Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community: Long-term Services and Supports – Audio Descriptions

[ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming ] [ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming – Chanting ]>>The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian
Community’s senior population is growing quickly. Each month, on average, 25 of
our trouble members turn 55. [ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming – Chanting ] We deliver about 2500 meals a month, to
171 elders and adults with disabilities. We also serve meals at two congregate locations. In addition to meals, we assist people in the
program with transportation to appointments, provide light housekeeping, and
help with shopping and grooming. We also offer activities like arts and
crafts, fitness, movies, and field trips. [ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming – Chanting ] The state also funds out caregiver program. The program provides respite and
education to those providing care to an elder or an adult with a disability. [ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming – Chanting ] The community’s future is bright. We plan to expand our existing programs and
build a long-term care facility for our elders. They want to stay where they grew up
and on the lands of their ancestors. Our goal, is to make that happen. [ Rhythmic Tambourine Drumming – Chanting ]

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