Sealing Exterior Lighting Fixtures to Keep Scorpions Out | Seal Out Scorpions

Hi, I’m Mike with Seal Out Scorpions and one
of the areas that we need to focus on on the exterior of the home is the exterior lights.
For sealing up the exterior lights, we apply the silicone in the area on the edge of the
lighting to fill the gap up. We’re looking for any gaps the size of one-sixteenth of
an inch or smaller. Now when we apply the clear silicone, it applies
white, but it dries clear so you won’t see it. And as we’re coming down, we take small
wipes, make sure we’re not smearing the product everywhere, ’cause it can get a little messy,
get a little sticky, get a little tacky. And as we’re coming through, making sure this
gap is nice and tight.

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