Salt River Siphon Outage Project 2019 Recap

Hi, my name is Darrin Francom and I am
the Director of Operations, Power and Engineering
at the Central Arizona Project. Starting this October 30th, We’re going
to be working on the Salt River Siphon.
This large diameter pipe takes water from the canal underneath the Salt River. The work we are
going to be performing is to replace the
interior coating. The work requires us to drain part of the canal and the siphon
itself. The new coating protects the pipe from
erosion and corrosion, which ensures the reliability of water deliveries
to our customers. My name is Phillip Pagels. I am the
water transmission supervisor. It’s a six week outage which is usually
three to four weeks during the southern portion
of our canal maintenance. Preparations started in early 2017 where we met
with stakeholders and did a focus group
to talk about the Salt River Siphon. The customer support that we’ve received
for the necessary repairs to the Salt River Siphon,
and really for our infrastructure has been wonderful. I’m Tommy Barnes, with Engineering Services.
I’m a CAP Inspector for the Salt River Siphon
re-coating project. What we are going to do is, we are going
to isolate from Check 25 to the Salt Gila
Pumping Plant. And then we’ve taken strenuous safety measures
to make sure that the evac structure evacuates
the remaining water into the Salt River. My name is Tamara Miller and I am the Project
Manager for the Salt River Siphon Repair
Project here at CAP. Since the outage began on October 30th,
we have de-watered the Siphon, and the contractor has used an ultra high
pressure water jetting system in the areas
for repair to remove the previous coatings. And they are currently wrapping up the abrasive
blasting which is going to prepare the
surface before we re-coat again. The project is on schedule and we are on
track to water up on December 10 and
customers will be receiving their CAP water. My name is Darrin Francom and I am the Director
of Operations, Power and Engineering. Well, the great news is that after six weeks
of really hard work by our own staff and our
contractor staff, we completed all the maintenance work for the
Salt River Siphon repair. As you can see behind me, the canal is empty.
But on December 10, we will be watering
up and returning water to the canal and to our customers in Pinal and
Pima Counties. Most people might think that we control the
canal from each of the individual pumping plants. But what they don’t know is that almost everything
is controlled back at headquarters. And so as we
start to bring the water back in the canal, it will all be done at our North Phoenix
office with our our Control Center staff. So almost three years ago we began coordinating
for this work. We reached out and engaged with our
customers and stakeholders to find ways to help. So I want to say a big thank you to all of them,
SRP, our customers, stakeholders as well as Achen Gardner and Hartman Walsh, our contractors
who worked virtually around the clock to make
sure we got this thing finished on time. We are really looking forward to getting back to our
normal deliveries to our customers in Pinal
and Pima Counties and thank everybody for their work.

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