SANSI LED Security Light

I’ve been wanting to do something about
this porch light for a while. It just doesn’t light up enough of the side yard here. SANSI sent me this LED light. It is
3000 lumens, 30 watt and I think it will do the trick. It’s a security light so
it’s going to come on automatically with any movement on the side yard and it
will also provide much more visibility over here when I want to be out here at nighttime. So, first thing I have to do is remove the old lamp Actually the first thing is turn off the power I need to go to the breaker turn
off the power to the garage. It’s actually really easy to install one of
these but this isn’t a how to install a light fixture video. I don’t want that
kind of liability so I’m just going to install it and show you how well it
works That was really easy. I think any of you can probably do it. Well, almost any of you. Wow that’s really bright. The user manual
has a warning and it says there’s a risk of fire. “Do not aim the light at a combustible
surface within three feet”. It must get pretty hot then It doesn’t feel like it’s getting hot. It’s a little warm So, it’s been on for about ten minutes
and it doesn’t get hot. It doesn’t get hot at all
It’s really nice. lights up everything. I really like it Way brighter than I ever expected it to
be and it’s only eight LEDs It’s really super bright so
You can pick this up there There are actually a lot of different
varieties of security Lamps to choose from and a wide variety of all sorts of
different LEDs I’m going to put a couple promo codes in the description below. You’ll be able to get 22 to 20% Off depending on where you buy it
at Amazon or if you buy it at SANSILED So, go check it out. I really like Alright thanks for tuning Until Next Time

2 thoughts on “SANSI LED Security Light

  1. Hi Mike, I am here in New Jersey USA. The first video of yours I saw and really was flabbergassedt by the fact that a a little tiny piece of [ I won't mention the item in specific, for possible [GODFORBID] lie a Bill titties ] see how I scrambled the spelling so only those would know what I am talking about. A little chunk of a certain part of the car can so easily shatter car safety glass into a 1000 pieces . And I need some of these motion sensor lights indoor and outdoor, There are so many choices though, the above product Sansi has is more than I want to spend on just one light, I need those little ones that run on 9volt battery. Got any ideas on a produvct like that. I am now going to look at Costco, they might have something. Thank you for making videos Bro.

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