ship Approaching the three gorge dam on Yangtze river seeing entry to locks Sailing downstream. The dam is seen ahead. Entry to the new ship lift is on the left We approach closer to the ship lift and see the hole in the upper dam to let us in Sailing into the lift with side view to the upper level of Yangtze side of the dam Now passing the opening to the other side to the lift Inside the trench in the dam toward the lift The lift is ahead having a pool of water we can sail into Now we are in the pool of the lift Ropes are holding the pool the water and the ship When the ship approaches the edge of the lift the view of the lower side can be seen ahead View can be seen down to the side Gate is closing Start descending 110 meters The whole structure is lowered like regular lift view up on the shaft we passed At low level of river the water of the lift are connected to the river below The edge of the pool of the lift is opened to let the ship sail out The dam from the lower side as we depart The five stage ship lock View of the dam left is lower and the lift is close to us. We sailed from right to left View from the side on the upper level The same entry to ship lift from the side

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