San Diego Water Damage (760) 434-4555 Emergency Restoration Service

Hi, My name is Gabe Prieto. I’m the owner
of Superior Restoration.
San Diego Water Damage I oversee the entire operations of
our 24-Hour San Diego Water Damage and San Diego Flood Damage Clean Up At Superior Restoration, you can count on
us We’ve been around here for 17 years
San Diego Flood Damage and even before that
,I grew up doing this with my father since junior high school, helping him out with
jobs on the weekends
San Diego Water Damage i remember doing a large water damage
when I was in high school working with my father that it encompassed the whole house
San Diego Flood Damage We went in there. It took several weeks to get her back to where
she was before but at the end of the job the customer was so happy and so pleased she baked us and made us homemade
pies at the end and even gave us hugs San Diego Water Damage
San Diego Flood Damage rIt really impressed upon my mind at that
time how rewarding this was and we’re really out there to help people and that’s when I decided
I was going to take this career up for myself Cleaning up after a disaster is no small
task adhere to peer we’re prepared here at Superior, we’re prepared to work with you and your insurance
company. Our estimators are prepared to supply a scope and assessment to your insurance care
while the rest of our crew is prepared to get you back together and
make it like it never happened. Nobody wants a disaster in their home but Superior Restoration can handle any job
out there. There’s nothing that we haven’t seen and that’s why we’re part of DKI, the
Largest disaster restoration network in the United States. If you need help right now, please call
our 24-hour emergency hotline number where you can speak to a real person at
one eight hundred five six seven seven seven five six

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