SATCOM 1 Tsunami Preparedness – Caltrans News Flash #208

Hi, Shaina Niehans, Public Information Officer with another Caltrans News Flash. Here at
Caltrans safety is one of our number-one priorities. Today we’re going to look at
a multi-agency drill that supports both the goals of safety and organizational
excellence. So today we were issuing a live tsunami
warning here on the northwest California coast in Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino counties. This is a test of the emergency alert system and a special communications test for tsunami warning messages. We were testing over the system to make sure that everything works. That
includes the emergency alert system activating TVs so that you’d actually
text on the screen and also on the radio and then tsunami sirens across the area.
This is a great opportunity for response agencies and planning partners to work
together on tsunami preparedness and outreach and community education.
Northern California is one of the most tsunami prone coasts in the United
States. The tsunami warning communication test brings together agencies including
Caltrans in the SATCOM 1 mobile command center to test the tsunami
warning system for long distance tsunamis. You’re viewing our CT SATCOM
1 trailer that’s located here in District 1. There are four trailers
statewide. SATCOM 1 has a unique capability. We can communicate with other agencies here in the trailer so in the event of emergency this trailer can be
used as an alternative dispatching center and so we also can provide
livestream video via the satellite to those on our website and provide
information to those in the field and in headquarters. SATCOM 1 is a vital
asset when it comes to emergency preparedness and crisis response
bridging multiple agencies when communications matter the most. For
Caltrans News Flash, I’m Shaina Niehans.

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