Seismic analysis of a concrete gravity dam with Water reservoir and foundation Abaqus

in this illustration we intend to
simulate the earthquake of concrete dam and water reservoir as well as a
foundation and the abaqus software. here the infinite elements have been utilized
in order to propagate the waves out of the foundation and for nonreflecting of
them. click on “create part” my first intention is to create geometric shape
of water reservoir. I select the modeling space as
two-dimensional of deformable shell types and enter the rough size of the
tracing page as 2000 then click on continue. then I will draw a rectangle. from the
general density menu the density of water will be equal to 1000 kilogram per
cubic meter. I will then select Acoustic medium from the other menu and here bulk
module for the water is equal to 2.07e9 Pascal
and finally click on OK. click on “create instance” select
the foundation and water server here I’ll click on independent and on okay.
then I’ll click on translate instance select the foundation first I’ll select
this point and then this one and done. in then I’ll draw a horizontal line in this
manner and two vertical lines like this as well. after that I’ll select these lines and
put the number of elements as 6 and okay.
finally there I’ll click our mesh part instance select the whole of
Foundation and done. in this manner the meshing is done. you should do your
meshing in such a way that the nodes will overlap at the place where the dam
contacts for the water reservoir. also you should do the meshing in such a way
that a nodes will overlap where the dam contacts with the foundation this has
been well indicated in this picture and the nodes have overlapped at a place
where the dam is contacting. we actually intend to create boundary condition for
leading the compressive waves out of the acoustic space and nonreflecting of
them into that place. to do so I will click on create interaction from here
I’ll select the earthquake step then click on acoustic impedance continue and
select the surface done. here I’ll select nonreflecting option. I’ll select
planer here. we should use the option planner when the propagation waves are
in form of “plane waves”. as you see there are five figures in each line the first
figure indicates the number of element and the other 4 figures determine
the nodes of that elements well here we intend to change the
element number 14 into an infinite element. first we find the element number
14 as you observe here the pagination of
notes should be in such a way that first we have number 1 then number 36 then 35
and at the end 2 . the first node should be number 1 , second node number 36 , the
third node number 35 and the last node should be 2 . you can also observe these elements
which have changed into infinite elements. if I click on any of them you
will observe that it has 3 sides, in this manner, indicating that they have
been changed into infinite elements. here I will click on Plot Contours then are
animate. here you can observe the tensile damage
of the concrete. from here I will select acoustic
pressure and then click on animate. as you observe the compressive waves will
exit from acoustic module and will be unreflecting of there. from here I will select stress Contour you

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  1. please how define interaction between dam and concret and water ???????????????? can you send video show it
    please answer its very necessary and i needed it

  2. How did you create infinite element or how we create absorbing boundary condition? Please help

  3. How can i see all the nodes and elements numbers at a time, like in this video at 4:30 min?

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