100 thoughts on “Screech Owls & River Otters w/ Jack Hanna, Jeff Goldblum & Marlon Wayans

  1. Birds of prey such as owls are sadly dying off due to cars. A while back now a young English Buzzard flew into my car. Luckily he was fine, just stunned for a bit. We Stopped the traffic stayed with him until he flew out of the road, I see him from time to time and he seems to be landing well (which was my main worry when we hit him as he stumbled a lot.)
    The guy has nine lives. Sadly not all birds meet such a happy ending.

  2. "What's wrong with you?"

    Yes. The people next to you are being respectful, open-minded, and nurturing as they feed the fluffiest, cutest animals. They're the ones with the problem.

  3. I swear if a white man would've said thats a black guy thing black people everywhere would've had there panties in a bunch😂😂

  4. James with the Lemur is exactly me if I ever got this close with the lemur 😍

  5. Jack Hanna on David Letterman: the cats can leap 6 ft. In the air and catch a bird.
    JH on LLShow: the cats can jump 12ft. In the air and catch a bird.

    That's a leap. 🤔✋

  6. I've had a lemurs jump all over me and its amazing how gentle and careful they are because I could see they had sharp claws on those toes. I went to a sanctuary where you can walk around part of their enclosure and if you are quiet and make slow movements they will climb on you and sit on your shoulders. They are as soft as you can imagine

  7. dont they tell the guest theres gonna be animals on the show its annoying when they act like babys

  8. I love how Jeff is calm and active with the animals. He seems like a sweet gentleman

  9. "white people stuff" lol wtf what does race have to do with loving animals

  10. Mm they were confusing a lot of things near the end there, not listening and not being clear lol

  11. I was like "Aww, Jeff Goldblum wants to pet the owls!" Let him pet them, dangit!😂😡

  12. all these comments complaining that they arent learning animal facts on a 10 minute talk show segment. who raised yall? just watch a documentary on any number of the species you see. it's james' job to be fun. he brings on simple animals. they have fun and maybe pet a few or feed them. anyone honestly annoyed doesnt have the interest in searching these animals on their own sooo… grow up?

  13. Jack has so much useful information that he tries to get it all out at once and stutters all over his words. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is called a backhanded compliment 🤪 (i tried to make it sound less offensive but..)

  14. Jeff looks like hes constantly trying to ask something for the whole vid and no one will let him lol

  15. Jack Hannah is a joke. He doesn’t know shit about animals compared to the Irwin’s

  16. Awe, Jeff looks so distraught over hearing that we lose over 5k beautiful hours due to cars. I think I saw him in another talk show with animals and he seems like he genuinely wanted to hear what was said about the animals and excited to Be in their presence!

    Edit: omg, he’s even like “lemme, lemme touch it real quickly. Just a quick lil’ pet!” As they’re being swapped out. I just adore him!

  17. I appreciate Jeff so much in this moment, he's letting Jack speak and seems genuinely interested in the information he is giving.

  18. James you keep interrupting all the time, let the explain because thats the reason why he was brought on the show for god sakes!

  19. Jeff goldblum wanted to hold the little birds so much but was to polite to ask cus they were talking

    Pure legend.

  20. they really need to work on their listening skills… poor Jack. I wanted to learn!

  21. Yo like marlon was out of there. He can fucking leave if he want to, put me in the seat. I honestly have so much less respect for actors and shit when they are that afraid of the animals when talk shows do these bits.

  22. God decently made some interesting creatures! So awesome seeing them interacting with humans! 😄

  23. the black guy is ridiculous! get over yourself and shut up and listen. and I could tell Jack was annoyed how he said something about having his cousins on his shoes. and James was so rude "I'm not listening to a word you're saying". so rude. also, I'm proud Jack mentioned the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. I love that zoo

  24. "this is some white people stuff". That's pretty racist, imagine saying "this is some black people stuff".

  25. I knew Marlon would run 😂
    9:12 😂😂😂😂😂
    Love the guys sense of humour

  26. Oh my good … How about your feeling if you see animal front of your nose?
    Are you afraid?
    Would you like to kiss them?
    We can say….. Love all of them so much

  27. James, let Jack speak. Jeff is the only one listening and not interrupting him.

  28. Jeff Goldblum I love you for being so sweet and respectful. James Corden and David Letterman have been assholes to Jack in the past.

  29. To all the people being dissapointed, the entire point is to present exotic animals to someone that's afraid of them or not used to them. There's a lot more money in watching the comedic reaction of someone shitting themselves, than there is in someone like Jeff Goldblum or Tom Hiddleston. I'd personally prefer a civilized show with someone that listens and focus on the preservation aspects, but it's a fact that a fearful or nervous host is more profitable. I think James is being an arse, but he's likely not being an arse to bother Jack – but rather because it's what the studio wants.

  30. Seems like everyone in the video except Jeff react like idiots. People are way more dangerous and scary than animals. I don't understand the constant freak out. Are they high on something? They also seem like they NEVER went to school and nor had any biology lessons. And the utter lack of curiosity and the lame jokes.

  31. I feel bad for the man. The disrespect, talking over him. And the guy loves the animals and really loves talking about them. And they’re shutting him off

  32. The first time I spent the night at camp alone, a screech owl was outside the widow and it started screaming. It sounded like someone was dying I was so scared I called my dad at 3 am saying someone was outside. He laughed and said it was our friendly screech owl. Scariest thing ever lol 😂

  33. Marlon should have stayed at home to work on some actual funny and fresh material. Jeff showed the class here with Jack.

  34. Out of all the talk show hosts, I think James is the worst for animal guests. I think Jack agrees….

  35. Serval Cats are beautiful, intelligent, strong, loving, and all over amazing animals. Servals are my favorite wild cat. If I could I would have my own Serval pet but wild animals shouldn't be pets, unless under certain circumstances.

  36. The information about the vulture having no hair on his head was brilliant. Love when I watch something so enjoyable, and get to learn something interesting along the way 🙂

  37. I wish people would stop using poison and sticky traps for mice or pests. They’re so cruel and sooo bad for the ecosystem… if u have a pest problem, just pllllleeeeaaasssseee consider using live traps and release them. If you absolutely must kill them do so in a humane way where it’s quick so the poor animal doesn’t suffer.

  38. Still amazing to me that he can say “this is some white people stuff” and people just laugh, but flip it and it would be racist

  39. James Corden seems to think he is being funny. But he is outright disrespectful. Jack Hanna isnt a socialite or a celebrity thats gonna be fine with the nonsense youre talking. He has informative things to say.

  40. Black people answer me this, why ya'll freak out around animals? Serious question inquiring minds wanna know

  41. I don't understand why so many guests are often freaked out. It would be so cool to be on the show when the animals visit lol. A little trepidation is understandable but full blown panic seems a bit much. Poor Jack always gets cut off. 🙁

  42. I can't understand why these animal people, like Jack, keep coming to these talk shows, when they always get disrespected by both the host and the guests

  43. You can just see the frustration on jacks face as Marlon and James talk over him.

  44. A thousand people disliked this video There’s a thousand people on YouTube that dislike animals 👀

  45. to the people talking about disrespect.. the only reason James gets views is because he is funny and witty and not to mention he follows a pre-written script and schedule. Jack's sense of humour is basically non existent and he makes conversation so awkward. Also, the entertainment doesn't come from jack it comes from James and his actual guests interacting with these animals and frankly jack talking is getting in the way of that.

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