Set Up a Portable Master Stream | TRFA 156

Go Sir? Are we goin’ to connect with the truck sir? Yes. The last time we have so much spare power goin’ over there We didn’t have room so… Still good. Loop over 10 feet Walk with a pace gentlemen The stronger you are at doing this job… It’s good. A li’l bit. Alright. It’s all you got So connect it and pull the monitor back out You got it? Now try it. Turn it. Yup Turn it. I’ll hold it in place. The other one… Oh try it. It’s good. Yup. Pull Pull that other one. Oh this one? Ok double check the lug Double check every thing once Make sure the base is on there tight. Alright. Make sure… Make sure it is where you want it If you don’t have a tight fit, it’s gonna get messed up Flake out alright? Yeah it’s like that. Right, you have to fit, you have to move the hose back here. You have that loose hose. Bring it up here. Tell him to open it. So that’s how you would have done it. It’s easy with 3 people doing it. But if this was a 300 foot stretch, you would want everybody involved. Get that low warning and then in you go. Ok guys, work out the kinks good Okay, Once it’s set. We know we’re good. We can start working it back and forth. Can you go below grade at this point? No Sir. Alright. That went smooth. That went well. Just remember with your hose in here You guys know it’s in a hundred feet If there’s a coupling laying on the ground You are not gonna be able to do that You’re gonna grab the jump kit. You’re gonna grab the monitor the base the spike and the flat head axe and you’re goin. The driver’s gonna probably give you the hose and just keep movin off the truck Your captain must have to help the three or five hundred foot lay but you never know what the situation may be That’s why I said If you want in service and you’re further away You would want one ready So go ahead and tell him to kill it Oh great

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