Shark Graveyard – River Monsters

I’m on the hunt for a sea creature that has been attacking fishermen of Mexico’s baja Peninsula A fearsome Predator that inflicts unusual bite marks My search for clues to the identity of the beast has led me to a location described as a cementerio At first it doesn’t look like as much here This looks like just the kind of place where people, mmm… Throw Dead fish which I suppose you could call a cemetery of Sorts. So this is… *grunts* I don’t know what’s that Mr.. Howitt fish or something like that? There’s a strong stench of Dead Flesh, but I’m still wondering why I’ve been sent here when something catches my eye This is different. This is something different here Suddenly I’m surrounded by corpses This is a shark. Oh, and I’m almost stepping on something here. I think this is probably another individual there’s the pelvic fins, and there’s one of the claspers, so this was a male shark and this is I’m assuming this is from the same individual. This is part of the tails. It’s quite a large quite large Shark and Fresh something over here It’s hammerhead Things are suddenly starting to add up and this creepy location is beginning to make sense So this is quite interesting no sharks coming in at the port when I was there and also people very clearly saying Nobody’s catching Sharks But somebody is and the fact that they’re here on this deserted beach not in the middle of the town suggests that it’s you know a bit on the shady side shall we say I’m guessing there’s a local ban on shark fishing, and they’re being caught illegally In my experience fishing bans are put in place when an animal is in serious decline This may be a clue for my investigation Nature hates a vacuum, and if the normal top predators are being removed that could allow something else to take over And perhaps that creature is behind the attacks I’ve heard about

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  1. when i was in school i smell fish in the girls bathroom i don't why?

  2. If you're playing Hungry Shark World, I'm sure you are sad to see a dead Porbeagle in the thumbnail…

  3. It's sad but that is a treasure spot because so many shark jaws and teeth I would take

  4. It's the Asian invasion !!!
    They're taking our sharks for
    Shark fin soup!!!

  5. Yeah it’s a shame. Growing up would spend a lot of time down in Baja. Normally when there’s a surf spot there’s a fish camp. And if you go exploring it doesn’t take long to find the grave yard.

  6. This place looks like the deserts near the Grand Canyon just for Marine life.

  7. This Is Sad, Sharks Are Beautiful Animals And Hate To See Them Dead,People Killing Them For Their Fins, Cutting Their Fins Of And Throwing The Back Into The Ocean To Drown And Die It’s Inhumane, They Balance The Sea Population And Are Very Helpful To The Environment People See Them As Scary Human Killing Beasts But They’re Innocent Animals That Attack By Mistake While Looking For Food or Provoked Like Any Other Animal They Have A Means Of Defense In Sharks Are Endangered And Can Go Extinct If People Keep Doing This Illegal Crime And It’s Very Cruel To See An Animal Go Extinct So Respect These Creatures And If Insecure View From A Distance And You Will See How Wonderful These Animals Are, Not Vegan Just Love Animals❤️

  8. Fun fact: The body of a shark aren't good for fossilization because it's not made of bones. Cartilage are more likely to erode in limestone than bones

  9. The hammerhead shark made me sad because hammerheads are my favorite!

  10. People killing sharks, when they go in the water, I sure hope they get some bites in return

  11. Something else is taking over … and that creature is called humans behaving badly ! We killed each other and the planet and shark was just a bystander is all . Humans is a very overly rated word !

  12. im no expert, but if you give enough footage and information about the title your talking about you may hit millions of followers in no time.

  13. So a bigger shark or apex predator is ripping these sharks to shreds

    Poor sharks ;(?

  14. So the true killers are as always humans… a band of criminal fishermen whom are killing shaks which is against the law. That's your assasin.

  15. why do people mistreat sharks in such a disturbing way. people are known to kill more sharks in a minute than sharks could kill in weeks or months.
    they catch the shark, cut off their fins, then throw them back into the water to die. this is how you make shark fin soup, by being a sick human being.

  16. Just, why? Shark fin soup has no nutritional value, shark meat is disgusting, and they practically grow new teeth every day. They are literally useless when it comes to human needs, but when it comes to the ecosystem, they are incredibly important. We're destroying the planet and we don't even care..
    Yay people, thanks for making my generation's planet uninhabitable in the next 20 or so years because the destruction of species means more money for you..

  17. it's not because of fishers, its when the tide goes in and out the sharks don't know where to go, the ground was still wet where he was standing

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