100 thoughts on “San Andreas (2015) – Tsunami Scene – Pure Action [4K]

  1. 3:26 that ? deserved it he deserved to die he left Blake in the limo to “go get help” and left her so Ollie and Ben had to save her

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  3. I crying cuz the couple is where the time they go bye bye ???????????? no joke I am

  4. Tens of thousands of people probably died, but it's an acceptable loss if it means San Francisco is wiped off the map.

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  7. The man who was driving the the boat is Hobbs from the movie “Hobbs and Shaw

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  9. If I were on the bridge when the tsunami hit, I'd run away from the cargo ship climb to the edge and as the wave hits, jump off.

    Like if That's a good idea

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  11. 2:46 level 1:killer propellers 2:56 level 2:container rain

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  13. 2 :33 like the bolts on the water was driving up the mountain then fell off because of gravity ⏳?

  14. Oh wow my mouth dropped every time I saw the wave spread I just opened my mouth more and thought why would they move there knowing this can occur ? that's like my poem I wrote long ago

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