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Lend your hand to mother nature Indonesia has been one of the most
wonderful archipelago, with thousands of islands and natural beauties, known from
the very beginning. With 17,504 islands, crossing three different oceans,
being one of the most richest countries of flora and fauna, found from Sabang till Merauke. Having the magnificent Borneo forests as
lungs of the world. Mines of gold and coal, spread across 1,905 million kilometres
square, mountains standing tall all over Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua Forests filled with endemic and endangered species, and seas, as home for the corals and marine animals. However, the powerful nature brought more than just the beauty. Aceh 2004, on December 26th 2004, an earthquake, caused by slippage of about 600 miles of the boundary between
the India and Burma plates, with an estimated magnitude of about 9.1
struck the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. About 170,000 civilians of Aceh
turn disease within seconds, and infrastructures turn into ruins. Anyer Then, a tsunami occured next in Anyer, Banten, and Lampung. On December 22nd, 2018, a tsunami struck several coastal region in Java and Sumatra. The eruption and flank collapse inflicted by Anak Krakatau volcano located in the Sunda Strait and undersea landslide, caused 430 people dead and 150
others went missing. In such urgent moments, thievery, malfunctions, and
inefficiencies of the recent early warning system is not helping. News about 22 missing buoys, malfunctioning systems and even times where the country
turns “buoyless” made it worse. While precautions and prevention are failing, tsunami, earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, and flank collapses
follows behind the beauties offered. So how can we help Unlike other early warning system made by previous researchers and investors SEA-SAW use the concept of
a turbine. SEA-SAW maintain the function of not only a tsunami warning systems,
but also an energy source provider. This is how it works, by using the speed of the wave as the energy giver, the turbine plane above seabed will turn alongside with the wave.
SEA-SAW are located under water, in order to prevent thievery and damages caused by civilians, besides, locating an underwater would be more efficient, as energy under
is stronger than above. Energy received by the turbine will turn the dynamo
which will produce electricity. The electricity produced will then go to a
transformer to be converted and stabilized, in which there are two
different transformers. One transformer will be used to convert
the electricity produced into smaller energy, so it can proceed to the next
stage, Arduino. Where in Arduino the energy are observed and data constantly.
A constant increasement in the energy produced by Arduino will be one of the
indicator of a potential tsunami. If in some cases SEA-SAW weren’t able to work properly or damaged, data collected by the Arduino will be observed through the
power delta. An extreme change will indicate the potential tsunami. The other
transformer convert the energy power produced by the dynamo into a larger
energy. The energy produced, electricity, will be channelled into houses as energy
source. In this case, SEA-SAW are able to save up to five houses every day, making
this project as our corporate social responsibility. SEA-SAW is a contemporary
concept is open to any ideas of improvement, criticism, and feedbacks.
This early warning system is suitable for Indonesia and other countries who
dealt with the same adversity. High level of thievery and system
malfunctions are difficult to overcome. As a developing country, Indonesia is
struggling to fulfill geographical warning system necessities. With the high
rates of natural disasters, lack of governmental funds, expensive machineries, extortionate maintenance fee, wide mainland and sea areas, providing the needs of an early warning system became a trouble, mostly due to the price. By using SEA-SAW, government could attain the needs of warning system, even with low budgets. SEA-SAW is known for its goal in minimizing budgets in order to reach out all countries. Even though, SEA-SAW is made
based on Indonesia, chances for other countries to apply the system are open
wide. As a huge project and innovation, SEA-SAW target on private companies and government. The very first step on
finding funds where this innovation is by offering the idea to the Indonesian
government, in hope for collaboration and approval. Fundings given by the Indonesian government will be considered as the very first purchasing and payment.
Profit gain from the government will then be used as further development of the
warning system. By then SEA-SAW will be going international, and
slowly approached bigger markets. SEA-SAW, blessing within disasters. It is not a disaster, if it doesn’t bring downfall, SEA-SAW, blessing within disasters. (regards, SEA-SAW)

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