Severe Thunderstorm warning issued for Pueblo County

our top story at 6:30 we continue to track the storms and possibility of hail in southern Colorado here’s some good sized stones coming down in the springs earlier thanks to Aaron for sharing this with us because of the rain hail and flooding threat it is a news 5 weather alert a news 5 watching out for you with complete team coverage yes we are a but first of all we want to check in with lead forecaster Mike Daniel so where where’s the heaviest rain right now Mike right now out across the eastern plains of Colorado and also moving across parts of Pueblo West just some torrential rain falling right now a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings to make our viewers aware of really quiet in the springs there’s that severe thunderstorm moving across Pueblo West right now hailstones probably an inch in diameter with this thing it stretches from Pueblo West all the way down to Lake Pueblo headed for parts of the city of Pueblo this thing is starting to veer off a little to the north and east so if you’re on the far southwest side of Pueblo you’re probably going to miss the brunt of that storm but you don’t want any of that hail it does have a lot of dangerous cloud to ground lightning as well and please keep in mind anytime you see lightning or hear thunder you need to get indoors under cover as quick as you can lightning hurts and kills more people in Colorado every year than any other weather element look at that very heavy rain falling your cars parts of Pueblo West right now all the way down to Lake Pueblo moving real slowly moving due east in about 10 to 11 miles per hour it’s been so dry in Pueblo for the past five to six months this is the biggest storm with the most moisture in the past five to six months now again you don’t need the hail that’s coming down with it but the mesh the moisture is certainly beneficial you can see that pattern of movement East and then a little bit of a veer to the north and east so again that is going to clip parts of the city of Pueblo if you’re in the city right now good idea to take the car under cover so you don’t have any damage again hailstones up to an inch in diameter easy with the biggest part of that thunderstorm in the springs a couple of light rain showers starting to redevelop the worst is over we’re not going to see any more hail in Colorado Springs for the rest of the night tonight biggest part of that thunderstorm complex now moving out of rural eastern El Paso County pushing off to the east-northeast severe thunderstorms out across the far eastern plains from Cheyenne County all the way down into Prowers County around Lamar you folks under the gun for hailstones up to an inch in diameter strong gusty wind but the benefit is getting some good moisture out of those thunderstorms they developed over the higher elevations earlier today now across the i-25 corridor and those thunderstorms out across the far eastern plains look at all the Lightning out across the Kansas border also across Pueblo West and just northeast of Cal hen with that thunderstorm complex here’s what happens for your Saturday it is going to be chilly cloudy skies most areas at 7 a.m. could see a few showers afternoon move across Colorado Springs then I’ve got rain in the forecast tomorrow at 5 p.m. but the big problem tomorrow wind out of the north with gusts up to 30 miles per hour making it unseasonally cold around here complete weekend forecast details coming up

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