SANSI 70W Daylight LED Grow Light Review

Welcome to 7 Pot Club. I’m Rob. 🎵 I grow hot peppers 🎵 Soon, outdoor growing season will be over
in Minnesota. Until next spring, we’ll be doing all our
gardening indoors, and we’ll need good lighting. Today I’m going to take a look at the new
SANSI 70W Daylight LED Grow Light. SANSI was nice enough to send me this light
for free so that I can demonstrate it for you. I’ve reviewed the specs, and I’m very
interested to check it out. As always, thanks for liking, subscribing,
and tapping the bell to receive notifications. Now, let’s get started. Amazon just slapped a shipping label right
on the box the light comes in, instead of placing it inside another box. That’s kind of unusual for something so
small, but I’m all for eliminating unnecessary packaging, so I hope it’s arrived safely. Let’s open it up. Inside we have the light, which has a permanently
attached cord with an inline switch. There is some printed material, and mounting
hardware. There are various mounting options, so you
can hang it with a hook, you can loop the wire around a rod or cable, or you can mount
it directly to a surface using the attached bracket. My first impression is that it’s very solidly
constructed. The 12 LEDs are encased in ceramic, which
has better heat dissipation than aluminum, and the case is very well vented to allow
good airflow. I love that there’s no need for a noisy
fan on this light. This is a full spectrum light that produces
a white light meant to closely emulate daylight, as opposed to the LED grow lights many of
us are used to, which use a combination of red and blue elements to produce a very unnatural
looking purplish glow. It’s also claimed to be waterproof, and
even the switch is encased so that moisture can’t get in. I have no plans to get it wet, but this light
appears to be very similar to some of the outdoor flood lights SANSI also manufactures. A lot of the Chinese made grow lights you find on Amazon are from companies that are
here today and gone tomorrow. One thing I really appreciate is that SANSI
is a respected and well established company that’s been around for over 25 years. They make many types of lighting and display
products. SANSI offers a 5 year warranty on this light,
which is a good indication they’re willing to stand behind their product. OK, time to bring this inside and fire it
up. The light is very bright. Don’t do what I did and look directly at
it while turning it on. You may see spots. Before we measure the light intensity, let’s
plug it into the Kill A Watt and see how much power it draws. 46W seems pretty reasonable, and is much less
than any of my other hanging grow lights. Now, let’s see how much light it emits. I’m using the hook option for hanging, and
I have the light positioned 24” above the surface of the table. Let’s measure how much light it puts out. The caveat here is I’m just using a phone
app that measures total light intensity. I don’t have a PAR meter that measures how
much of that light is actually usable by plants. When the phone’s front camera is directly
under one of the lighting elements, it registers between 237 and 240 FC. And of course the brightness drops off as
you move farther away. This reading is very similar to two older
lights I have. One reads 222 and the other 227 FC at 2 feet. However, each of those lights use about twice
as much energy. One uses 97W and the other 94W, compared to
the 46W of the SANSI light. I don’t know if it’s because the light
itself it more efficient, or if it’s because it doesn’t have an energy-consuming fan. In any event, an energy savings of 50% is
pretty impressive. That’s my brief review of the SANSI 70W
LED grow light. I’m going to start out using it for my overwintered
plants, then later I think it’s going to be perfect to light the young seedlings I’ll
be growing over the winter to plant outdoors next spring. If you want more technical detail, please
take the time to check out Peter Stanley’s excellent review of this light. There’s going to be a link to his review
in the video description. And if you’d like to purchase or learn more,
you’ll also find an Amazon link in the video description. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
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21 thoughts on “SANSI 70W Daylight LED Grow Light Review

  1. Nice professional review, Rob. Is good to know that this uses only half the electricity of the other similar lights. Having said that, I have no real use for one over here, although some people use them. It is really hard to believe that your growing season is already near it's end. Best wishes from ours to yours. Looking forward to some hot sauce recipes now

  2. I love your review of this light! I'm looking forward to comparing how well it does in the coming months. Thanks for mentioning my video and linking to it. I put a link to yours from mine as well.

  3. They seem ok! So I'm gonna need some lights to keep my plants over winter am I?My name's Og lol

  4. Much love from a fellow hot pepper grower from Florida! I greatly appreciate the steps you've taken to become more symbiotic with nature! From Fisnure, to vegan pho… and who could forget "No Double Cups"?! Being born in the 90's, the rapidly changing climate is an ever-occurring thought in my mind. Seeing great people like you, your wife, and your local neighborhood farmers actively choosing to make these simple yet effective environmentally friendly changes gives me hope in an increasingly hopeless planet. Ya'll are true unsung heroes in my eyes. <3

  5. Great review. I’ll have to take this into consideration for overwintering project plants.

    I’m curious about the heat it emits, if any.

  6. I'm really thankful for you and Peter. These videos couldn't have come at a better time. 🙂

  7. How much growing area will this light be sufficient for? 1 per 10×20 growing tray? Or more?

  8. Thanks for your review i thinck i am gone buy the licht

    Great video i lofe your channel keep on going go on

  9. I have happened to have picked once up recently. The cost was to my pocket and not to Sansi! Mine came safely snuggled in an Amazon box delivered by UPS. Here the USPS does not deliver locally. That is why the FedEx scam with the USPS has resulted in FedEx being prohibited from entering upon my lease interest. The light does appear very well designed and constructed. Am preparing my grow room for late fall / early winter season extending of which this Sansi Light will become a central focal point. A terrific point of light source as the days rapidly grow shorter. -Bob…

  10. Thank you for the review Rob. It is so nice to see the cooperative and complimentary nature that all of my favorite YouTube content providers demonstrate. It's a great place to learn and be entertained.

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