Searching for the Dead After Indonesia’s Tsunami | The Dispatch

Deep in the mud,
they find one — a body. It appears to be a young girl,
but her head is missing. No one will know her name. She’s brought here:
a mass grave on the outskirts of town. This is Palu, Indonesia. It’s been almost two weeks
since an earthquake and tsunami ravaged this city. Thousands of buildings
collapsed, 20-foot waves crashed into the shore. In places, the soil
flowed like liquid, sweeping away
entire neighborhoods. More than 2,000 have died. Now, officials say about
5,000 are still missing. We came here to
meet the survivors. Everyone was searching
for someone. Soon, the government will
end the formal search for human remains. It’s clear that there’s
no one left to save. But people here wait and watch,
hoping at least for a chance to bury their dead. Riana Asnuwair is looking
for her mother. Ismail is a taekwondo coach. Eight of his students
are still missing. He’s here every day. At the end of another hard day,
a family buries its dead. Zulkifli watched as the
earth swallowed his wife and 7-year-old son. Nine days later, rescuers
found their bodies. They were still
holding each other. In such a broken place, this is what’s left to hope for:
a chance to say goodbye.

58 thoughts on “Searching for the Dead After Indonesia’s Tsunami | The Dispatch

  1. The thought of a decapitated body of a little girl makes my heart ache terribly for those poor people.

  2. Rest in peace for the people who died in a terrible tragedy that they didn't deserve to have.

  3. All you religious nuts need to grow up and realize your prayers are useless. Send aid you if you truly care, you clueless morons. ?‍♂️

  4. May Allah be with you Indonesia … May he make you happier and in a better state soon inshallah … stay strong … don't despair … Allah is always with the patients

  5. My prayers go out to all the families going through hard times because of natural disasters

  6. I don’t know what to say I am praying and crying for them please!!! donate what you can please!!!!!!!!!

  7. Palu doesn’t get as much attention as japan. Because they’re poor and nobody is proud to be linked with indonesia. When other cities hit by a disaster people changed their Facebook/instagram profile picture to pray for paris/pray for japan. But nobody does that for indonesia. Very sad

  8. Its ashame, I predicted this all the way on 8/18 its on my channel. But didn't even gain many other followers, I try and give a warning when I see it and no one believes, I was right about 2/16 quake in Mexico as well

  9. So many earthquake in indonesia . Stay strong indonesia and i hope support for us. I'm sure we are strong.? #peacefromindonesia

  10. i do feel that news from a country like this, indonesia, are more underrepresented than news from more famous countries, even though the scale of the disaster is much bigger.

  11. as long as the weather sunny, it is better to continue to search and evacuate dead bodies to avoid plaque. if rain getting start, liquefaction zone can endanger evacuator team.

  12. Allah please help those poor people find their family! Rest in utter peace, may Allah be with you. People who lost their souls in this tragedy. Astagfirillah. ?? We love you. I am in grief, cannot believe I didn’t hear of this news until I searched. Love will surely be coming upon you. My condolences. Thank you.

  13. OMG my ♥ goes out to those that lost their lives this breaks my ♥ The little girl that made come to my ? ???????? ?????

  14. when the coach showed the pictures of his students i started crying, they were so young

  15. Is so heartbreaking that so many kind of disaster happened at once in Palu, tsunami, earthquake, landslide, you name it, and post disaster the city was filled with the smell of the dead people, people said the smell lingers for months made the city haunted for the living

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