Searching for stuff in the river and I found a bus!

Hey guys I woke up this morning with the metal
detecting bug. so I’m down here on a stream, I got my machine here and my handy dandy shovel,
which I found in the woods. My funky handle on it, I just cut down a tree and put it in
the shovel. It has been working for the last 3 years. But ah we are going to work our way
up here and ah see if we can find anything, I don’t there will be anything to exciting
in here. The river is right there. But we are going to be working up the stream, so
enough of the river for now. we have quite a ways to go, so lets get to it and see what
we can find. So here is the first find of the day. I thought
it was a horse shoe at first. but I don’t think it is. I’m not exactly sure what it
would be. Its has some kind of a bolt hanging off it here. I don’t know what that is. It
is flat on the back. Some kind of a spike up here unless that is just how it broke off.
I don’t know, what do you guys think it is from? let me know in the comments.
Well I just found an old door handle. Or atleast I think that’s what it is. Pretty sure it
is. I can see it’s got like a bolt there though I’ve never seen that befor, lets was it off
a bit. I think it has some copper on it here and then iron in the back where that bolt
is. I’m starting to find some stuff I think we might be close to a house site or something,
or maybe and old mill. So yeah that is pretty cool. Still have a long ways to go, well I’ll
get back to you guys in a bit. I just found a big old horse buckle. That’s
pretty cool. Look at the size of that thing, that’s huge. That would have been on the straps
that went around a horse. Leather straps up here and what not. I don’t see, oh, it’s trying
to go back to where it came from. I’m trying to see if theres any writing or anything.
Looks like there might be up top but I’ll have to clean it up. No, I’ll have to clean
it when I get back to the house, but thats pretty cool. So that is telling me theres
old stuff in here. But alright, we will keep on going and see what eles we can find.
I just dug this big old plate up here. Rail road related. It has big old spikes. No telling
the age of it really. The last trail that rolled through here I believe, let me think
about this for a second. The bridge went out in 87. Yeah it would be 1987 I believe, the
last time a train went through here. Yeah not to exciting I know its boring. But it’s
what it’s been so far today. Well I’ll get back to you guys in a bit.
You guys remember when I couldn’t find a date on that bridge? Well I just come up and I’m
still working my way up the stream here, this is an old train bridge, now I just found the
date on this. so i’m guess that they should all be pretty close. so that is what the actual
date was. 1907. I thought was pretty cool. But you can how time has taken it’s ware on
it. Check out this one over here, or this side I mean, big cracks going up it. Its hard
to believe this old bridge is still standing. That little shit. Austin Sirois, that is my
cousin. Check this out guys. I just came across it
way down here in the woods off some logging roads. its an old bus. What is the year on
the plate. 1987. I guess it hasn’t been here that long but there is a little shed there
to. I don’t know if I’ll be able to. No I don’t
think its going to open. Western Flyer, that’s what it says up there.
I think the door is rusted shut. Give me a second and I’ll see if I can get it open.
I manged to get one of the doors open, just a small one. Its in pretty good shape inside.
Now the door doesn’t want to close. What is that over there? An old fridge or
something. But that’s pretty cool, eh?
What yeah do you figure that would be guy’s? Kind of looks like 50’s styling for the bus.
Well I’ll get back to you guys if I find some more. I almost forgot lets have a quick look
at this little shed here. It don’t look that bad. Locked. Some junk in there behind it,
eh? Probably wont be able to see anything. Old power box there. Yeah thats pretty cool
though, that bus man. A person could probably get that started and drive it right out of
here. I didn’t say that, I din’t say that.

100 thoughts on “Searching for stuff in the river and I found a bus!

  1. I looked the people on the bus door up..maureen died in 2002..obit mentions every name on that stuff man..

  2. Also you might want to study. Valuable plants and viable route like Jen thing. So you’ll know when to pick it and what it is when you find it. Man I wish I could get out there with you. And help out anyways you’re doing a wonderful job

  3. I think the first one was a handle to a water traffic since it is by the water

  4. that's when the bridge was built not when the last train went to it

  5. The first find was a link and pin coupler for railroads in the 1800s

  6. I think its a 60 or 70 buss and i hope you get it out from there ☺️👍

  7. I don't mind going deep sea fishing, it's pretty fun on occasion. I just don't like the sea sickness too well.

  8. item at 10:30 is a tie plate they are common sight along railroad beds. the casting date on the railroad bridge pier is when it was built. railroads had a knack for building things to last forever.

  9. looks like a part of the cast iron framework from a pedal sewing machine…

  10. the meeds wernt thay a country band that toured the maritimes in the 60,s

  11. Probably 1930's or 1940's old bus does anyone know the exact year thank you !!!!!

  12. I would say 1950's bus does anyone know would be appreciated thank you !!!!!

  13. Tell your cousin. Fools names and fools faces are seen in public places. Also makes them look stupid

  14. Looks like the bus from “Call of the Wild”. A man named Chris (aka Alex super tramp) died in that bus.

  15. You should find someway to get that bus towed out and have it restored. Its in nice shape body wise and the interior is in great shape. Given that its an older bus model and it appears to have a bathroom inside it would make a neat RV.

  16. You should have tried to shut the door better. Now it will deteriorate much faster. Try to go shut the door

  17. 🎶Walked in the woods, found a rusty shovel.🎶

  18. Hey where have you been? Miss watching your videos, you have one of the best channels for great content 🙂 miss ya

  19. Bus is a nice fine you should try to get out and restore it or sell it somebody who can 🚌

  20. The piece of metal looks like it came off of a bike it's looks like a bike kick stand

  21. You should have got the bus because in the states you can get it retitled and with maybe a small fee, you could’ve had it

  22. See now in the UK that probably would have been vandalised or set alight….its nice to see its still in tact..

  23. imagine if some one propped up a mannequin on that crapper in the bus wow ! that would be a priceless video . enjoyed the tour as always !

  24. Myles Meed is the guy in this picture… bottom right.

  25. He finds the bus around 6:15 ..the rest of the video is just some stupid guy with an annoying fucking accent walking around in the woods talking to himself…you're welcome xx

  26. I'd say it's the year didn't anyone tell you to leave things how you found it?

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