Hey Guys, what’s going on? It’s your Boy, Cameron The Unofficial Mayor
of Seaside Oregon. I’m here in C-Side, and we are waiting for
word on a tsunami. I’m getting prepared. Right now I’ve got my Bug Out Bag all ready
to go. I’m going to throw that in the truck. I have some food just in case, First Aid Kit,
some water in my Fort George growler, flashlight, got the camera gear ready to go, and a emergency
preparedness digital radio that is solar power. It’s about 4:30 AM, March 11th, 2011. I’m gonna go see how people on the streets
are getting prepared for this potential disaster. A 8.9 magnitude quake hit Japan! That is the largest recorded earthquake there,
so the effects are going to be felt all over The World. Hope you guys are ready. I’m at The Cove. It is 4:51, and the wave is suppose to hit
Hawaii at 5:02 Pacific Standard Time. So, that’s just in a few minutes. And we could be hearing tsunami alarms any
second here in Seaside. I know they’re about to blast them in Tillamook. And I wish you could see this, it’s too dark
outside; it’s kind of creepy, there’s no lights on the waves here at The Cove, but there’s
a Raccoon! Literally, right next to me. Just kicking IT. And we’re just at The Cove, keeping it real
for Seaside. Hopefully nothing going down in Hawaii, and
we’ll be safe here… Radio: A man died. His car swept away, drove around barricades,
blocking a water-covered road. It’s about 5 o’clock, and supposedly they
are going to evacuate Coastal Cities. I’m expecting sirens any minute now, and I’m
about to bounce and get gas before it’s too late at Stop and Go! Hopefully the lines aren’t too out of control. You guys know when they are going to sound
The Alarms??? Around 5 o’clock (already passed), and again
at 6 AM. Well, it’s 5:15 and we should be hearing the
sirens anytime. That is the Fire Department right there on
the beach. I’m on The Turnaround here in Seaside, #Oregon
and anything can happen this morning. Nobody is down here. I don’t see anybody in their rooms. I’m probably not going to be down here for
too much longer. Better get back to my car. This is IT Folks! Downtown Seaside, OR. It’s about 5:25. This place is deserted. A lot of people are leaving town, or going
to higher ground right now. The tunnel on Highway 26 is now open. That opened at 3, and you can now safely get
to Portland. Seaside Stop and Go. Water is sold out, all the gallons, all the
big bottles for the most part. Looks like a lot of Gatorade went, and I know
a lot of comfort food, candy bars and and batteries selling, and lighters, and cigarettes,
and booze and stuff…. So yeah, it looks like S and G was popping
off today, I got my gas and I’m ready to get to higher ground right now, so I’M OUT! As you can hear in the background, The Warning
System has been activated. It’s time to get The Heck out of these lower
lying areas. (Sirens blast) (Helicopter noise) By Cameron
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  1. @twin1010101010

    Well said. I'm preparing for the coming economic collapse. Read Crashproof 2.0 by Peter Schiff! Read End The Fed by my president Ron Paul. Become more self-sufficient. Best wishes.

  2. Let's hope America doesn't get any nuclear fallout from the explosion at the reactor in Japan! Do you have any potassium iodate just in case?

  3. What a complete waste of people's time. The mandatory evacuation should have been called off by 5:30 AM. FEAR, here, is the real story. Not the wave.

  4. this guy waited for 50 foot wave thousand miles from epicenter… what a lol !

  5. @bakufan988 OH yeah! it's epic. i took joey chestnut, the world's greatest pro eater to the one in Lincoln City. I told them to plate his fork in 24k gold and to mount it on the wall on a plaque.

  6. At 4:03 that is what a tornado warning sounds like here in Ohio. I also have a bag that I keep stuff in during a tornado warning so I can run into the basement with it. Great video:)

  7. I'm a drifter, but yeah it's my hometown. Great city! I'm setting up a Survival Bros Preparedness Center in Gearhart.

  8. Great coverage of the Tsunami warning from the quake in Japan right down to the evacuation in Seaside and covering the effects of what people were scrambling for such as large volumes of water and food as a result of the evacuation. Your credibility as a concerned citizen was also exemplified in the way you toured the city, and also questioned the Seaside Fire Department as to when the actual alert was to be sent out to the city . GOOD JOB!!

  9. But now we have a tsunami warning again. And I'm openly saying I'm 12 and a little scared. I live in the Medford Oregon area and my dad keeps talking me that the waves are to far away and can't get over the mountains around us. Does anybody know if Medford is safe? Or is this Oregon tsunami will actually happen?

  10. Hey bro it's her boyfriend I love seaside grab your beer an run for the hills

  11. You know #survivalbros already has emergency kits cached in the ground along escape routes at high altitudes. Plus, 3 survival bikes you can't touch. More info on the blog #oregon #seaside #or

  12. They took the tsunami warnings seriously which was the most responsible thing to do…tsunamis are unpredictable depending on what kind of coastline you,depth of the water,etc,like these people best to evacuate to higher ground and don't forget the elderly and handicapped who may need help evacuating,glad everyone was safe and it wasn't worse.

  13. i was 7 when this happened, in bandon sirens went off at 5 am, it scared the shit out of me the 4th time, at first, i thought it was the police

  14. That scares me cause that is 3 days after my b day month ._. And I'm going to seaside oregon today..

  15. Great channel can’t figure out why u don’t have more Subs—— keep the vids coming thank you!

  16. I was there for the 1964 tsunami. We didn’t have warning signals then apart from the regular fire department sirens. You can still see remnants of the 4th Avenue bridge which was washed out by that wave.

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