Secure Your Company from the SaaS Tsunami

[MUSIC PLAYING] As our company
moved to the cloud, the sheer volume of unsanctioned
apps has been exploding. Users signed up for
whatever apps they felt would help them do
their jobs faster. What started out as
20 unsanctioned apps quickly grew to a few
hundred, and those are just the ones we know about. Company data was
being uploaded to apps with weak passwords, no
multi-factor authentication, and no comprehensive way to
off-board former employees. It became a security and
compliance nightmare. So we went with OneLogin. Users love its single
sign-on feature. Enter one password,
and they immediately get access to all
their SaaS apps. So naturally, they tell
IT about all their apps. And when they don’t, OneLogin
integrates with leading CASBs to discover additional
non-sanctioned apps. This makes it easier for
us to bring shadow IT out of the shadows. We can apply multi-factor
authentication to every SaaS app. When an employee leaves or their
account has been compromised, we can immediately
revoke access to any app. And since it’s
automated, nothing ever falls through the cracks. OneLogin integrates with
popular SIEM systems, so we can double-check that
no one’s using apps they shouldn’t. Better yet, OneLogin
makes us more productive, as it works with nearly 5,000
SaaS apps and adding new ones takes seconds, not hours. Now we can secure
all our SaaS apps while shifting from
the Department of No to the Department of Go. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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