Sam&William – Foreign fathers enjoy ramen&beer at Han River![The Return of Superman/2017.10.22]

(What is William doing?) (The television sound woke him up.) (He’s getting down from the bed on his own.) (Toddling) (The door is blocking me.) (Sam is busy watching television.) (He puts in his hand first.) (I’ll escape through the gap.) (He pushes with his whole body.) Good morning. William. William. (Did you call me?) (Happy) (He has a million-dollar smile.) (Hugging) Cuddle. (I live because of you.) What should we do now that you’re up? (What do we do in the morning?) (Brush, brush) (He imitates brushing his teeth.) That’s right. Let’s brush our teeth. Let’s brush it together. (Let’s go to the washroom.) Mom. Mom. I’m Dad. (He has William on his legs.) (It’s a magic spell for brushing teeth.) (He’s getting all the corners.) (He’s under a teeth-brushing spell.) (Korean Dental Association likes this video.) We just did it. Let’s wash your face. (He’s getting his face washed.) (That feels good.) (He’s making manly sounds.) (He wants to go outside.) Okay. Here. Go. (Yes, let’s go play!) William. Look. (Where are they?) There’s so much water. The view is wonderful at Han River. Hey. – Hey. / – Hello. (Everyone is here.) (The foreign dads are saying hello.) Hello. Hey, guys. Hello. (Nice to see you!) You’re good. Keep your head up. I have some friends I made in Korea. I told them I’m expecting our second child, so they came to see me and congratulate me. They’re in the same situation as I am. They all have two kids. I have a friend who’s in fitness consulting. He hosts an English radio show. He’s teaching English language. Hello. Do you want to say hi as well? – Hi. / – There is a big… She’s so big now. – Hi. / – Hello. – When did she get so big? / – Well… William is so big now. She eats more than her older brother. – Three months. / – Three months? – What about Estella? / – Two. Two. (They’re going off in different directions.) She’s so big for her age. Come back, baby. Come back, come on. No, no, no. – Come back. / – Let’s go. William, let’s go. Let’s go with your friends. Us moms go to kids’ cafes. I guess foreign dads do the same. This place is huge. William, let’s ride this. You love watermelons. (It’s a watermelon tube.) (Excited) – Dad! / – What is it? William. (He heads for William.) William. (It’s a super dive.) (There is a wave of balls.) I’m sinking. (William is buried.) (What is this?) Hello. It’s okay. He’s saying, “What’s going on?” (It’s not okay.) ♪ Let it go ♪ (Screaming) (William is struggling.) (Screaming) Once you say stop… – Come here. / – ♪ Let it go ♪ (Sorry for playing a joke William.) Leila! (Let’s play.) We’re tanning. We’re catching some tans. (It’s a dad joke.) He has the two-teeth thing happening. You’re so cute. You’re cute. William, you’re cute. (Then…) (Diving) William! Sam is in an emergency. How will William react? Help me! William! Help me! Help me! (I think he’s joking.) (Ignoring) (He’s not falling for it?) – William! William! / – He’s gone! (What? Is this real?) Help me! (William is starting to get worried.) Help me. William, help me! (William swims through the pool.) Dad! (He’s working hard to move the balls.) (Sam’s head is finally showing.) Dad! (He’s so excited that he’s waving.) Dad. (Ta-da!) (It’s Dad.) (He successfully saved his dad.) Where’s your dad? Kiss. Kiss. (Even the pool can’t come between us.) (Kissing) (Sam and William love each other.) Clap. Clap. Let’s drink something. I’m hot. With Dad. Come. (It’s break time.) Did you all go to the postnatal care center? – No, we didn’t. / – No. – We went straight home. / – Really? But then my wife went to her grandma’s. She stayed there. – Really? / – Yes. We met 20 years ago. We’ve been married for three, almost four years now. She was sitting at a table next to me and asked me where I’m from in English. I told her to guess. She asked me if I’m from England. (My fate came to me like a coincidence.) I met my wife in a club in Itaewon. In a club in Itaewon? (The dads are busy chatting.) (Food?) (Is he hungry?) (William’s stomach is calling for food.) Food. William, are you hungry? Are you hungry? Let’s eat. – It’s time for dinner. / – Let’s go. – Hey. / – Now we’re talking. So… (Yes, rice balls!) Yes? Now? You like it? William, is it good? Kids should eat, – but we should eat too. / – Hey. There’s a convenience store back there. When I come down here, I have ramyeon. Ramyeon! – Who’s going to… / – Rock… – Rock-paper-scissors? / – For the convenience? – Rock-paper-scissors? / – Okay. Winners will go buy, and losers will stay. – Okay. / – That’s a good one. That’s a great deal. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. (Paper, scissors, scissors, paper) (Yes, we’re going to the store!) – We’re the winners. / – Losers. (Oh my goodness!) – Stay here. / – Sit down. (Why am I getting teary?) Good luck. – William. / – Sam. Sam. William. (Did you call me Sam?) (Laughing) You were calling him Sam. Big Sam and Small Sam. William is a Small Sam. Small Sam. – Dad. Dad. / – Dad? Dad? He’s gone to get some food. This store is pretty good. It’s really good. Great selection. Do you want tteokbokki? These two taste good together. Deals. (Sam is surprised.) Deals. They don’t have stir-fried kimchi. (He’s practically Korean.) All right. Look at these things. The cooker is over here. They’re special cookers. It’s my first time eating ramyeon in my whole life. – It’s your first time? / – It’s my first time. – What did you push? / – The one on the far left. (One button will give them water.) Done. Ramyeon cookers only exist in Korea. Instant ramyeon at Han River is the best. (The ramyeons are boiling.) Sam! (It’s chaotic here.) I wasn’t trained for this. – Me neither. / – I wasn’t trained. Sam! What’s taking you so long? Cody, hurry up. – Cody, please hurry up! / – Ladies and gentlemen, food has arrived. It’s super hot, kids. Step back. These have cheese in them. I love it. Yes, it’s a good idea. I think – it’ll be great. / – It could be disaster. (Slurping) I’ll have a little. Good choice. It’s so delicious. It’s so good. I’m actually a big fan of chicken and beer. Fried chicken. It’s the good stuff. Next time, let’s get bossam and soju. Lunch, maybe. My wife cooks dinner. Bossam, bone soup, braised spicy chicken… – Really? / – At home? Always at home. Yes. I’ve never seen anyone make bone soup. – Bossam. / – Tteokbokki. Yes, I’ve never seen it. – One more time. / – One more time? Can I have a bite of food and then give you more? One more time! One more time! (Give me more water.) It’s so hard to eat with babies. It’s tough to do this with kids. Yes. Mom! Mom! (He’s covering his ears.) William. What’s wrong? Is she too loud? Leila, you haven’t said anything. Mom! (Leila is calming down William.) William. (Thank you, Leila.) It’s time. It’s time for them to go to bed. Thanks, guys. Thanks for coming out. Next meeting when number two comes out? – That sounds good. / – Good luck, buddy. – Keep me posted. / – Good luck. All right, all right. (Good luck, Sam! Let’s gather again soon!)

100 thoughts on “Sam&William – Foreign fathers enjoy ramen&beer at Han River![The Return of Superman/2017.10.22]

  1. So proud of Sam taking good care of William! He's such an awesome dad! Like even the Korean Dental Association liked this video 😍

  2. Waaaa this outside with friends episode its nice! And the end with the sunset behind is just so beautiful!!!👍✨✨✨

  3. I feel like a ball pit like that would be destroyed within a few minutes here in America.

  4. i started watching this program with sam and william im so happy i found it and now he meets his foreign friends. They are so cuteeee

  5. William's smile is something you can't afford❤ grow up healthy little man❤

  6. i hope their entire family is deported. foreigners do not belong in korea.

  7. They should have their own tv program, to also increase acceptance about Mix Race. You know some kids get bullied in Korea for having Mix Blood

  8. Leila's looks so pretty :O Hope to see how she looks when she gets older

  9. The look William give his dad after Sam dive in not "dad , you save me" but it's "dad , did you forgot to take your pills , again ?" lol

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  14. Aussie Fitness Dad CODY is gorgeous😍😍😍 Lol William saved Sam!!!! It’s so nice to see Sam as a very great Parent to Baby William.

  15. "Winners will go buy, and losers will stay" at first I thought it was unfair to the winners, not until I saw their childrens again

  16. 10:26 when i went to korea i at ramen at the han river bc of this show

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    Just saw this at my recommended again.. 😁

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    Leila is literally the sweetest from start to finish she cared for William seeing he was the smallest ❤

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