Security Lighting – Intelligent illumination

One of our customer had real issues with burglar
attempts. Though they have invested in technical systems and hade good guard intervention from Securitas. The damage was already done. They had to exchange doors, fix the fences
that been cut and take care of the walls that had been spray pained. This costed a lot of money both for refurbishment
but also for the disruption in the daily operation. We offered them our new solution: Security
lightning. The solutions’ purpose is to stop the crime
before it happens and deter all intruders. We offer the customer 3 solutions. One is the indoor kit, which purpose is to
create appearance of people still be in the building. We control the lighting from our security
operations center. Either manually or by schedule. The second solution is our outdoor kit, which
either can be activated through alarm or randomly on site or be activated by our staff at the
Securitas operations center. The third solution is our searchlight product,
which gives the the operators at the Securitas operation center the ability to track intruders
on the premises. This helps both the guards and the police
to catch the perpetrators. After we implemented this solution at the
customer’s site, both the employee feels safer and the guards and operators are being
more efficient in their work. This has stopped crime totally on this site.

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