34 thoughts on “Several earthquakes rattle Puerto Rico, cause damage

  1. Lord I haven't been to my island for years and one day wanted to bring my husband and kids at this rate the island will be no more at this rate. Y'all pray and help out PR

  2. Houses there are not typically built on "stilts", dumb asses. They're built on concrete columns to facilitate a parking garage under the house. Land costs are a premium in towns and cities with only a small building footprint.

  3. I am so disappointed. I was sure the man with the gay pants was going on give me some good news about more earthquakes and even a tsunami devastating Puerto Rico. I am sad oh, so sad. But there is a silver lining, it is not over yet. One can only hope.

  4. N.Tesla had earthquake tech and who has control of it? Who supervises where the rebuilding money goes? Who gets kickbacks? Who profits from natural disasters? Where does the aid money actually go???

  5. Sad. I grew up in that area. One of the most beautiful scenery. What is going on? Its the end of the world?

  6. God is angry with you so called Puerto Ricans because you refuse to repent from your idolatry! You are the Israelites from the tribe of Ephraim!

  7. Breaking News: 3 HUGE EARTHQUAKES OFF THE COAST OF CANADA adlı videoya yorum yaptınız

    Portoricco The island must be abandoned, don't live there,

    10 saat önce

  8. Hi there im From Puerto Rico and im just going to say
    Not even 10 hours later and a 6.6 earthquake hit us

    Tbh I just want to leave P.R now

  9. Those earthquakes are occuring in the Muertos Trough which is considered a thrust fault zone. Would explain the tsunami alert. Unlike the Puerto Rico Trench to the north, this fault zone isn't known to generate earthquakes as big as magnitude 8 on the Richter Scale.

  10. if this keeps on, its gonna move the earth completely, if yall didnt know

  11. Quakes are still hitting Puerto Rico hard. Just a minute ago, another 6.0M struck, and few hrs before, another 5-6.x!!

  12. Keep strong people of Puerto Rico. In Albania we had a 5.8 earthquake ok 26 of november. It was devastating. I hope the after shaking will soon stop there.

  13. #angeldestroyingUS if you look to the past history, God being destroying walls, before when cities of the bible were sorrounded by wall, and they thinking walls coulded bring them peace, the wall never brought peace and God being destroying walls, walls of the human heart too, walls of injustice, "walls of this is my and not your" so at this level of human mind even seing the planet in the palm of the hand by a cellphone so is important human mind to evolve undertanding humanity right and authority over the creation of God to us, #planetfreedom and God told me that all the money Trump gets to build the wall will not be used to build all the wall but for try to rebuil what nature power will bring down… God wants to hear nations talking about project to unites people and give freedom to people in the planet, any idea about build walls against a race of people or against poor people …will face judgement from above,

    Ezekiel 38: 20. So that the fish of the sea and the birds of heaven and the beasts of the field and everything moving on the earth, and all the men who are on the face of the earth, will be shaking before me, and the mountains will be overturned and the high places will come down, and every wall will come falling down to the earth.

    Isaiah 2:15

    against every high tower, and against every strong wall.

    not after all these wars in name of liberty, US is the nation who are always making wars and killing people even in other nations for liberty in name of liberty, God will not give you peace for run home and build walls thinking will find peace in it… your are the nation of the statue of liberty the liberty not ended yet, you willl hear also about the freedom of the heart of God to humanity, to the planet, who the lands belongs too and the planet

  14. This is soooooo heartbreaking. My mom went to see our family in Puerto Rico on the 1st of this month and we are from Bayamon and she said she felt it really strong there. I pray that everything gets better and everyone is safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 power is out.

  15. Actually, Puerto Rico never recovered from hurricane hugo. Look it up. I was there, I know.

  16. Well they can help themselves by turning into a State to get a lot of funding like any other State of the Union. It’s simple, it’s not hard to figure it out, you all need to figure out if it’s worth the effort to remain “territory”, or become an all out State like all 50 States and become the 51st 👀State. Look it’s not difficult because the next President might not be so flexing like Mr. President Trump is. Make a decision now or stand with the socialist of the world and see how much is that going to last, good luck with that fellows.

  17. earthquake sequence guatemala loisiana küba..
    The world is vomiting.

    The world's stomach was clouded by sins and children who died innocently.No more escape.

    the work of this god

    No more escape.

    this is the work of god.

    Get well soon.

  18. Wonder stat trump will say or do since he doesn't like helping brown people in natural disasters

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