Sharks won’t survive after Tsunami

Five in the morning. Here we are in the
larger fish market on the planet This is the 1st time since last March Tsuanmi that tourists are allowed to attend
at an auction a gesture to show the world that
Japanese fish is back in the race and for Ishiwata this is good news He was the head of this factory which
prepared shark fins a factory literally swept away by the waves this March 11 Ishiwata has lost everything When I saw the damage my mind
froze to a point where I could not watch
the rubble without being totally paralyzed I thought it was impossible for me
to rebuild, yet after.. many letters of encouragement
of his former clients he decided
to start again. shark fin, a national dish
very popular among Japanese requires a knowledge that Ishiwata
is one of the few to master To save our lives we had to be
back in the race and find a way to revive the
shark fin tradional market. For care sake sharks and fins
are still imported but Ishiwata hopes to return fishing
his own sharks in the Pacific ocean and that the Tsunami is way back his mind

4 thoughts on “Sharks won’t survive after Tsunami

  1. C lui la source du problème de l'exterminations les Requins du monde entier et dire que les aides pour reconstruire le japon vont a des mecs comme lui !!! j 'ai la haie !!!

  2. Comment ils peuvent faire ça? C'est horrible, des sans coeurs, des meurtriers!

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