School Board Meeting- November 19, 2019

yes all right good evening welcome to
the board meeting for Pasco County Schools for Tuesday November 19th be a
good time to check turn your cell phones to silent please our vision statement is
that all of our students achieve success in college career and life the thought
for the evening will be given by board member Megan Harding so in light of
Thanksgiving I found this quote I really liked when you are grateful for the
things in your life big and small you always seem to find more things to be
grateful about and that was John cram Gordon alright please stand for the
pledge roll call please note that all members are present I’d like to ask for
a moment of silence please for the family of Denis Goodridge she was a
secretary at wire grant grasp the wire grant grant I can’t talk
well hair grass branch high school and unfortunately she passed away so please
if you want to consider thinking about Denise and her family okay thank you and I have an
announcement that this is my last meeting as chairman for the this past
year I’ve been and superintendent browning is going to act as our chairman
until our reorganization happens and is completed so you get this thank you
madam chairman members it is now time to elect the chairman for the next year so
I will entertain any nominations for chair all right second been moved in
second and for Carlene into those nominations hearing none all in favor
signify by saying aye aye all opposed congratulations for the Chairman very
ceremonious we now need to elect a vice chairman I will open AMA nations for the
office of vice chairman I nominate Allan Altman all right you’ve heard the
nomination is there a second second any other nominations any other nominations
hearing none all in favor of mr. Altman is vice-chair please signify by saying
aye all opposed all right here anyways have it that’s right alright madam chairman here’s your gavel
meeting sure did you have a chance to review the committee lists yes does
anyone have any changes recommended I make emotion we accept the appointment
of Committee says presented I just can I ask something
there’s the board of career education board last time that never ever met so
is that gonna be meeting oh yes make sure I mean yes okay my question thank
you brief reprieve second yes first by mrs. Armstrong or
motion by mrs. Armstrong second by mrs. crumbly any discussion all in favor aye
aye opposed motion passes madam chair if I can interrupt for just a minute there
was a matter that didn’t make it onto the committee assignment list and I
don’t know if it does or it supposed to or not but perhaps just informational II
for the board one of the items that’s typically that happens and didn’t make
it to this agenda is that Chris Williams is designated as the board’s designee
for the purposes of the County Planning Commission and also each of the
municipality planning authorities so I think that designation really has true
it’s never been revoked it probably would be good and lessened until revoked
but I wanted to bring it to the board’s attention because if you don’t see a
change if the board wants to change it now it would be an appropriate time if
you don’t and it will stay in effect but the minutes would at least reflect that
the board was okay with it does anyone have anything no I moved to continue to
have Chris Williams serve no I think that’s great and the only
other thing is I’m told that there were alternates that were designated
designated by the Planning Commission which were Richard tonello and Elizabeth motion as amended then we’re good
yeah motions amended per mr. Alfonso’s suggestion and second any discussion all
in favor aye opposed no motion carries so we need to look at the meeting to set
our meetings in which there were two choices does anyone want to make a
motion or have it to discuss the two options dates are the same the times
were different I’m not too different madam chairman while we provided the
board is two sets of meeting schedules we provided one with a traditional
morning meeting evening meeting 936 and then we provided a schedule with all six
pm meetings the just as a point of information of the 24 meetings that
we’ve had this this year only eight of them were during the day we actually had
to move some of the morning meetings to the evening to accommodate budget and
public hearings and those kind of things so only one-third one-third of the
meetings were held in the morning all the others were held at night that’s the
only reason we provided that alternate schedule for you well I think just my
comment is it seems to be more accessible to people at night if they
want to come to a board meeting so consistent unless they don’t drive at
night yeah I mean just it’s some people work at night so I don’t know you can
make the argument you need a variety of times – its recorded – though but allow
them opportunity to come to speak to us directly sure I think the combination of
both works for sis I know the Commission now is all during the day and I think
hours of doing both morning and evening meetings in the same month
most times provides more opportunity to public so I’d make the recommendation in
the motion that we accept that I second that cause any discussion we have a
motion in a second what III think the reason I seconded it I think it does
give a chance for everybody to come because people that might not drive at
night or might work evenings they would still have the opportunity to come
before the room just to say oh if you can’t come in the evenings you know you
don’t have the opportunity to participate I would I was leaning
towards moving them to evenings just also because it’s hard to plan anything
for that day because we don’t know how long we’re gonna be here and staff can’t
plan meetings or anything because they don’t know how long they’re gonna be
here and I thought more people would find it accessible at night but I’m open
to either either way you make a good point
yeah I want it to be accessible that’s the rink I want people to have the
opportunity to come speak to us so all in fit we have motion in a second so all
in favor aye opposed I need a motion to approve the
appointment of McLean Alfonso PA as the school board attorney so moved second
mrs. Armstrong Lee the motion second by mrs. crumbly any discussion all in favor
aye opposed the motion carries I need a motion to approve the a minute
the minutes from the regular meeting on October 29th the closed session on
October 29th and the workshop on October 29th 2019 so moved second I mrs.
Armstrong made the motion second by mr. Altman any discussion okay okay now we
need to open the public hearing on Florida best and brightest teacher thank
you madam chair ladies and gentlemen this is to announce the public comment
portion of the florida best and brightest teacher and principal program
notice if this public hearing was posted on the district website and in
publications and compliance with florida statute any member of the public who
wishes to be heard on this particular matter should have
already completed a speaker’s request form that you can get from the board
secretary as you walk in anyone who is here to speak will be called we haven’t
received any cards on this matter but if anybody had we would call people to the
podium to speak you have three minutes to speak unless additional time is
provided since we didn’t receive these are just general comments right but was
there anyone here to speak on best and brightest yes so if no one is there
anyone who’s present who wants to speak just to the best and brightest topic
this is a public hearing so now it be the time to come forward let the record
reflect that no one approaches the podium at this time madam chair
so no vote is taken tonight on that so next we have special presentations by
mrs. Cobb thank you new madam chairman board
members superintendent mr. Alfonso tonight we are going to recognize
students in the sixth annual Pasco clerk and comptroller Constitution essay
contest a record 113 Pasco County fifth graders entered the sixth annual Pasco
clerk and comptroller Constitution essay contest making work tough for the three
professional writer editors who judged the competition but at last three essays
stood out here to present the 2019 winner and the two runners-up all from
traditional Pasco County school Elementary’s is clerk and comptroller
Nicki abreast souls hi good evening I was gonna say good
morning but that’s not it good evening board superintendent board
attorney Perrin students I see the Boy Scouts here that’s fantastic as well I
am so excited to be here this is our sixth annual essay contest as Miss Cobb
set a record-breaking number of applicants and the applicants come from
all types of schools it’s for fifth graders but it’s not just our public
schools it’s also private schools charter schools home schools and the
great majority which I think you would be very proud to know this statistic of
the top writers came from our Pasco County Public Schools
so that’s doing a great job right our teachers are doing a great job and and
so it’s been a it’s been a fun experience and I have the opportunity
now to present to our top three essay contest winners and I would like to
bring up two of my special helpers to help me give out our trophies which are
my children so can both my kids go to Sanders
Memorial Elementary we are very happy at this school it’s amazing schools so
we’re very appreciative for for the curriculum there and the teachers and
everybody so can you guys help right okay so we have a trophy and also a so we also have a gift car too for all
of their work because this was something they had to actually do a lot of
research on and the topic was what is the importance of our Constitution and
we feel that 5th grade is an important time to really dive into what is our
founding document and why is it important to our society so they did an
amazing job and I’m so glad I’m not on the the judging panel to judge so
without further ado let me bring up our third-place winner Alex Alex is from longleaf elementary
school so our second place winner is Nathan Grubb all right so our first place winner is
from Lake Myrtle and I said the chair woman Miss beaudoin actually went to the
school with me and we gave a surprise to Taylor in her class when we had cupcake
party for her class to celebrate so if Taylor shaman could come please the
board do you mind if Taylor reads her essay contest or it’d be great want me
to read it for you either way I don’t I’ll read it but it’s so beautiful and I
think it deserves reading if it’s okay we have time yes all right
the Constitution what is the Constitution the Constitution is the
document that describes how the government works it was written in 1787
after the United States had won its freedom from Great Britain it was
created to make one government that would form unity and make it strong the
Constitution creates a strong national government before the Constitution was
made each of the thirteen states had their own laws and even forms of money
this made it difficult to pay government workers or military troops the
constitution made one currency that could be used throughout the nation
regardless of which state people lived it allowed the government to pay the
army and even collect taxes for the nation each state had different laws and
ways of handling arguments the Constitution set up a branch of
government that made all the laws a branch that carried out those laws and
most importantly and I appreciate this because this is the branch that I’m in a
judicial branch that settled fights over those who’s over those laws what those
laws really meant by creating one currency and
system for settling conflict the country would become more unified with more
similarities amongst the people more peace came to the nation lastly certain
protections were written into the Constitution to stop a government
takeover from happening the government was divided into three branches so that
no one branch would have too much control each brands can check and
balance the other branches to make sure the power they have is not too much in
addition the national government still allowed States to have control to the
constitution of America is what makes the u.s. the United States it is what
our government was founded on without the Constitution the country we live in
would be much it would it be a much different place I am proud of the
government that was created for us written by Taylor Shaw whistles thank
you very much for doing this for our students absolutely appreciate you we need to stay picture and we also want
to recognize we also want to recognize Boy Scouts from Land O’Lakes Troop 707
are here pictures with both groups if we came to have a recess just for a minute
so we could take pictures with both groups that constitutional essay winners
and the Boy Scouts out in the hallway okay so we’re back in session and we are
moving on to agenda item number six public comment so thank you madam chair
first I wanted to let the board know that just a count of the cards that have
been provided we have I think about nine maybe ten that are on agenda items there
were a few that were submitted on the green forms that did not identify a
topic and since it’s related to agenda items we put those in for the non-agenda
item topics but that being said the grand total was a 39 cards and I just
mentioned that now because the board policy that says that there’s a total of
one hour that set aside for public comment and that’s for both the before
and after the meeting so I just want to make the board aware of that at this
point in time maybe see what happens when I get there other than that ladies
and gentlemen this is the opportunity for the board or for members of the
public to make comments on matters appearing on the board’s agenda tonight
copies of the agenda available at the entrances of the boardroom to speak at
this time you should have already completed a green speaker request card
that you can find at the entrance to the board or to the board secretary the form
must indicate the specific item that you wish to speak to speakers will be
directed to I’m sorry speakers wishing to address general matters that are not
on tonight’s agenda should complete the pink speaker card
and they’ll have an opportunity to address the board later in the evening
if you have any materials or documents that you wish to share with the board
please provide them to the board secretary prior to making your remarks
each speaker will have up to three minutes during this segment of the
agenda I will serve actually as timekeeper you’ll see the timekeeping
device on the base of the podium speakers will be called to come forward
by the board chair prior to making your remarks let me slow down here please
state your name and address for the speakers and comments are all subject to
applicable school board policies including bylaw number zero one six nine
sub one a copy of which is on the speaker card available next to me thank
you madam chair the first three names the first one is Mike Schulte and then
Jonathan Lockwood followed by Hannah Brannan so mr. Schulte thank you thank
you Mike Scholes II 3230 grass Glenn place Wesley Chapel Florida living the
Seven Oaks Division been there for 12 years spoke to you a couple weeks ago
about the rezoning issue I just like to expand on that I’d like that you I’d
like to ask that you strongly consider expanding on superintendent Browning’s
recommendation to not only include the current sophomores rising juniors to
also include the current freshmen rising sophomores obviously you know the
seniors are going to be gone the juniors are being allowed to stay the sophomores
as well we have this one last group that sort of been left behind in this
discussion and that’s the freshman I really don’t see the difference too much
of a difference between the importance of the continuity of staying at their
same school for freshman and sophomores according to the county staff there’s
roughly about a hundred students in each of the grade levels from Sevenoaks that
are at the high school right now obviously three-quarters of those are
not an issue now but based on the recommendation we’re talking about
roughly about a hundred students that are left but these are also very just as
important students as any of the others I think it’s only fair that they have
the same opportunity to be allowed to choice in and stay at the school if they
so choose to without transportation just like the sophomores rising juniors as
well obviously that that number would probably be less than a actual total for
those who can’t really make that happen with regard to transportation or may
just want to do something else and go to another school
so I just asked that that same consideration be done for these freshmen
I shared with you last time how ingrained in the school that that our
family is and has been for many many years through my other kids who have
gone through there as well as as well as for my son who’s a freshman this year in
the fact that he is really has been a part of his life for the past ten years
not just for the last two months you have a sibling policy in place I don’t
really understand how why that’s it’s so important as it is but it is what it is
but I’ve been I’ve been led to believe that even in this scenario a current
sophomore who has a younger sibling who’s in middle school eighth grade
maybe in the seventh grade will now be allowed to go to the school based on the
sibling policy go to the high school and yet my son can’t use already there
can’t stay there I don’t understand in the situation of a rezoning process like
this why a younger sibling who isn’t yet in the school should be doctor should be
grandfathered in ahead of someone who’s already at the school lastly I would say
that you know this group is as I said is just as important as all the others
right and we just asked that they give be given the same opportunity and the
same chance to have the continuity that they have with the school the teachers
the coaches and so forth to stay there and be a part of that program through
the rest of their high school years it’s not going to increase the size of the
school next year because the incoming numbers of anticipated growth is not
pleased is not as is not enough to even offset the graduating seniors so you can
thank you same sized school maybe even less and still keeps all the kids there
thank you so much thank you jonathan Lockwood Hannah Brannon and
then Albert ness worthy jonathan Lockwood here good evening ladies and gentlemen of the
court thank you for having me here my name is Jonathan Lockwood a little bit 3
3 3 1 Grass Glynn and 7 oats community and I just wanted to bring up a couple
things we’re definitely not happy with the rezoning mainly because we do have a
student in high school in Wiregrass Ranch right now you know we’re concerned
for the psychological illness of of that student and his friends and other
students that could be affected by this rezoning according to the American
Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
students who move schools tend to exhibit lower self esteem and feel
social defeat and in a time where high school can be difficult for children
especially teens where they’re fulfilling their roots and trying to
become adults if you will it’s important for them to have confidence there’s a
couple of other issues that I would hope that this board would address number two
would be the traffic issue in Wesley Chapel in the morning is horrendous we
currently have a very large road construction project going on well
additional busing north from our community would create traffic
nightmares not only for commuters but also the commute for the students it’s
going to put them on the bus is longer considered that
Wirecast Ranch is a much closer high school you know
and lastly unfortunately tonight I don’t think many other members of our
community were able to be here because the schools in our communities have
events going on tonight so unfortunately you may not hear from very many people
at Seven Oaks so if you would or if you don’t feel that you know we have
convinced you I would ask that you table this issue
until more of the community can be able to be present or perhaps other than that
if you have intent to move forward perhaps a phased rollout where students
would be able to choice and get preference for the next four years
could be Hannah Brennan and then over now swarthy
and Candice Kohler my name is Hanna marina I live at five three three three
one grass clean place seven again I the few thoughts of my previous speakers I’m
very concerned about the Riesling issue that’s on the table tonight I have a
high school freshman my son he goes to our bio Kratts range high school he is
um he’s having difficulties already he’s
concerned about that moving forward to a new school next year it goes forward
with their intended vote tonight um he’s exposed to me that you know mom
I’m starting to get friends I’m starting to build boots here and now they want to
move me again so I want to see all the kids how much against the bill ruse and
stay where they’re at I would ask that the board will allow choice preference
for all the children that are in the high school now to be able to be
considered and allowed to stay at they the Lisa wish Eva
yes providing their own transportation we understand we can accommodate that
but um but just force them to move to a new school it’s not in their best
interest next time I’ll that’s that um if the
board does decide they’re gonna move our our neighborhood to the Cypress Cypress
Creek that they because their air conditioning the buses because that’s a
long commute in traffic and the with the whizzie
was this year I know that it was hot and it was very hot for a long bus ride it
was it would not be good for kids to be on a bus for long periods of time with
no air-conditioning at all I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to be in your car but
that long wouldn’t ok see at all I’m also again like mr. Lockwood said
I’m concerned that this board is going for another vote on a night where a lot
of parents couldn’t be here to comment because they have events of their school
we’re very involved in our schools we’re very involved with our kids we like to
be there for them and to have to choose between our children and their events
and coming to a school for meaning and it’s a tough situation again so I would
ask that this won’t be tabled until we can actually have input from everyone in
the community Obert Nazareth II and Candice Kohler
and Oscar pastor oscar cha cha song chuckle good evening thank you I’m
speaking to item 2.5 on your agenda I’m no Bernays worthy my address is 531
for Lookout Pass Wesley Chapel Florida I’m a senior pastor of Myrtle Lake
Baptist Church located in Land O’Lakes I’m here tonight representing our church
also Pastor John cus pert and the exert the executive director of the Pasco
Baptist Association and it’s 38 churches along with members of the Tampa Bay
Baptists Association of which our church is a member in Pasco County you’ve just
renewed your agreement in mr. Alonzo as school board attorney I would like to
bring something to your attention you’ve introduced a procedure that allows
sexually confused boys and girls to share bathrooms and locker rooms showers
with students of the opposite sex without in some cases their parents
knowledge or consent mr. Alonso has said his advice to you to do is based upon
protocols put out by the federal government mr. Kemp will request a
documentation that supports mr. Alonso’s claim about those being federal
guidelines after looking in the cases and the
materials named by mr. Alonso’s respond mr. Kipple spoke with the liberty
Counsel whose attorneys are experts in this area of law they remarked it in the
case of the resolution agreement between the Arcadia Unified School District and
the Civil Rights offices of the US government and Department of Education
and the US Department of Justice there was no adjudication on the merits
of the case that would attribute any federal authority based on this case the
court rejected the school districts motion for dismissal and the school
district then decided to settle the case in order to avoid any potential or
further financial procedures thank you thank you for your comments Candace
Kohler Candace here okay next is Oscar shot followed by Claudine judge and
Denise Nicholas according to all the members of the board my name is pastor
Oscar Chacon I live in seven one one three Kendall
Hill wait and I represent apostolic ministry House of Prayer International
and also the 3a2 Baptist churches around the area you know you just renewed your
agreement mr. alone so as a school attorney and I would like to bring
something to your attention that might lead you to rethink that decision you
introduce a productive a procedure that allows such a confused boys and girls to
share the bathrooms locker rooms and showers with students of the opposite
sex mr. Alonso has said any heater he said advised to you to do that based on
protocols to put about the federal government mr. Campbell requested any
documentation that supports mr. Alonso claim about there being federal
guidelines after looking at the cases a materials name but mr. Alonso’s response
mr. Campbell spoke to liberty Counsel whose attorney that experience is areas
of law they remarked that the case of this resolution agreement between the
Arcadia Unified School District and the Civil Rights office of the United State
Department of Education and the US Department of Justice there was not
education on this marriage another case that could
attribute any federal authority based on these case this Court rejected the
school district motion for dismissal in order the school district to pay
attorneys fees thank you very much Claudine judge followed by Denise
Nicholas and dick Maxwell good evening Claudine judge two six nine zero nine
wing dumb drive Wesley Chapel Sevenoaks residents resident you think this get
easier every time character okay up here but it’s not I’ve appreciated I’m
following up from two we were here two weeks ago also playing with the board
about this current rezoning and following up with that we appreciated
what we do I should probably read my notes sorry mr. Williams let me read to
reiterate many residents are unable to attend tonight because of we’ve got full
sports banquets at Juarez high school first grade musicals at Seven Oaks
Elementary band recital at JMS an opening night of high school basketball
please don’t I hope this doesn’t translate into a lack of support from
our community because we are very involved and we are very concerned about
the agenda although our family and neighbors are still vehemently against
being rezone doubt of our schools to a different community in neighborhood we
are grateful to mr. Williams that he’s proposed to include the rising juniors
and seniors to stay at why aggress and complete their academic paths and much
like I’ll piggyback on mr. Scholl Z’s commentary to start we would also
implore you to please grandfather in the rising eighth graders and include the
rising sophomores into this group and allow them the same opportunity our
students have been going to school with these kids and upperclassmen nearly
their entire school careers the upperclassmen are their mentors I
know for a fact my son is a freshman has been playing sports with some of these
boys and look up to them and they’re great students and great athletes they
should be allowed to see these wealth forged relationships with these students
and school administrators through please let them complete their academic paths
and as such our current friendship our current freshmen have already developed
relationship goals and academic paths with their guidance counselors and
teachers in order to prepare them for the highly competitive and rigorous
college application process our rising sophomores will thrive with their peers
and continue to rise to the level of acceptance and accomplishment in time
for college inquiries at the beginning of their junior year which is very close
when early admissions commenced it is understood that the rising sophomores
would have to find their own transportation if allowed to stay and
that is completely acceptable as a community thank you for your time and
your consideration can I come back as Denise Nicholas as proxy I have a letter
to read from her you can’t do that okay thank you did Maxwell and then Terry
kimple if you’d like to submit her letter that
would be part of the record but you can give it to the board secretary that’ll
just become part of the materials that are part of the record for this my name
is dick Maxwell I live at four four one five Spring Lake Court in New Port
Richey and regarding the appointment of mr. Alfonso as attorney you’ve
introduced a procedure to allow sexually confused boys and girls to share
bathrooms locker rooms and showers with students of the opposite sex the reason
I’m bringing this up again and reiterating it is I would like to remind
you that at a previous board meeting mr. Alfonso stated that this area was not
his expertise in the law and I just want to make a suggestion
to you all perhaps contact Liberty Council and they
could recommend an attorney that who would be able to empower you to stand
and do what is right Thank You Terry Campbell my name is Terry kimple out of
a twenty-three twelve Cherry Ridge Lane Brandon Florida and I also I’m here
you’ve just renewed your agreement with mr. Alfonzo as school board attorney
we’ve had people coming to these meetings for most of the year and in
that time mr. Alfonzo has said that his reasoning for encouraging you to move
forward with your procedure that makes it possible for sexually confused boys
and girls to share bathrooms locker rooms and showers with students of the
opposite sex without the knowledge of any of those students parents is based
on protocols put out by the federal government when mr. Alfonzo finally
responded to my repeated requests for the documentation supporting his
position the response said there is no district record that is responsive to
this request notwithstanding support for the proposition that the district’s
procedures regarding student bathroom use was based upon federal authority
includes without limitation the following materials and authorities
cited their end I read the materials I’m not an attorney
and it was clear to me that there you’ve just heard four pastors and there were
six more who were signed up that didn’t know they had to put 2.5 on the sheet
ten items and there are more that could have been brought up that are incorrect
now I’m not trying to attack mr. Alfonso I’m just trying to let you know that
you’re relying on advice from its attorney who is not an expert in this
area of law in Georgia recently a five-year-old girl was
sexually molested by an 11 year old boy who was allowed in the girls bathroom
because he said he was gender fluid when that happens here in Pasco County not
only is the school district going to be liable but every one of you is going to
be personally responsible but this is a bad policy it leads it leads only to bat
conclusions like many in the room I’m here from Hillsboro County but there are
people from other counties in addition to the people here from Pasco County
this is not an issue about Pasco County School District per se this is an issue
about our children at protecting our children whatever County they live in
protect Pasco County that’s the effort that we have going on here and it will
continue the number of people who are coming to these meetings and our
influence that involved continues to grow and it will continue to grow this
is not going away until you do something about this bad policy thank you if there’s anyone from use up here to
speak tonight miss Cavell wasn’t sure who was here second say congratulations
on your election president piece couldn’t be here because tonight is also
our last meeting of our rep Council for the year and that’s what we do the
holidays socials so he asked if I would come and said he wanted me to thank all
of you and the staff and the chief negotiators for SRP and all of the teams
for their really hard work and coming to a very successful conclusion last night
so we’re very excited about that and I look forward to an equally successful
conclusion for our instructional won-soon and I just want to thank all of
you and everybody involved thank you thank you thank you thank you okay now
it’s time for board member committee reports sorry I had none I didn’t have
any committees mate okay just a real quick
I’ve been among the FSB a legislative committee and we’ve been having our
every two weeks we have it to go meeting when we’re discussing what’s going on in
Tallahassee in the federal government just a couple things to put on your
radar and follow that was pointed out to us Senate bill 7:01 270 12 it’s a mental
health bill and that the kind of keeping their eye on that one because that might
be one of the bigger bills that are going to morph into a lot of things
being put into it so I think we also be getting updates from we are getting
updates from mr. Burch and I don’t know if he’s seeing that happening with that
bill and he’s nodding yes so that that is so Senate bill seventy 12 keep a
close eye on that one then as far as federal issues
there are several things that really could affect us the federal budget
November 21st is kind of a deadline for a lot of different budget items that
need to move be extended for and pushed out including the federal flood
insurance policy and a lot of different things but also there is some education
funding that’s going to expire November 21st that needs to be moved forward so
hopefully they won’t be too distracted to to move all those issues down the
road a bit and then also Department of Agriculture that does the SNAP program I
don’t know if you’re for me with it’s it’s a food program for families of low
income they are doing a overhaul of that and the proposed overhaul will affect
some of our free and reduced lunch programs make it where some more
families who have to fill out the complete application so it’s just going
to be something we’re going to have to keep an eye on and make sure that those
families know what to do and and we can keep them in the program so that that is
and it was pointed out that you know even though the government is saying
that there’s a four percent abuse we’re saying 96 percent of the effective rate
is really really good for a federal program when you’re looking at
effectiveness and then the other thing to keep on your radar and I would really
think you might want to address your legislators in Washington regarding this
vaping you know there was a move our bill to say that you couldn’t use
flavors I had to be tobacco flavored idea was keeping minors like our school
students high school students from having such ready access and reducing
the advertising to them and reducing the kind of the appeal instead of using just
what was it for which was to get people off smoking
but I noticed in the paper this morning that the president is kind of
backtracking on that so I think that is something that we need to keep pushing
for because we’re seeing that that surveys one our four of our students are
vaping so it’s we don’t want them to get addicted to tobacco and not even know
that they’re getting addicted to tobacco that’s all thank you madam chair as you
all know I’ve been asked to serve on the preferred public entities insurance
trust fund board for the state and had a meeting last week in Orlando and can
report that we’re the largest district in that and that the fund is sound they
have come through the claims for Hurricane Michael and have been paid and
and actually increased surplus just a little bit so our insurance providers
are doing fine thank you I had no committee meetings superintendent
browning I have nothing mr. Chad nothing tonight Thank You mr. Sibley there is an
addendum to item 11 point one that has been uploaded into board Docs for the
board’s consideration as Miss caval mentioned I too would like to thank the
collective bargaining teams associated with non-instructional
negotiations we were pleased to conclude that process last night district HR and
payroll teams have already begun working on tentative timelines to get that money
into employee paychecks and based on current projections we anticipate being
able to do that on January 24th with the retro pay coming on February 14th so
we’re gonna continue to work with those as being the timelines but if anything
changes I will be sure to update the board and lastly H req did hold another
one of their targeted hiring events on Thursday of last week and I do know that
offers were made so HR is continuing their efforts to offer more regular
hiring events in the hopes that we capture some of those folks that are
interested in teachers school dr. Moore
missin mrs. Hilton yes good evening since we last met I wanted to make sure
to say thank you for your support of our incredible Veterans Day celebration and
learning here in Pasco County from our district event that many of you attended
to all the different schools that recognized and honored veterans in the
community in amazing ways it was a great opportunity for us to connect with our
community and support that learning for our students
we also had a great Pasco pathways Expo at River Ridge High School last night
nearly five hundred members of our community joined us to learn about the
great opportunities that we have for students in that area don’t forget about
the Eastside Expo this Thursday at Wesley Chapel we’re of course more of
our great educational options for families and students will be
highlighted remember those windows as choice windows
for secondary is December 3rd through December 13th and then elementary is
January 21st through January 31st I’ll keep reminding you of that as you
know and also I think everybody knows but it’s definitely worth another public
recognition to say congratulations and to highlight that miss Samantha del
Valle from the office for leading and learning was or is the district
administrator of the year and miss Joann Glynn from Pasco eSchool is our
principal of the year just worth another shout out for those great leaders thank
you Miss externals good evening I will tag on to that and let you also
recognize and give a shout out to mr. Josh borders the assistant principal of
the year who was surprised at Stewart last week Raymond B Stewart middle and
echoing the support of the pathways thank you for attending
thank you to the schools for putting the event together with all of the
departments support and we look forward to seeing a strong turnout at Wesley
Chapel on Thursday night last night’s event was the inaugural kickoff for both
Hudson middles Cambridge program and golf middles middle years program and
they both had very well attended parent information sessions so that’s exciting
for them and I also just had the pleasure this evening of welcoming the
track two of our lead aspiring leaders program over in building two right now
we have over a hundred non instructional and instructional people who are
aspiring to lead in our district in a variety of pathways whether it be
aspiring assistant principals or teacher leaders clinical ed mentors over there
being trained as well as for district leadership in the future all being
trained by current assistant principals and teacher leaders so that’s a really
wonderful program to help grow our leadership capacity and finally share
two holiday drives that our National Junior Honor Society students are
putting together on the east side of the county the John long students are
collecting teddy bears and their annual teddy bear roundup for the next month
started this week and on the Trinity side Seven Springs National Junior Honor
Society is promoting a toy drive to help for their community as well so spirit of
being grateful and thankful to share with all of you that our elementary
school leaders are participating in a Twitter challenge where they are going
out and finding things on their campus and in their community and within their
families and students to be grateful for so they’ve been doing that the past
couple of weeks they have one more week and every day they’re charged with
finding a different around a different topic from things that inspire them to
showing somebody who produced great growth through collaboration but a lot
of participation from our schools and we’re just celebrating everything good
at our elementary school so I encourage you to to take a look at their Twitter
pages there’s a little competition going along with it so it helps that I
keep track yeah thank you dr. Isle lots of great things going on in the high
school world but I’m just gonna highlight two things tonight one ich
weapon Education Center rather unique in that they are interact club was actually
recommended for an award the youth in Phila
I’m gonna say a wrongful Authority award and they actually want it and so that
was very exciting for that school to get that recognition additionally if you saw
the information on Mitchell we have a dissection going on with synthetic frogs
tomorrow I encourage you to come out and check that out it is pretty cool thank
you dr. Swango well and just to remind everybody Tamar is the great American
teachin which is a day of the year that so many of our business leaders and
community partners come into the school and talk with children and it’s just a
you know it’s a great occasion in terms of helping children think about all the
possibilities out there in terms of career and in future work so it’s a good
day to visit schools if you get a chance thank you okay at this time we have a an
expulsion recommendation hearing it’s we have a contested student expulsion
hearing and we’re gonna discuss with you our we’re gonna move that to after 17.3
are they here madam chair I haven’t had a chance to go meet with the parents and
I didn’t see them when I came in miss farkula are they present if I defer to
the board if you want either to proceed with that at this point in time I’ll be
happy to speak with them as we recess to clear the room otherwise I’ll wait for a
more appropriate time to take a break and step out to see them so you know I
had a chance to speak with them I haven’t no sir
I think they arrived after we started at 6:00 so I just haven’t had a chance to
break free and I would like to suggest we wait till after 17 right after 17.3 I
don’t think so madam chair you can proceed and what’s next is the adoption
of consent agenda and if there’s no issue with that I’ll go outside right
now speak the parent whoever they are and at least
get that prepared thank you okay so we’re moving on to item number
eight does anyone have anyone they would anything they would like removed from
the consent agenda madam chair I’ll move approval of the consent agenda with the
addition of den da from eleven point one second motion by mr. Altman second by
mrs. Crumley any discussion all in favor aye
motion passes so we are now moving on to action items 16.1 I need a motion to
approve the rezoning recommendation for 2021 madam chair I’ll move approval of
the superintendent’s recommendation for 16 one second okay no discussion so I appreciate the people that came to
tonight but this is a process that has been ongoing for months and we had
public hearings before we had meetings in the community I know that those of us
as board members have met with dozens of parents and probably had hundreds of
e-mails back and forth I appreciate the superintendent’s
recommendation that he made at the last meeting to accommodate rising juniors
and I think based on the numbers and the projections that was generous and and
accommodating I’ve discussed with staff looked at the numbers and then the
counts by grade the projections from the county for growth in the area and quite
frankly I think that the the work that’s going in to the accommodations that have
been recommended that are included in the
recommendation are are appropriate these are never easy and fun and there’s
always somebody that could come up with a different opinion but I think based on
the months of work that’s going into it and all the many meetings and
discussions and stuff that the recommendation is the the best that we
could do all things considered looking at the whole entire picture so I would
support the recommendation yeah and this is always tough whenever we do a
rezoning it’s not something we like to do and part of the thing we most hate to
do to be honest but we are a growing County and unfortunately that gives us a
responsibility to make sure that our our schools can accommodate the number of
students that are moving into the areas this rezoning has actually been going on
for multiple years now ever since we first decided to build Cypress Creek
High School and we knew the middle school was going to go beside it we had
such overcrowding at the middle school we decided to move some middle school
students to share space in that high school so that’s has required us to
actually do you know two rezoning for for the Cypress Creek middle school and
for the Cypress Creek High School so it’s it’s been a long drawn-out process
I know it’s painful I appreciate the accommodation of the
the juniors but you know the idea is to reduce the number of students at
Wiregrass and so to accomplish that it is necessary to move students out of
Wiregrass sooner rather than later because we continue to be a County
that’s growing I’ve met with some parents personally talked
to some on the phone emails talked to staff looked at the numbers looked at
the the numbers and looked at the maps two years ago we did this before so I
feel like the recommendation that was made by the superintendent is the best
that we can do it this time just that just echo everything that was
already said it is absolutely the worst part of this position rezoning that is
and the numbers it’s the numbers and this growing community and we have you
know I’m on the other side of the community and we felt we just went
through all this two years ago and it’s it’s just very painful and I wish there
was a way we could please everybody so I’d like to echo that too but I also
wanted to add a little of my own thoughts last April and May I got to
visit Wiregrass Ranch High School with mrs. Kuhn and mr. Williams and as I
walked on the halls and visited the lunchroom I was shocked to see how many
students were forced to like eat lunch outside they even had to create like an
awning for them and how crowded those halls were and I was really taken aback
by the number of portables that we had on that campus my ranch was built for
about 1,600 students and they’re sitting well over that I had I have talked to
mr. Williams I have been on the phone almost every day with mrs. Kuhn it feels
like to try to look at numbers and try to figure out a way that we can
accommodate everyone but 2086 students for next year as a
projection with rising seniors and juniors without any school choice being
added in that or the academies or sibling preference and mr. Williams had
told me that 2086 equates to 205 fewer students in this year so right now
there’s approximate 138 students or some 138 sophomores living in Seven Oaks and
if we were to add that number back then then we are in fact around the same
numbers or slightly slightly more this is
without adding in the siblings like I mentioned that would apply for school
choice or anyone in the Academy that would apply for school choice I know
that in hindsight because I was struggling with this too that uh 138
students might not seem like a lot but in the grand scheme of things it really
is when you’re thinking about classrooms and how much overcrowding there is
furthermore mr. Williams and mrs. Kuhn and Miss White the principal there
talked to me about the possibility of having to go to a ten period day if they
grew much more and with feedback that I’ve heard from other parents that have
actually done attend period day and from teachers that was not a great option so
I just school choice it’s going to be something that’s going to be vitally
important if your child is sibling or an academy just make sure that you’re
applying for school choice although we cannot guarantee your child be accepted
we do look at all of these things closely well I am an advocate to face
students in and I agree that high school is a pivotal turning point in a child’s
life and that change isn’t always easy I also know that learning in an
overcurrent school as well as teaching and overcrowded classrooms isn’t always
the best for our students either with that being said I am very thankful mr.
browning for you allowing our rising juniors and seniors to finish out and
while I understand this is not the perfect scenario with a rapidly growing
area if we don’t address these problems now it’s only gonna get worse your child
isn’t a number to me your child is important and that’s why I’ve been
looking at numbers and data for the last month asking asking and trying to figure
out different ways to make this the perfect scenario so please know that
these decisions aren’t easy for me either and it’s an added decision that
I’m making lightly making tough decisions is something I have to do
sometimes unfortunately this position requires me to make those tough
decisions when there is no perfect answers but with the increasing numbers
I feel that if leaving things as is is only gonna make it a bigger problem
thank you I need to echo what has already been said it’s not a decision
that we made lightly as a parent and an educator I know how this impacts
families we’ve done our due diligence actually you know I’ve been following
the numbers of Wiregrass for four years now
talking to families and driving the roads and my biggest concern was the
same one mrs. Harding mentioned about the numbers if I talked to mr. Williams
again I’ve talked to him several times as well again this week and I looked at
you know if we left one more grade there what would happen and we’re just
approaching that 10 period day which is not good for students we don’t have the
school wasn’t built for that many students I realize that for some of you
the choice seems obvious but when we look at the big picture and trying to
balance across the schools there’s so many factors that we have to look at and
each lens gives a different view and we have to really try to look at the big
picture and make the best decision we can we’ve looked back at my notes from
when we sat here a few years ago and we’ve out during that last rezoning that
we would do everything we could to get impact fees raised so we could open the
new middle school in 2020 and we did do that so I’m proud that we did that I
know that that along with that comes in a very zoning but we did get the school
built faster than we first anticipated we really truly live in a great
community and we are fortunate that so many people care and I know that there
are a lot of parents at events tonight because you are involved to parents so
please don’t think that we we don’t recognize that we know that everyone is
involved and cares you know again we take our responsibilities seriously I
also want to reiterate another thing miss Harding said about the controlled
open enrollment or school choice emphasize that you know students will be
looked at on a case-by-case basis and yes there are preferences for for the
items list the things listed like the sibling preference and also students
completing the highest grade level so that includes and not a lot of people
mentioned it tonight but I know I’ve heard from a lot of other parents at
John long it’s not promised but if you read our controlled open enrollment plan
there is preference given to students completing the highest grade level at
their school so that would be the great this students going into eighth
grade at John long next year preference is also given to students in the
program’s demands on where they are in the program so that includes the any
program that we won’t have a Cypress Creek I won’t have it the same level so
depending on where they are in the program so the people who are emailing
about the higher levels in Orchestra and ap capstone and the academies so based
on where they are in the program they will be given preference as well all in
favor of the superintendent’s recommendation for 16.1 the rezoning say
aye aye opposed motion passes now moving on to sixteen point two the proclamation
for the great American teachin I need a motion to approve so second motion by
mr. Altman’s second by Miss Harding any discussion you want to read it okay yeah
it’s really short so this time this is the program proclamation recognizing the
great American teaching day whereas the Pasco County school board recognizes
November 20th 2018 as great American teaching day and whereas public
education is the most important investment that communities can make in
the future of our society and whereas the great American teaching connects
schools to the community for a day when citizens can benefit from seeing
firsthand the potential of today’s students and the quality of our schools
and educational programs and whereas students can benefit benefit from
enthusiastic role models who share information about jobs and careers an
interesting hobby or a personal experience and where as thousands of
Pasco County residents now have the opportunity returned to the classroom
interact with students enjoying the teaching experience now therefore the
District School Board at Pasco County does proclaim November 20th 2019 as
great American teaching day thank you I opposed motion carries on to 16.3 school
board member travel to the FSB a conference
I need a motion to approve so moved second motion bag mrs. Crumley second by
mrs. Armstrong all in favor aye aye motion carries so we’re still going on
until we get to 7:00 after correct okay so individual board member reports mrs.
Harding okay I got to visit a chief center at Richie I didn’t really know a
lot about a chief center so it was really awesome to go there and talk to
mr. Clayton and his staff the relationship that they have built with
their students there we’re so evident I mean there was kids think mr. Klain can
we play football today I turned all my points like they were so excited so if
you haven’t been to visit I it will fill your fill your cup I also got to attend
a beautiful ceremony for the along with other board members for the rededication
of Land O’Lakes high school the student government me school theater and
culinary students did a fabulous job and I wanted to think thank them for the
program and the wonderful tour what a beautiful evening celebrating a
wonderful and wonderful end to a wonderful school projects um this year I
got to attend my very first Veterans Day ceremony and I got to which was really
cool for me because normally as a former teacher we watched on the TV so I got to
see it in person so it was an honor I got to hear a retired Wiregrass branch
teacher and United States Army veteran sergeant Matt Simon Matt Simmons speak
and it was an honor to hear Phillip caboose Kapusta director of future
operations at Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and retired US Navy SEALs uh Navy
captain SEAL team speak as well so I wanted to thank them both for their
service to our country and I wanted to thank Tina starbursts and her team for
putting together such a wonderful ceremony
honoring our veterans I also got to attend that same day Schrader Elementary
ceremony for veterans um that their fifth graders put on it was so touching
I didn’t realize I needed to bring tissues so I wanted to think the fifth
grade teachers and students for allowing me to attend I also just want to I can’t
say enough amazing amazing amazing things about the social-emotional
learning that we’re doing within our district and the mental health trainings
that were offering our staff I’ve been able to attend on early release days the
SEL trainings at San Antonio Elementary and they’re just I’ve heard so much
positive feedback and I’ve heard the staff say like what what what benefit
how beneficial it is to them and that’s just so amazing to hear because our
students you know it’s gonna trickle with the trickle down effect and so I
just wanted to thank student services and everybody that was in charge of that
because it’s just it’s really really amazing I it’s making a really positive
impact in our school system so thank you yes also attended the rededication of
Land O’Lakes High School got a great tour fabulous food and those students
over there were just wonderful they ran the whole show and I once contantly in
the lakes high school I got lost in the circular hallway so it’s pretty exciting
now because it’s a whole new layout it’s wonderful I would like to thank Andy
done he had volunteered his time last Friday night and also the district had
lonesome their brand new PA equipment for a candlelight vigil that was done
for a 30 year old Army veteran who had passed and thanks to the district for
all that you assist in and it turned out to be a very beautiful event and evening
and a great honor for the veteran also I’m very excited for the synthetic frog
dissection I will be going to our because my memories I one time I were
it makes me laugh now I thought it was gonna go into the medical field and I’m
not that person and I remember dissecting animals and it
just made me sick so not wait to see this tomorrow
synthetic okay on a serious note I’m bringing up a subject for my well it is
serious but on another note I’m bringing up a subject for my fellow board members
superintendent and district staff to possibly revisit last year’s closing of
schools and changes suggested by the staff did not sit well with me and I had
voted as you know against that but with a year to watch the continuing
challenges on the west side and gathering of new information and with
much more and with additional very serious reflection I believe that some
bold and decisive actions are warranted now our Westside schools need additional
supports innovation new educational options now rather than later I’m
requesting that a workshop be held as soon as possible on this if all our in
anyone here is interested I’ve had some informative conversations with staff and
I’d like to see the bold and innovative approaches you have and I know that you
do I’ve already been exposed to some and I think it’s imperative we give our
students and parents additional choices in their education and particularly
address some very serious needs on the west side I’d like to see heavy emphasis
on early childhood learning which is absolutely vital for this population and
their academic success and any please include any kind of drawing schematics
anything that you have that would apply so programs that we can duplicate in
other schools I don’t know maybe a magnet program any anything that is
customizable or tailorable to the students needs and I’ve just hopefully
this to create new and exciting options for the families
even if consolidation might be necessary seamless learning from pre-k to k12
would be optimal with wraparound services for dental medical and
behavioral situations I know there are a number of community entities out there
ready to take on this partnership I have spoken to a few the educational impact
on the students lives means we do this sooner rather than later and I would
also want to emphasize my gratitude to the principals and teachers on our
Westside and their schools and their commitment to our students they are an
absolute imperative part of any conversation or any innovations we have
here so I want to ensure them of that and that’s all I have to say so is this
a possibility of interference this year for another workshop I would love to see
a workshop on this issue before Christmas we’ll check the calendar Stan
but if we can’t get it for Christmas who will if not we’ll get it right after we
were turned okay thank you so much all right thank you that’s all thank you all
right I did many of the things that were already mentioned but there’s just one
thing I did want to tell a little story about I went to the Pasco pathways and
had so much fun talking to all the students that came from the different
schools that represented all the different academies different programs
you know I had terrific tomato soup from the Culinary
Academy had include high school those students who were doing a fantastic job
just all the way down the road the ROTC all the other magnets but one thing
really stood out to me I was helping a parent found find the classroom and he
was just raving about the biomedical students there was four of them that
were there from Windell current technical school and he said they were
just amazing you could just see his eyes he wanted his kid to be like those four
kids and I have to say I was so impressed too because I did go by and
also talked to them before that it’s I knew exactly what he was talking about
all these kids had their future lined up one was going to go organic chemistry
another one was going to to go into medicine another one wanted to go into
genetics it was just fascinating to see how excited they were about their high
school and how they got up every day and couldn’t wait to go to school so I think
that is something to learn about choice that you give students choice then they
really get engaged in their education and the other thing I think is is
wonderful it’s a repeat but of improvement what we’ve done before this
will definitely be something that will be changing our banner when we go out on
recruitment trips the because we were named the 2019 healthiest 100 workplace
in America we moved up from seventy one seventy first position to forty second
position so our programs are working that we have with our Wellness Center’s
all our initiatives that we have to keep our employees healthy and it’s being
noticed out there and it’s definitely something that we need to talk to
anybody wanting to come work in Pasco the wonderful things that we do here madam chair I’ve had server doing things
I just want to focus on – real quick the Veterans Day
programs Pasco high school did a breakfast and as many of you know I do
the greeting team at my church and several veterans that serve on that team
and they came to the breakfast and when I got there one of the students who I
know came up to me and said mr. Hoffman says one of those veterans started
crying over there and come to find out it was one of the guys that helps on my
team who I’ve known for 59 years and he saw me and literally started crying
again and talked about how impressed he was with these young people that they
would organize the event do the breakfast we’re doing the cooking and
and recognized them so it was just a tremendous event with with just some
really great conversation between those young people that are aspiring to other
things and those veterans who are in our community and been a part of it and then
I also got to go to Rhema V Stuart and be there with the superintendent and
others when mr. borders was recognized as our AP of the year and another one of
those families that his wife is the teacher his sister-in-law works for us
his mother-in-law works for us is for us and they’re just ingrained in education
and do a tremendous job and josh is just a wonderful young man
leading a great example in the schools that he’s doing and I was proud to see
him recognized and he’s in my district so I had to say I wanted to thank new
port richey rotary and the students at River Ridge High School because they
also participated in a Veterans Day program earlier in the month of November
also the Land O’Lakes High School rededication and I just wanted to again
give a thanks to penny for Pasco Oversight Committee and the community as
well as a school-based staff and the students who handled that inconvenience
and with a positive attitude our teachers and students now have
updated technology to enhance learning and most importantly the school is more
secure I attended the 2020 2021 early childhood programs recruitment
procedures and selection criteria meeting last week
the committee is irsie its eligibility recruitment selection enrollment and
attendance the committee the committee is made up of early childhood partners
both in and outside of district staff we reviewed the demographic demographics of
Pasco County and suggested revisions to the point system because those
selections are made awarded on points to prioritize we are looking into expanding
into part of Hernando because their centers aren’t close to some of the
families that are in need and we have some in the Lu cootchie area that could
serve some families in Hernando I also attended the district’s about Veterans
Day celebration thanks to Brian Corley and Tina Stavros and the students at
Wesley Chapel High School and water grass elementary and as the clerk said I
joined her at Lake Myrtle to surprise Taylor the winner of the essay contest
but then I also attended at the Veterans Day barbecue at veteran’s elementary
school so it’s been a privilege because I’ve been able to go every year since
they started it and they invite relatives of students who are veterans
and also open it up to the community so they had quite a few veterans there and
it’s nice to see the same people coming back every year the veterans appreciate
it and it’s very meaningful to the students they also write thank-you notes
and they make placemats and draw pictures for the veterans so after the
event I gathered those and drop them off at Baldwin Baldomero Lopez State nursing
home veterans nursing home like we’ve done in the past and they do appreciate
getting all that from the students I also went to Connerton Elementary and
was pleased to see things running smoothly I was able to join
superintendent in surprising Joe and Glen to recognize her as principal of
the year and I did want to also congratulate so amount samantha del
valle and Josh borders and also the three
teachers who are in the finalists for teachers of the year Jennifer Dixon at
Gulf High School Joel Santos Gonzalez at Gulf middle school and Patti Henley at
krint Technical High School and I guess I will have to acknowledge it they are
all on the west side so I I also wanted to ask the superintendent mentioned this
last week but I wanted to follow up if we could get the dates on when these
educators are going to be recognized with the programs and the dinners
because I don’t believe we’ve gotten those dates yet just set the dates today
okay those those dates will be going at you
before the end of the week thank you and then lastly I visited Pine View middle
school and talks to talk to civics classes about public office campaigns
and the importance of voting is it for me it does any staff member have other
business to discuss okay attorney Alfonso just a few matters
first congratulations madam chair secondly thank you for keeping me around
for another year and thirdly I just wanted a report that I didn’t have an
opportunity to speak with a parent about the expulsion matter that said they’re
ready to proceed and one other thing I was just tracking as I’m supposed to do
the time that was spent for our earlier public comment we have an hour that’s
reserved 20 minutes was used so they remain 40 minutes of public comment time
for for the board pour snow to your policy thank you so now we need to clear
the room for the explosion right that’s correct I meet

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