Sauger Fishing the Ohio River – Fishing for Sauger Just Before Dark – Limit out on Sauger

hey guys bump here in this video we’re
going to be doing some sauger fishing down on the Ohio River I’m gonna be just below
the McAlpine Locks and Dam near the hydroelectric plant we’re gonna be
heading down just before dark so our goal today is to catch our limit
in sauger sauger fishing has been really excellent in the evening fish have really
started to develop a pattern where they’re coming into the shallows and
feeding at night just before dark so about the last hour of the day before
dark is when the sauger fishing has been producing the best so we’re gonna head
down today and see if that trend continues and see if we can catch uh
catch our limit in sauger so the setup I’m using today is a seven foot Diawa
Laguna rod it’s a medium heavy action so it’s paired with a Penn Fierce
3000 series real I’ll put links to both of those in the description below so
we’re fishing primarily with soft plastics so curly tail grubs swim baits
some flukes things like that I’m using heavier jig heads 3/8 ounce jig heads
because we’re dealing with a good bit of current there at the hydroelectric plant
I’ll put a link down below to some…where you can pick those jig heads up for really
cheap on Amazon so today we’re just going to be using soft plastics on jig
heads there’s a lot of other methods that people use that produce sauger
comment below what uh…what your favorite method…
favorite lure or bait to use for sauger fishing is i’d love to hear about it
some I’m working a bit of water here right over this Eddy forms so kind of I’ll
show you after I finish this cast but see there’s a little eddy that forms and
works its way back into the hydros here so that Eddy kind of moves in this
direction and back around through this bit of water right here in front of me
this backwater is working straight back into the bank here these are the types
of areas that you’re gonna find sauger they’re gonna be sitting laying in wait resting it in this slack water these are the perfect types of the situation’s to find sauger when you’re there sauger fishing the ohio river
what is it sauger there you go I got something right here I got to pair
hold on nice there we go
oh a Bass….Bass…Bass what’s that nah you can have it you want it
he’s close I don’t know he ain’t that big he’s close I got it Oh 13 yeah [Anthony] there moving in yep don’t mind that at all oh no no alright I’m on my way to catching up to
you now now your just mess with me now what’s that yeah that’s what I was thinking..well I stepped out and I had that bite or what I thought was a bite but yeah both bites
I’ve had were real in real close I’m wondering if we have haven’t been spooking them standing there don’t mind it ….nah he’s about the same. if I had to guess. looks about 12 or 13 right at 13. huh. oh is that two or three
it’s close oh the bass but I don’t know if it’s my
third…is that my third sauger or no? It is the third sauger
so I’ve caught you so I got the lead with the bass but you’ve
got the bigger fish so..[laughs] none of mine have been keepers yet I guess I just got to turn the camera off
to catch fish every time I turn it off I catch one oh here we go yeah definitely oh walleye or no just a big sauger nah just a big sauger it’s a daddy oh yeah nice one finally caught one with the camera rolling there we go. her you go. you want him. yeah don’t even need to measure
that guy he’s ready to go Oh he’s ready to go it wants to get back in there oh yeah oh yeah that’s just the spot they think
it’s that rock pile right there right in front of oh there we go another one but yep he’s close he looks right at it yeah Oh know. Alright, quit messing around oh yeah he’s right at oh yeah yep Ah. Done lost my spot now where was it Oh. Ah. Is that what time it is? 5:44 we’re going to yelled at we’re going to yelled at at the gate
and at home say that and there you go I think so. I think you passed me now. Ah. No. Ah grab a hold of him you’re going the wrong way Bubba you had a chance but you went the wrong way. I know. Alright what we need 2 nore? so we were able to catch those last two
fish me and my new buddy Anthony were both both able to catch our limit today
so the limit in Kentucky is a six sauger they got to be 14 inches a piece so we both
caught our limit today the two-man limit of 12 fish we probably caught about 20
or so between the two of us a lot of those were 12 and 13 inches so just below the 14-inch limit but we had a really productive evening and all these were
caught you know about an hour before dark quite a few after dark a lot of
that footage wasn’t really usable but we did catch the last few there
just after dark if you do a lot of sauger fishing leave a comment down below what time of day you think is the best best time of day to catch sauger I hope you
enjoyed the video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up down below and
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  1. be careful about standing down in that water. seen somebody get swept away a few years back they found his body by sherman minton.

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