Second Chances: Tilly the river otter

(soft music) – Tilly was found as an orphan
at about two months of age. She was being attacked by a cat in an apartment complex in Johnson Creek. She was found alone,
so we don’t know if she had brothers and sisters. We don’t know if the cat
dragged her out of a nest. She at that time kinda
needed to learn the ropes from someone and we helped
nurse her back to health. BC is Tilly’s boyfriend, you could say. And he came to us also as an orphan and they bonded and played
and have become a great pair. (squeaking) Shh, shh, shh. Ed’s constant taken care of pups. She’ll come out and take a dip and get some exercise but 99% of the time she’s in there curled up with those pups. They’re nursing, she’s grooming
them, keeping them warm. There’s no dad to help out. She their prime care giver. She’s also very protective and when she does leave them
when they’re really little, she will cover them up with straw. As keeper’s we would go
in and weight the pups once a day or every few days to make sure they’re healthy and doing well. She would allow us to handle
her pups and not get nervous. Otter pups don’t learn to swim til they’re about two months of age. The mom will grab them
by the scruff of the neck and bring them in, and it looks like she’s tryin’ to drown them. We’ve had visitors
that’s upset about that, but it’s like no she’s just teaching them. She’s got to take them down to the bottom and they have to learn how
to dive for their food. What was really cool was to see her with a little otter that wasn’t her own and trying to mother him. She knows what to do and she
was using those instincts to take care of any young
otter pup that she was around. River otters are one of my
favorite animals to work with. Just because, they’re very energetic, very playful, very smart. We can really see a lot of
Tilly in her daughter, Nelly. She’s kind of similar where
she is just very sweet, very bright, picks up
on things really fast. I think that’s part of
what makes her special. I think if people can relate to animals, their playfulness like otters, that they want to support
and protect that wildlife. They kind of connect to them. My responsibility to Tilly is
taking the best care of her and her family as I can. It’s amazing to see a
river otter like Tilly come to us without a
mom at such a young age and then to become a mother herself and be wonderful with her
pups and raising a family.

23 thoughts on “Second Chances: Tilly the river otter

  1. That is awesome so animals take better care of their babies than most humans

  2. I have always enjoyed otters. For years we had a nice kelp forest by my house. It supported a whole group of sea otters. The kelp disappeared, the otters disappeared. I enjoyed watching them, miss them now.

  3. I had horrible parents.
    Selfish, abusive and neglectful.
    Please please please let it NOT be genetic.

  4. "protect the wildlife" coming from a zoo that makes money out of animals, it's almost funny…

  5. Write to the Florida Fish and Game and tell them to STOP issuing permits to trap and kill these beautiful animals! Thank you<3

  6. 3:14 my heart truely melted at this part and i adore river otters so frikin much

  7. Otters will also gang up on crocodiles and alligators and kill them. They get pretty viscous for such an adorable little creature.

  8. Tilly went from not having her momma to knowing how to be a momma to her own pups. I’m cryin!!!!! Ughhhhh love otters

  9. aaww, this is a beautiful story ! the otters are so cute. they have maybe the densest fur i've ever seen ?❤


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