19 thoughts on “Senate Estimates – Inland Rail Project

  1. would be helpful if all crossings had uninterrupted clear line of sight down the lines both ways for cars on all types of crossing s–S A has some on bends with bushes and trees –you would have to detach your head and put it on a pole to see both ways even when stationary

  2. Well done Malcolm keep up what you been doing mate you will be running the country soon . 😀

  3. This bloke doesn't know much. no wonder our government is up shit creek without a paddle

  4. I work at SCT and we load our trains to 6000 not 4000 ton and a pass for one wagon from Parkes to perth cost about $6500 we put 52 wagons on one train so it costs us 52x$6500 to send on train to Perth that is a 4 day rail trip

  5. Trains have never matched road transport for transit times. Never have, never will. This old bloke is kidding himself if he thinks otherwise.

  6. @6:11 , waiting for long trains happens now, senator. Coal trains, been doing it for years. We need this rail job, for Australia. It has to be done. Don't pick teeth and poke eyes, get the farqen thing done. Support it, Senator, and I'll continue to support you.

  7. Regarding crossing accidents, if a 20 foot moat, 30 tank traps, 72 virgins, and a foot thick armour plated wall popped up, then some bloody idiot will have a go at it. It's in our gear boxes, our brains, we gots to have a go.

  8. Last bit..No more accurate or updated estimate in 5 yrs?!?!
    Malcolm asks for info, reasonable estimates,addressing shortcomings, getting things done!

  9. Start building a second track beside or near or looping whatever makes the best way of getting the trucks off the roads and giving all Aussies the best system of supply we can have. Many jobs in the construction and freeing the highways of trucks.

  10. Can we put it on hold until the dollar is actually worth more than toilet paper?

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