Sauger Fishing Ohio River – How to Catch Sauger from the Bank – Sauger Fishing Tips

oh yeah nice sauger there Another one here. Here’s a good one
Hoss daddy!
[Aaron] Respectable sauger Here’s a good one oh yeah daddy hey guys bump here in this video I’m
going to show you how to catch Sauger today we’re gonna be sauger fishing
on the Ohio River we’re gonna be Bank fishing for sauger just below the Falls
of the Ohio which is right outside the McAlpin Locks and Dam near the
hydroelectric plant there so it’s it’s early to mid fall right now it’s the
sauger just starting to move in the water temperatures have dropped we’re starting
to catch walleye and sauger the hybrid bass have definitely tailed off we
still see you know occasional hybrid or so caught but you know the main species
is going to be going to be sauger with the occasional walleye
but we’re mainly gonna be fishing with small jigs curly tail grubs on the you
know quarter ounce to 3/8 th ounce jig heads but alright let’s head down see
how we do so we’re here on the river of sauger fishing this morning it’s mid-november water is just starting
to cool off sauger are starting to move in and bite fishing uh obviously early
morning here just a few minutes after daylight hopefully see well enough with the light we’ve got here they were sauger were biting pretty good
last night see if they’re still here this morning sauger fishing and walleye fishing is
generally gonna be best in the hours around dusk and dawn they’re primarily night time feeders that do a lot of their feeding at night you can catch them during the
day it’s just that they’re gonna be more active in those last few hours before
dark or just after sunrise are generally gonna be the best time to
to find sauger and to find walleye feeding in those those time frames. they generally move in to shallower water to feed those low light conditions but when
you’re fishing sauger you want to be bouncing your jig off the bottom kind of
rule of thumb is if you’re not you’re not getting hung up in rocks then you’re
probably not fishing deep enough you’re not you’re not getting near your jig all
the way down there to the bottom where the sauger are gonna be and they’re gonna be feeding so you know don’t get frustrated you’re get uh… you’re
gonna lose a lot of gear or get a lot of your jigs jigs hung up but again you
want to use cheap jigs so generally you know fishing current like this is really
gonna need to be using at least a quarter ounce jig head at a minimum to
get that jig down so see I’m caught up here
get this out of here but you’re gonna lose a few most of them you jig it up
and down and should be able to get out from around a rock if not you’re gonna
have to break it off and tie on again it’s just part of part of the deal there we go nice sauger little guy you see he’s gilling out here
you can tell a sauger by usually the black dots and big heavy black blotches so
sometimes it’s difficult…or some people have difficultly telling a sauger from a
walleye i but see the black dots here on the top gill on the top fin sorry see him
finning out these guys are sharp nice looking fish they’re in here for sauger fishing or walleye fishing
really the tried and true bait of preference it’s going to be to just a standard jig head with a three or four inch curly tail grub you know you want to
stock up at a bunch of different colors just find one that’s working that day
you know you may find something some days they may be feeding on white or
pink or green you know black it you know it varies but another big key is that is
the jig head so at a minimum you’re gonna want to use a 1/4 ounce jig head
what I prefer is actually you got 3/8 to 1/2 to 1/2 ounce they’re really tough to
find locally you know a lot of a lot of places don’t don’t stock the larger jig
heads you can easily find the eighth ounce and quarter ounce but you know you get up to the larger sizes the 3/8 to 1/2 eighth the half ounce they’re a lot
more difficult to find I’ll put a link in the video description below of this
3/8 or the 1/2 ounce jig heads available on Amazon they’re actually really cheap
compared to even some of the local tackle shops the the prices what I
found of our much cheaper online on Amazon for these guys again I’ll put a
link in the description below for these these jig heads so sauger fishing on the Ohio River
Kentucky regulations for sauger the sauger have to be 14 inches in length you can
only keep six sauger per day another one here there you go A-ron [Aaron] y’all want em… come get em [Bump] that one’s [Aaron] it like almost where the…where you get equal with the current [Bump] yeah its right the seam. that one.
I don’t know if that one will go 14 so sauger are an ambush predator they hide down in the
rocks and especially in current seams or places where you have swift uh swift
moving water and then you have slack water next to it so they kind of sit
right on that seam there down in the deeper waters and rocks and ambush their prey so those are going to be your best places to fish is right where the the
swift moving water the current meets a little eddy or back water those are
gonna be the best places to sauger fish so when your sauger fishing if you’re not…
upt …there we go. Gonna say if you’re not getting hung up you’re not fishing deep enough
there we go a lot of times you can just kind of jiggle or jig your rod tip and
get it unhung but if you’re not getting all the way down the bottom you’re not
gonna be finding the fish you will lose a lot of jigs fishing for sagar
especially on the Ohio River Sauger a lot of the shores are rocky and especially
where the the good fishing is you’re gonna go through a lot of jigs you know
don’t get frustrated don’t give up it’s just part of the game that’s a nice one
there [Aaron] I want to get a picture with him first hold on oh [Bump] yeah you want me to hold him for you. Ah yeah [Aaron] you got your phone on you J. [Bump] I got mine make him look real big [Jason] they’ll get down there and burrow in them rocks nice sauger there see the black dots on
the fin. So they got a sharp gill plate there that’ll cut you. A little better. there we go. oh yeah nice sauger there that guy’s strong nice fish another nice one here I can help you out. you got ahold of him. I’ll get him out [Jason] they got them tough jaw bones [jason] I don’t know his is pushing probably bigger than yours was
[Bump] gosh dang let me get a hold of him [Jason] on a pink one
[Bump] It was down in the a corner isn’t he well he’s going in the bucket anyway be careful those that with those gills
he’s definitely big enough here’s a good one hoss daddy
[Aaron] respectable sauger there’s a good one. oh yeah. daddy. all right I switch to the white mr.
Aaron had to show me the way. take down form em. alright. switched to white, yep good ole white curly tail yeah that one was right at the bank I’m
he’s was like Sauger can begin to be caught numbers in… in late fall so as you approach you know late November the fish start to to
congregate and school up they as the spawn starts to approach so as the water temperatures get get cold in the winter months that the fishing is going to be the
the best and those colder months you know late November to up into early
March actually but overall February is actually the best month to catch – catch
sauger especially around dam areas so as the days start to lengthen and then the
water temperatures rise it triggers runs as the fish start to move upriver
so you know of course the dams are barriers for for that migration so
you’ll get a lot of fish congregating in a small area when they when they hit
these these obstructions or any types of dams or blockages to those
migrations so we ended up having a really good day on the water today we caught
about 20 fish total with the little group of us there
including probably about 15 keeper sauger some really nice quality sauger in that
group caught one hybrid two walleye i believe and so really overall a really good
day of sauger fishing and had it had a good day on the water or on the bank i guess
you’d say but the day started off really slow early on we weren’t having much luck but the bite the bite picked up quite a bit and i was glad we stayed with it
again this is early year so you know they’re not in there hot and heavy like
they are later in the year so it just that the front end the the fall run so
we weren’t keeping fish today though sauger are actually excellent table fare a
lot of people really enjoy enjoy catching sauger and eating sauger but i
hope you enjoyed the video hope you learned something be sure to give it a
thumbs up down below and if you haven’t already subscribed go and subscribe to my channel and check out some of my other videos and i appreciate you watching

17 thoughts on “Sauger Fishing Ohio River – How to Catch Sauger from the Bank – Sauger Fishing Tips

  1. I love fishing for these and they are delicious to eat. I fish here at the hydro plant. It’s right behind my house. Twister tails is what we call those baits. I need to restock. They used to have places where they sold them of all sorts, sizes and colors cheap. Kind of like a flea market but I can’t find them anymore.

  2. Yes, I eat fish from the river. River is going way up here after all the rain, thus no sauger fishing for awhile.

  3. Cool video and channel…love it! Dropped ya a sub…hit us back if you can thanks :-)!

  4. So cool!
    I have ever seen Sauger only in a picture book, I had caught Walleye but Zander and Sauger are in my bucket list. Nice video!

  5. Not sure why people make a youtube video and start giving out bad info like they're the best in the world.

    1) Why does everyone that catches a sauger have to explain what they look like?
    2) dusk and dawn are not always the best times, depends a lot on water clarity.
    3) 3/8 ounce jigs aren't that hard to find, they even have them at walmart.
    4) From a boat in 20 or so feet of water a 1/2 ounce will work, but not from shore? 1/8 ounce works great (Yes even in current).
    5) Curly tails are not the best. Bucktail tipped with a minnow kills on every river, even when we fish the Ohio. Blade baits too
    6) I've used 1/8 ounce in faster current than that.
    7) Even DNR have trouble sight telling the difference from a sauger/saugeye.

  6. Do you ever see any saugeye in the Ohio River? I caught my biggest walleye in the summer at 25" and 6 pounds in there.

  7. Just came across this spot last week but the water level was too high. Looking forward to getting back there soon when the water goes down!

  8. Awesome video from a fellow Ohio fisherman! Thanks for the sauger tips I have never actually caught one but hopefully I can get on some this season

  9. I eat either walleye or sauger out of the Ohio River three to four times a year. I fish in Ohio below the New Cumberland Lock and Dam. Ironically, over the past two years I have been catching more walleye than sauger. The sauger seem not to be as plentiful as they once were, but the walleye seem to have increased in population. I occasionally catch a jumbo perch below New Cumberland and I will eat those also. Besides sauger, walleye, and perch the only other species I occasionally eat are Ohio River crappie.

  10. Sauger my favorite to eat from the Ohio River. Further from Cincinnati the cleaner Lol

  11. Great video, i don't keep out of the Ohio with it being the Most polluted river in the US

  12. In Ohio our EPA has a website that provides detailed info on fish consumption. It varies by species and location. Your state EPA probably has something similar. In Ohio it is reportedly safe to eat sauger from the Ohio River once per week.

  13. Yea I eat fish from the river. It's the same ground water, except moving and not stagnant. If someone were dumping chemicals in the river, it would be rather obvious. Refer to the KY dept of Fish & Wildlife website on how OFTEN to eat fish.

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