8 thoughts on “Sewage Backup Nightmare Continues In Queens

  1. Corruption Cuomo and De Blasio the clown doesn't care. Same goes for Trollenberg and Corel the Troll.

  2. A shitty situation all around the horn. A touch of the 3rd world in Queens pops up like Mary Poppins. A gurgling sludge of putrid shitwater knee high in your basement.

  3. That shit is a joke that offering clean up kits for the homeowners to clean the shit up they better go get professional Crews the clean them houses class action lawsuit time already they're pushing the blame on the grease it is their responsibility to maintain the sewer lines this is why we pay water and sewer tax now for them just to collect it and put it in their pocket or to pay people to walk around and do nothing

  4. This is what happens now that we are a democratic state and city where the politicians don't want to move their ass to do anything just collect money this is your fault you voted Democrat and that's exactly what you've got a bunch of do-nothing people in office

  5. It's 30 degrees and there's no heat and hot water and those buildings soon the pipes will burst

  6. Illegal basement rentals the guy just admit it on camera he's paying rent for a basement apartment basements are illegal in New York to collect rent it is only for the homeowners use and now it's going to cost the taxpayer to put that man up in a hotel room in the meantime the city of New York did not get any of that rent in taxes

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