Secret History Of Mega Man

Dr. Light, the fluffy bearded saint of science. Dr. Wily, vengeful psychopath and evil genius. Once, Mega City’s most celebrated scientific partners… …Now a ruthless robotic rivalry. Join us, as Secret Histories sheds new light on this dark corner of future history, and decodes the complex algorithm of ambition and revenge. The year was 20XX, the age of the Robotic Renaissance. Limitless technological innovations had introduced robotics into nearly every facet of daily life… …all thanks to the great minds of famed scientific duo: Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. Wily and Light. They were the perfect team, way ahead of their time. Thomas was driven, but Albert — he was a genius! I mean we were a ll geniuses, but he was a genius among geniuses. Buuuut as I always say: Every genius …is an idiot. Greatest scientific mind of our time and what does he do? He starts a family! Speaking of being an idiot, I gotta go chase around
a blue chili­-dog­-eating hedgehog. Professor Wily appeared to have it all. But while he clearly loved his family, Wily’s true devotion…was to his work. It really was a tragedy, and so very unexpected. Poor, poor Professor Wily. Dr. Wily’s son had fallen victim to an unmarked pitfall, an unfortunately common hazard in Mega City, leaving him paralyzed and on the brink of death. The professor vowed never to leave his son’s side again, becoming increasingly obsessed with his son’s condition. Filled with grief, his wife would eventually leave, making poor Professor Wily very sad. Soon after, LW Technologies was on the verge of bankruptcy. Without the genius of Dr. Wily, all Dr. Light could come up with, was this— To keep the company from going dark, Dr. Light was strong­armed into breaking his peace­keeping oath, by accepting a top­ secret military contract. Robotic suits for the military! Have you gone mad? For injured soldiers, Albert, returning from war, some hanging on by a thread. We made a promise… Yes, a promise to help people! Think of it: Paralyzed amputees given a second chance at life. And it wouldn’t have to be just soldiers we help. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work! Computer. Initiate “Lights out”. Lights out, indeed. While all records of the company’s activities were mysteriously erased, Secret Histories believes the following events occurred… After Dr. Wily concluded presenting the Prototype— I give you: The Mega Suit! The first true conduit between man and machine. Very impressive, doctor. But is it battle­ready? What? Of course. …This one’s already been fitted with an arm cannon. Thomas! What’s the meaning of this? You drove our company into the ground, Albert, and I had to make a decision. We were supposed to help people, not turn them into weapons. Be reasonable, dammit! We need the funding! And then, it was too late. Is this what you want for my son?! NO! ALBERT! The core isn’t stable! Reports of a massive explosion flood in from across Mega City. Don’t worry, your vital signs are adequate, doctor. Just how Dr. Wily survived, is still unclear. Albert? Albert! Facility logs indicate an escape pod was launched— Reports show one life form aboard the vessel. Vital signs are critical. Would you like me to track the escape pod, doctor? Wha? No…there’s no need for that. If he survives, he’ll be back… …back for his son. …Rock!… After the incident, I shut down production of the Mega­suits. With Rock’s memory wiped in the blast, I’ve had to raise him as my own. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s the least I could do for my old friend. I thought if I could dedicate my life to the growth and development of Mega­Man— I could somehow honor my promise to Albert. Albert, if you’re alive, if you’re listening…we’re here for you. Me and your son. My son… My SON!? Oh, you were always an idiot. That blue abomination is no son of mine! No, Thomas…my son has been dead for years. You’ve made sure of that. But I won’t stop until he can rest… once and for all.

100 thoughts on “Secret History Of Mega Man

  1. I like this version, even though i dont like the bimbo version of megamans mother but i guess he gotta get the pretty face from somewhere….fucking race mixing twat pushing that racists agenda in every shit….

  2. Everything you said is not true in secret histories,fuck you the narrator

  3. Woah if the creators of megaman made this the backstory it be crazy

  4. bruh, please let this be the story of the next megaman spinoff/reboot

  5. I was expecting a parody where the gag is all the good characters are really evil or stupid, but what I got was a well written and interesting tragic backstory which doesn't make anyone into a flat out villain and that some people may wish to argue is a better story then the original… Top class work!

  6. This version of mega man: I can’t believe I used to be human.

    Astro boy: First time?

  7. Huh. probably the only Secret Origins that tries to make both sides sympathethic instead of just saying "canon bad guy was actually good and viceversa"

  8. 2:19 top "SECRET" contract and then put some walking robots outside,im sure NOOone will ever notice them…..later on that day everyone notices them and gets on news.

  9. He married a overwatch character who can spawn sentry and can teleport? Edit: thank u

  10. 0:44 why does DR. Ivo "eggman" has a surname is in Polish? Robotnik means worker in Poland.

  11. Sorry to say but…..

    Megamans acculy a robot created by dr.light…. So yeah there u go.

    Edit: in the megaman legacy: they say that all the robot masters are created by dr.light and stolen by dr.wily, also they say the robot masters created by dr.light are megamans brothers. So basicly, that explains alot than this video

  12. Here are the best robot masters in my opinion
    Surf man
    Waterfall man
    Cut man
    Fly man
    Dive man
    Strength man
    Flash man
    Defog man
    And dig man

  13. That was very well thought out, dark and very compelling! You should pitch the idea and ask for royalties to a spin off!

  14. You want to know the REAL depressing thing? Dr Light’s contributions to humanity actually ended up screwing humanity over. From Mega Man X (granted, this falls more on Dr Cain and Dr Wily), to Mega Man Zero, to Mega Man ZX… By the time of Mega Man Legends, there are no humans left.
    He meant well, but holy shit dude, nothing worked.

  15. This ruined my favorite series of games like megaman the og and megaman x the cool lookin robot sigh

  16. So this whole entire time the evil was the good guys and Albert wanted to let his son rest

  17. Why does this reminds me of the plot of that Astro Boy movie?
    Where Astro boy actually got killed by his fathers invention.
    And he got build from the ground up (seriously its so similar)

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