Severe Weather Chances & Cooling Up! Monday 7/22/19

hi everyone and welcome to j7409
wheather I’m Jewel thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the weather
in general of what’s going on for the lower 48 for today of course Monday the
22nd of July 2019 it’s going to be kind of rainy folks in
places but we should be starting to get a break from this excessive heat this of
course is the GFS map this morning courtesy of tropical tidbits as I turn
it on here’s what everyone can expect now there is a slight risk of severe
thunderstorms over parts of the mid-atlantic into southern New England
there’s also a slight risk of excessive rainfall from parts of the Tennessee
Valley roughly northeastward to southern New England there’s an embedded region
of moderate risk of excessive rainfall from parts of the eastern Tennessee
Valley across parts of the central Appalachians into the northern Mid
Atlantic now the dangerous heat wave that much of the wit Midwest all the way
of course to the East Coast and we’ve all felt it is finally breaking up today
as the front drops southward across parts of the East I should still have a
hot day today but tomorrow I should see a big difference on the East Coast
now showers and thunderstorms is going to accompany this boundary from the
Northeast to the southern plains with heavy to excessive rainfall and severe
weather is possible you folks need to pay attention you could have some
excessive rain some flash flooding and possibly who knows maybe a tornado may
pop up it might it might not now the boundary is going to be slow moving
especially across parts of the northern mid-atlantic and central Appalachians
which will increase the threat for flash flooding I’m going to show you all that
stuff in just a moment now it’s looking like that that region is highlighted
from nor New Jersey south westward to parts of
eastern Tennessee Valley with a moderate risk of excessive rainfall today just
the slight risk extends from parts of southern New England to western
Tennessee Valley in the lower Mississippi Valley we got more
widespread showers of thunderstorms that are probably going to develop over parts
of the southeast and Gulf Coast states today also now this boundary is going to
usher in much appreciated cooler airmass with most of the country east of the
Rockies with temperatures 10 degrees below average in addition the front will
move off most of the East Coast and also the Gulf Coast
by Wednesday months little moisture and daytime heating is going to hate in
producing these showers and thunderstorms over parts of the central
and southern Rockies right into the parts of the Southwest today and
tomorrow afternoon late that’s how long it’s gonna last now a front moving into
the Pacific Northwest tomorrow should produce rain across the Northwest and
Northern Rockies now let’s check out where the severe weather is most
possible today checking out the categorical outlook for severe weather
today what I just told you about where it’s going to be at a risk a higher risk
for severe weather up here in the whole state of New Jersey parts of Maryland
maybe the DC area all the way up into Long Island a little bit of New York
there Connecticut maybe some of Massachusetts right up in this area of
course then we have the marginal risk that spreads from Arkansas all the way
up also over here in the New England area and down across Virginia and
northern Alabama Georgia Mississippi in North Carolina and it’s over here also
in Wiley Colorado and in the northern part of Mexico anybody
in the green whether it’s light green dark green yellow whatever you could
have a severe storm pop-up so please keep this in mind and at all times be
aware of what’s going on around you so far as the tornado outlook biggest
threat is a two percent as of now this could change but I think with the cold
front coming it won’t heat up quite as much it could especially right along
this water loan right in here like I say I’m right here I should still have hot
temperatures today but by tomorrow I’m going to be in the 80s but up in this
area of Connecticut parts of Massachusetts Long Island some of New
York the entire state of New Jersey parts of Pennsylvania and also in
Maryland that’s a 2% chance of maybe a tornado today when we look at the wind
biggest wind threat up to 15% still in the same area right up in here with a 5%
chance in the ground and what about hail well the hail is not looking too bad
right now it’s just at 5% from Colorado into Wyoming and northern New Mexico and
right up into the Northeast of course where the severe weather is forecast to
be most potent today so with all of that said and done that’s a check of your
weather in general thank you so much for watching please I want you to know how
much I appreciate your thumbs up your comments I may not get to answer them
all all the time but I do read them okay I read every one of them at some point
so thanks for that and thanks for subscribing that it’s your first time
over here I appreciate that so much everybody have a good day a safe day a
blessed day peace loving kindness to all and thanks so much for watching

12 thoughts on “Severe Weather Chances & Cooling Up! Monday 7/22/19

  1. Good morning Jewell!! Thank you and have great week! Curious if that sys off Eastern Florida will impact Savannah, GA?

  2. Good morning Jewel yay here comes the cool down and rain Just one more day we needed this You have a blessed day love and peace

  3. You sound a lot better
    .Hope you feeling ok
    Much love and admiration.keep cool

  4. Thanks Jewel, Glad the heat is gone , up here NY we need some rain , but not severe storms . cooler temps always welcome. 70's to 80's no humidity side order of slightly breezy oh put me down for next day delivery on that order. lol

  5. Hello J: Cooled off here some and rained overnight. Thanks for your insight and input into the weather today. Hope U and Kitty enjoy your day

  6. Thank You Sister… For all you do… Glad you are getting more likes & shares..

  7. A good Monday morning,J. After a month of computer woes, I’ve installed a big new system this past weekend. It has been a real pain getting by with a phone and iPad. It’s been dangerously hot here with severe thunderstorms every afternoon. It looks like more of the same today with a 20% chance of severe storms and flooding today. My wife is still up in the DC area dealing with her brother’s things and a memorial next week. That’s it from here. Thanks for the forecast, my dear friend. Be well and stay safe.

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