Servicing your Hyundai HY2000S(E)i / HY3000S(E)i Inverter Generator

okay gonna show you how to change the
spark plug on your Hyundai inverter generator. This is the same procedure for the 2000 and 3000 models whether they’re the SI
or the SEI it’s an identical procedure so first all need to remove the screw that holds the little cover in place under which lays the spark plug. remove the screw and remove the plastic cover In the hole there you’ll see the chrome colored spark plug cap basically you just pull this off There’s the spark plug cap Using the little box spanner provided Drop it down over the spark plug and using the screwdriver handle, through the holes in the spark plug you can loosen the spark plug, it should just then unscrew and there we are, we’ve removed spark plug the older models they would’ve been
fitted with a CR7HSA spark plug we know recommends because it performs better and lasts longer the CR6HSA its a NGK spark plug that’s the CR6HSA Quite often on these two or three
thousand models the spark plugs come with like little cap so you need to keep the cap of the
previous spark plug and fit it on the new spark plug place for me to just take it up of to replace the spark plug exact
opposite way to cut federal for the whole get the puck spot kick start it
completed normally go if it goes back in with a box cutter ok kick to it until you feel a resistance probably about offer to using the holes just take it over of and then replace the spark plug back onto the cap
back on look like it was just got a little shy
but you’ll see that there’s a shake in the generator that fits into so
pretty set for over the plaque push it out for me to
feel a quick spark plug cap replaced back a little flap to up the screw upset spark plug changed change all your inverter generator okay
it’s the same with the two and three thousand bottles SCI or SI it’s like technical procedure
for the oil change so this will cover all the what you got
a date obviously pop fresh oil now often get asked what’s
the great 10:30 all 1540 will do either one both fight nothing synthetic or anything
like up just basic edge in all 10:30 a 15-40 willing to waste ok to take the oil
drain shoe which is traded on what and which comes
with a free ticket at a base across that’s good right surfacing of if right this is the all fell a plaque and
is also where you take the all alike from so recommend you tell
the generator back in case it’s over filled with of remove the plaque plucked website this generator how’s the audit ice
actually fell to the perfect level we gotta change that oil so you put the screw shoup in the whole score I can’t really feel the resistance at work top or something like I’ve got
here is ideal to do this bring it just to the edge when he took
the generator over you can pull the all-out it your
container normally recommend reading the generator
for about five minutes before you do this as it warms the edge it all up it is
more like to get more act so that’s the procedure and keep going
until it stops anyway tell you got all the I liked that you can remove the troop that usually of check the comes with a
pitch and 30% off $15.40 of together it back again of and you can
fill the oil with the spike from the check quite often get asked why doesn’t have a
dipstick I’ll basically it’s just a plaque on the oil level is a visual level of just have a look when you drop a
generator down flash the oil should come just to the
left have the whole so that it’s almost about
to flow back out again but no higher than that so the socially it’s a little bit more we’ve got the right amount for doing it
close-up up for you so you can see exactly where the auto should be a bit more up the level of these generous quite
critical of as a sensor in the bottom of the engine and if the oil gets low it’ll
kill the spa can you will be able to stock a generator every other perfect city I’ll just
coming to the end the threat upright for the black market tight-knit family other putting it all back on that fit
your always been changed epic show you how to clean the
carburetor right a bit tricky what fishing need to do its sick operatic yet is to
remove the float bowl now I’d recommend you the generator at
fuel first if the general still go through with it recommend that you to the fuel type of
its Drake operetta you’ll see two bolts on the cover letter what fighting vertically upwards on the
other pointing out to all to 45 degrees what you need to do is %uh do this
straight screw for the 10 spot remove the screw get yourself a suitable container over at the base basically let it rain into the container that’s removed the majority feel so actually got a cover up here which is
gonna pick much if you to see what I’m actually
doing up to help generate so have agreed to cover all its fuel to
the vertical fault and river float chamber in an older
model if you’ve helped water at the fuel left the lockers a
time water in the fuel you’ll see rust in the
bottom the flagpole up typically this could cause problems
cuz particles arrest luxury to the Copa rhetoric was blocked
Jets also its problems if you do have arrested the float bowl
of the company as you saw your hot water at the petrol 8i you can certainly get these replaced in
our space to park right the next step is to remove the float you see this
little have a pit basically a couple straight
over the whole than you withdrawal the flipped the flood hazard Robert Neal the Act which you could just see of if
there’s any debt-free already flipped next step down inside the whole with me ok at of is that they checked favour screwdriver get out make checked basically just chip I’ll Paul you cover it up this way if it
should just for you right okay have a check on the abortion issue
vis-a-vis pops the get dirty for those twats life
over texting spit at when you cover letters in place
of a generator is you need to blow up with the daylight or Calif compressed a
to blow it every at the bank call me check came from you can also like
this whole which is where the fuel flow little cake from just remove any totally
so much the main jet whole politically of local okay for the ocean Chu we’ll see rose if six
holes all around the most chip these must be
kept clear if they are severely blocked you could use a fight point to a needle
dick is also a couple small holes in the end here similarly a powerful all the way through
sector only state to be clear recomment to get blockages to school people at
that coverage to clean a spray would be just
as good to clean any debris of chip to blow it off for the day like a can of
compressed air afterwards budget plan everything out everything’s clean you replace CMOS chip la gente a cocktail shaker cozy last so that drops that the main jet she also has an hour hold up through the
middle could be washing covering love the daylight make sure there is
nothing in the whole main jet apps throw it on the floor 0 we talked about page tri-gate take the main jet fashion
you’re going to be doing just this way up up into the whole just
told position packet screwdriver screw it back into place up text you up back of the flow like sure
that the little bit of goes back up frostbite packing with
pivot pin like rock flipped text HELP making sure that the glorious place place the float bowl a swallowing a call screw exc a cup 10 also could hurt lol spot I’ll be the main top the coverage that
clicked change the battery have to check tree but she’s behind us cover-up first all she’s while this is the bank back to click for
the battery when you receive your generator this is
where you fact but it was sees like plastic tourette plucked black pushed joy first hope located in this beholder is a 20 amp
fuse occasionally used blow its older folk type fuse lol generally you cassini the actual fuse wire between the two below black words popped just okay if you got the luxury of a test to such as this cop just checked the
fuse across the two sites use on the two terminals if you use the resistance meter
autometer checked ok useful suggestions collection see sooo black between to processed its that use ok replace a fuse place to change the battery on a generator apaches located escape little brother clip as you can see it defeated between the two YS hope that the top luxury just collect charge the battery battery charger on
the two blocks about Chargers 12 volt battery should be replacing the battery which available for ourselves it’s just a case slotting it back in making sure there
are no obstructions treated rubber strap between two cables pushed back 30 back of tree up took the cable place cover 0 on your way to go yup next step change fuel filter fuel filter
is this correct recommended fuel of generator this was actually a little bit
but it’s not a problem right your lips to spring
clips with the top to the bottom other upcoming act nope the way up the fuel filter is a large flange and pointing up so you can actually squeeze these which figures up way alternatively cap place rubber pipe stem cells are quite
stiff fuel filter sometime just ease and back using a pair of long his place saved should of quick all spot of ship same story with possible up fuel filter take fuel filter pushing completely into the pipe replace a clip push the top complete the pike place clip fortunately housed toggles back together fuel filter replaced expect is changing or cleaning up the
air filter again this is 3,000 to models with ABS or SI they’re all saying this to the
panel here filter access it three screws filter cartridges pack its a plastic body with the phone filter which pull away
from the body holes which okay so well as a filter is dirty you’ll actually see it it’ll be covered
prime just whatever is picked to clean it you can obviously directly replace it
space for us just a case of taking off any excess
test for that fitting with filter replacing exact took a pop three Swiss pocket alt at Oct rips or tears typically you can would
offer the Catholic prestigious top with Jack West dust or
compressor what that you can basically Washington
washing up liquid ok with that sort of thing like soapy
water bring it out I basic remove any excess water give it
a good squeeze dry than what you need to do is few good
trip so I love filter squeeze it all in so that it covers
everybody 40 any excess come off by squeezing it
for me should just feels like to the touch obviously not be impregnated just
smearing okay back in the holder replaced machine replace three scripts thing we got show you is how to readjust or just the
automatic choke mechanism on a 2,000 and 3,000 ICI models a they can go to adjustment for all sorts of reasons
whether the impact of all over other up or something like that at the Kinkos
like adjustment which will make it very difficult stopped a nine times out of ten if it’s difficult starting problems a normally
post on to the automatic choke we have just so let me show you the
correct position for the choc this my only for here is the actual show courtesy showing the
choc all position which is a position it would be first out when the engine stops it rotates right
to this position which is the normal running position
does that automatically so this is the little vacuum die from 12 which basically when the
engine stops polls on this little piece of cable in
this direction as you can see what it does is to its the choc of once the engine is running when the
engine stops it should go completely out leaving a
little bit slack in the cable like this so much so that this lever is parking
fully to the right if you can see in this area here there’s
a little pin on the topic operetta up this little
shoulder on the white plastic choke lever which
should be touching how to get stupid if it’s in this position it’s correct but the engine is not running how they
should be just a little bit of luck in this cable which you can push but it doesn’t move the plastic lever
when the engine starts that this tie from Valpo safe approach ok to the off position and that’s correct if when the engine is idle your choc is
somewhere like threat here without pin is nowhere near
that re if that’s what it needs adjusting to
adjust this you couldn’t do this crew which will
release the cable push this leave a fully to the right a
little bit of slack in this cable have tightened the screw back up to the
cable but this is the correct position by the end user is a title I was a
little bit the player the cable without pulling over lever so if it’s like this it’s incorrect if it’s like this it’s

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  1. Would synthetic oil be better for this type of generator? Like a synthetic yamalube?

  2. Have you done a video for servicing the Hyundai DHY6000SELR? If not, would you do one please because the photos in the booklet are hopeless and much of the text is pidgin English. For example, even dipping the oil level isn't clear – should the dipstick be screwed right in or just pushed in as far as the bottom of the screw thread?

  3. Hi I don't have any gas in my primer bulb, would this be caused by a clog in my carborator or do you think the primer bulb is faulty?  thanks for the help if possible!

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