Setup of TP-Link Kasa KL430 multicolor smart light strip

I’ve been looking for backlighting for my office TV and was looking to see if any were released with smart home features already and it turns out that tp-link just released this kasa light strip to their collection of smart home products and this light strip seemed like it’d be a good fit for me because I’m already in their kasa ecosystem with several of their light switches and outlets so I decided to order it and today we’ll be unboxing and setting up this kasa multicolor light strip with you today so on the front of the box it has badges to certify that it works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant can produce millions of colors with 16 colors zones and they claim easy installation and like all their other kasa products there is no hub required the right of the tp-link box indicates you just download the kasa smart app plug-in and connect to Wi-Fi and then enjoy so on the back of the box it goes over some of the main features such as lighting effects schedules groups and scenes voice control and the fact that it’s extendable says that you can connect up to 10 sections for a total length of 33 feet and watch lighting effects span the entire strip so speaking of lighting effects one of the neat features here is that you can pick from dozens of animated lighting effects or create your own for beautiful ambient lighting so that’s something you’re not gonna get with a standard generic light strip and then I also like the schedule’s feature which is something I already enjoy on there light switches and I’m glad to see here as well and of course with Alexa you get that nice voice control and we have some tech specs here on the bottom so in the small print at the bottom it indicates that the light strip itself is 6.6 feet comes with a power adapter controller and produces a nice bright 1400 lumens and uses 17 watts of energy the light appearance can range from 2500 Kelvin to 9000 Kelvin and it looks like the kasa light strip is UL certified so now let’s open up the box and see what’s inside so here we have the light strip itself it has a 3m adhesive backing on it the strip itself appears to be encased in some sort of clear rubberized material here’s the kasa light controller the KL430 light strip controller control a maximum of 10 meters worth of light strips and it can be used in dry or damp locations the controller itself also has adhesive backing that you can stick on walls and lastly we have the UL listed power supply it ends in some sort of barrel connector it looks like the combined cord length between AC adapter and the controller it will give you a generous amount of cord length to play with so now let’s plug it in and set things up in the COS app so I say that the total length is power cords probably about seven feet or so and now let’s plug it into the wall well that’s pretty awesome you guys have to see this without the lights on hold on alright that’s kind of awesome and I could leave it like that but let’s go ahead and set up the Kasa app now alright so in the kasa app click on the plus sign in the top right corner and then choose smart lights we’re gonna choose the smart lights trip KL430 and we’ve already connected all the parts so let’s click Next alright says to check the light strip plug in your light strip and wait about 15 seconds or until the light strip animates orange and green I’d say that it’s doing that kind of awesome in the background right now so the light strip now is gonna start broadcasting an tp-link setup Network and select the tp-link light strip Network once that’s connected flip back over to the kasa setup where it’s gonna indicate that it’s connecting to the light strip and then once you enter your Wi-Fi credentials it’s gonna start connecting your light strip to your home network all right everything’s successfully connected so let’s give this KL430 light strip a name that’s less technical I’m gonna call it TV backlight because that’s what it is and then click on next now you can give it a cool icon or take a picture I’m just going to use the default for now so if you’re worried that this cost of light strips gonna be too long you can cut it with scissors to length and the instructions also remind you if you will be cutting it to length to only cut it on the designated lines indicated by pair of scissors this just peels and sticks to whatever you want and some earlier viewers had some bugs so it’s good to see that there’s a firmware update here so now we’re updating our light strip so let’s see what we can do inside the kasa app let’s turn it on and that’s super-bright control the brightness I have a nice little wheel here where I can change from the hundred-percent setting it’s currently on there it is at about 50% and we can take it all the way down its 1% bring it back up again so let’s bring it back to 100 let’s check the white balance so you can set it to like pure white so here we are at 9000 K which is amazing and go down to like a dirty 2,500 kelvin nice little color wheel here to set our colors with if we want and this is just as responsive as their switches are but I want to check out the effects which is one of the cool things that initially got my attention here so let’s check out aurora and see what that looks like let’s try bubbling cauldron so later in the video i’m gonna have to try these mounted on the wall let’s see what ocean is so now let’s pair up this tp-link light strip with Amazon Alexa and the Alexa app alright so in the Amazon Alexa app let’s go over to the devices section and then click on the plus sign at the top right and choose to add a device click on the kasa tile and choose to discover devices and there’s my TV backlight now to test the connection we just made inside the Amazon Alexa app let’s push on the manual power button and we can turn it off and back on very good brightness controls also working here Alexa set the TV backlight to red okay Alexa set the TV backlight to sky blue okay Alexa set the TV backlight to twenty percent brightness okay Alexa turn off the TV backlight okay Alexa turn on the TV backlight okay so that’s cool it remembers the last brightness setting use stop playing around and mount this light to the wall so off-camera all I had to do is peel off the 3m backing from the light strip and stick that to the outside perimeter of the TV and now I get this nice cool glow and now that we have things properly mounted let’s see what the predefined effects look like so here’s Aurora flicker so yeah I like these KL430 tp-link kasa light strips a lot so if you have any questions please follow up with me in the comment section down below and if you found the review helpful please click the like button and consider subscribing to my channel for more great smart home reviews thanks for watching

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