100 thoughts on “SC Kamakhya Crosses 2.2 KM Mighty Brahmaputra River | Naranarayan Setu

  1. भाई ये यात्रा कहा से कहा तक की हे मुजे बताओ मेभी देखना चाहता हु

  2. Bridge is as same as bridge over river Ganga in varanashi ..🤔🤔

  3. For rly running progressive,facilities of infra,& subsidies are contrary for devlpmnt of nation.Infra at huge cost .

  4. what if he fell down into river… just like TC in chennai express movie 😂😂😂

  5. Other videos of this channel hardly got 5-10k views…
    While this video got 1M views. Why🤔🤔??

  6. 6.00 I feel jealous to those people who performing their job at these cottages….😉😉

  7. waooo…kitna sunder h ye area….and brahumputra….amazing …first tym dekhi hai… 😗😙…i love my country…
    love from Rajasthan…

  8. I had gone stream boating in Bhramaputra river in 1994.wow.

  9. Agar ap ye video subah 5 bje banate sunrise k time to aur v khubshurat nazara lagta I love asom

  10. very nice shuting "I visit / Darshan 🇮to Brahma Putra River" 🇮🇳🌹👌Thanks

  11. Bhai maza aa gaya super shoot or sight scene I think you are a professional photographer dil khush ho gaya bro keep it up

  12. I am from guwahati… Hamara place ka video dekhkr hme bht acha laga

  13. But all the brothers… Our mankind is grow like anything and it will consume all river and resources in the next 10 years.. Whether it's ocean or river..

  14. Worlds biggest river island situated in Brahmaputra river known as majuli full of Hindu monastery do visit.

  15. nice video gud job aese video bnane k lye b himmat chaiye hoti h

  16. India is a riverine country… Incredible India……👌👌👌

  17. What an awesome river brahmaputra is but it brings sorrow for Assam in the monsoon every year

  18. Incredible video. Thank you for showing Mighty Brahmaputra!!!

  19. HELL…!
    Video dekh kar he phat rahi hai meri.. its massive man..
    It's the widest river of Asia

  20. Bhi bahut accha video he ye.very beautyfull river and neat & clean picture .I like this place.thanks

  21. Zamuna bridge in Bangladesh is 5.63 km and brahmaputra bridge in India is 2.2 km. Both bridges are beautiful. Same river.

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