Setting Up The Lighting & Sound For Our Halloween Display

28 thoughts on “Setting Up The Lighting & Sound For Our Halloween Display

  1. Wow guys this is awesome! LED's are the way to go. Long lasting and bright! 🙂 I think I'm looking at lighting part ofnext years haunt with "nano led's" they're sold on Frightprops. I think they're made by Darklight Systems. Again, great job on the lighting and thanks for showing us how yours was done!!

  2. thats a lot of cables to run, how did you find time to do the dishes? LOL. Great behind the scenes on an amazing setup…. I am gonna go look for your RGB video now.

  3. amazing, as usual!…i'm so jealous that you live somewhere where it never rains…hahaha…if i left all those electronics and speakers out, they'd be waterlogged by halloween!…thanks for showing us the behind-the-scenes!…:D

  4. Thats just great guys thanks for sharing !!! I suck at lighting  I'll get it together one day LOL!!

  5. Always enjoy watching your vids. Was able to see things in this vid that I missed in previous ones.Great job on all the detail.

  6. I wonder when they are going to invent a word to describe you guys? Because Awesome just isn't cutting it!

  7. Looks awesome, that's a lot of led's.
    It's given me some great idea's for next year, we are having a haunted barn thanks for a great vid

  8. I am with Mike B…there needs to be another word…Awesome just doesn't cut it with you two. Lighting and sound masters! Where do you get the Blackberry phones from? My favorite part of this video…when Chris says…look at all those wires! LOL Thanks for another ubberawesome video! 

  9. Do you still use the frosted tubing for the RGB led's or just clear?   Nice overview, fantasic lighting…  love the detail and craftsmanship you guys put forth in everything you do!

  10. where do you get your led modules? We are looking at building are 2nd hunt and we need better lighting. 

  11. thanks for doing the behind the scenes look, its always great to see how things were done

  12. This is simply amazing friends! Glad it was a big successful haunt for ya'll! I tip my cowboy hat and stomp my spurs to ya both! Krispiest of Kudos to ya as always! 😀

  13. awsome video! thank you for sharing all those tips and info! gave me SO many ideas!

  14. AWESOME. How do the phone charge and lights do with the rain? Would I need to do anything to the phone chargers to protect the lights?

  15. Looks like someone else wanted to be a Imagineer when they grew up. Well done Mr. and Miss Haunter.

  16. Thanks for the video. It's that time of the year again. I'm wanting to add some led eyes to some of my props this year. Im not an electrician but I am capable of filling instructions and simple circuitry. What would be the best way to connect multiple props to a single power source? Is that possible? I have 7 props altogether. I'm not sure I can afford RGB lights this year so I planned on buying the single colored led Ilights from monsterguts.I would appreciate any guidance you may have. I can send pics of last years set up if that would help.

  17. im just trying to figure out how to put up my orange ans green string lights and where to set my big lights since they were a demo from spirit halloween last year they are all on one strand of lights and i cant turn any off if i need just one color

  18. Great work guys! SUPER FUN watching your videos and gathering ideas!!

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