SANSI LED SECURITY LIGHTS 💥 (18W) Motion Sensor OUTDOOR | Review 👈

it’s time to replace my old security
light with a new one I have a motion-activated ceramic LED security
light from Sansi. This is the Sansi LED 18 watt ceramic security right
it’s equivalent to the brightness of a 150 watt incandescent light or 35 watt
halogen sunlight it comes out in box like this it comes with the installation
pieces an instruction manual it features the dual heads that are adjustable for
LED bulbs and they’re said to reduce 1800 lumens of brightness which is
pretty great so this covers an area of 861 square feet when it’s mounted at a
height of 8 feet and it’s set to light an area 50 feet outwards
it has dusted on photocell that activates at night and powers off during
the daylight now one of the best features and one I’m really looking
forward to replacing my old screwdriver with this one is that the LED lights
have a long lifespan 50,000 hours and when you consider that especially when
you use it as a when you use a motion-activated it’s only gone for a
few minutes at a time so you know that’s in many years and the savings on
electricity by using an 18 watt light to replace the equivalent brightness
incandescent or halogen light wood is going to add up as well so the controls
are here on the bottom of the sensor you can adjust the distance of the sensor
mode sensitivity and the time the light stays on after the motion is detected
for the motion since auto-mode you move the pointer to 1 5 or
10-minute position now for the manual override mode you and this is all in the
instruction manual if you have this unit but you move the pointer to 1 5 or 10
minutes flip the light switch on and off for a second and then you switch it off
and switch it on to toggle between auto and manual so I’m gonna get this light
installed should be pretty quick and easy and see what it looks like on the
side of the garage so there it is installed over the garage door no
problems with the installation it just took a few minutes there was an existing
light there so it was just switched out and seems to be functioning properly so
I’m gonna come out after dark and take a look it’s really dark out and I’m ready
to test out the security light the motion sensor light so I’m going to
approach the garage very bright I have it set on like a medium
sensitivity level for distance so I’m gonna wait for it to go off and
try it again and I’m looking forward to not having so
many bulbs burn out so quickly so it’s working well please check the
description section below for more information thanks for watching

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